Infidel Girl explains the physics of Islamic prayer…and its dangers

There’s an inherent problem with having to pray to Mecca five times a day…you could be off by a few inches. Then what?



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  1. What absolute rubbish..I know you and your commenters are incredibly ignorant…but to be so ridiculously so is laughable! It doesn’t matter if ur “off by a few inches” or many degrees more ..its the intention….but im sure you knew that. ..your just warthogs wallowing in the mud of ignorance! Enjoy!

  2. Facing mecca with their asses in the air is the strangest form of prayer a human being can subscribe to. Head down to the ground, facing hell, asses in the air toward heaven facing the Lord. Yup, proof that they worship the devil.

  3. This makes perfect sense to every muslim and every infidel. I hope that this comedian is prepared to have death threats and the fall out will be many riots in the 57 hell hole muslim cess pools of the world. The muslims are so full of BS about their wailing efforts to allah their lunatic moon god that this makes more sense than their idiotic cult rules. I once heard that the muslims were to face mecca or face in the direction that was closest to mecca. So the great circle routes that the commercial airplanes use throws more wonderful and complex BS into their absurd cult of islam.

  4. Flat earth? Mo didn’t realize that with the head facing Mecca in one direction, the butt is facing Mecca in the other, because the WORLD IS ROUND.

    With a round earth, Mozzies are actually facing OUTER SPACE, not Mecca at all.

  5. Thanks for the comic relief BNI. There is so much Islamic wickedness going on in the world that is depressing. The children in Britain being molested and patriotic state legislators in America being mocked vexes my spirit.

    Yes, I needed the comic relief. Nevertheless I cringe when the thought passes through my mind what the Muslims would like to do to the cute girl in the video. First the brutal rape and then the torture and murder for her “blasphemy”.

    I have had enough BNI for today.

  6. this girl explains these thing’s I did not know , did not care that I did not know , now I know still don’t care , she is good

  7. LOL. Proof that Islam, like all world religions, is anthropocentric and geocentric!

    But the problem will be compounded if human beings ever embark on long distance space travel. Can you imagine a Muslim trying to pray from the surface of the moon, or perhaps from the surface of the planet Mars? Which way do you face then? Earth, hence Mecca may not be located at a compass point (as on Earth), but might actually above your head (or ass, when bowing) or beneath your feet. What if you’re in a zero G environment where you cannot kneel and do salaat — standing, bowing, and prostrating are simply not possible because you are floating in mid air?

    Keep in mind too, that technically, because the Earth is spheroid, that you are not really pointing toward Mecca when you bow and pray, because Mecca, no matter where on Earth you are is actually below the ground, following a straight line. What Muslims are doing is following the arc of a circle when they use a compass point to face their holy city. The only exception to this is when you are relatively close to Mecca where when you face the city the city will not be below ground. So think, when you bow to Mecca somewhere in the Western Hemisphere, Mecca would actually be somewhere beneath your feet, because Saudi Arabia is actually on the other side of the world, if you follow a straight line from where you are on Earth to Mecca.

    And actually, Allah does not just receive prayers five times a day, as the lady stated. Consider that on Earth there are twenty four standard time zones. Thus at any given hour in a day, there are always five time zones somewhere on Earth, where it is time for Muslims to pray. And since nowadays, Muslims have an ubiquitous presence on Earth and there are now Muslims in every time zone, there will always be Muslims somewhere on Earth praying (and five times a day). This was not a problem however centuries ago, since most Muslims were concentrated in Africa and Asia, so there would actually be times on Earth where there were few or no Muslims praying.

    Interstellar and intergalactic travel makes matters even worse. What if you don’t even know where Earth is, you can’t even locate the approximate position of the solar system or the sun because the sun, and hence the Earth, are too far away to determine where they are? If you are far enough out in space, you might not even know there the Milky Way Galaxy is, let alone our sun, or Earth and the Holy City of Mecca.

    Even if Muslims get lost here on Earth, how do they know which way to pray?

    And how about Ramadan? Muslims are supposed to fast from sunrise to sunset. But even here on Earth that becomes a problem close to the polar regions of Earth during winter and/or summer months because the sun at the poles does not rise or set during those times of year, or the times between sunrise and sunset are too short to be practical.

    Consider too that on another planet in our solar system, the rotation period is different than on Earth. On Mars, the day is about an hour longer than it is on Earth. On the moon, the day is exactly equal to one lunar month, i.e. 29 days. If you are a Muslim, and you follow the moon’s rotation period, you will fast 29 days straight! It might be more practical to simply follow the rotation cycle of Earth, perhaps following local Mecca time.

    Interstellar travel compounds the problem. Do you follow the cycle of daylight on the local planet you are on, or do you follow Earth’s solar day, no matter where you are in the universe? Again, rotational periods vary from planet to planet, as do orbital periods. If a planet has a rotational period of centuries, it would be impractical to follow local daylight in such a case. What if a planet has a rotation period of only a few hours based on Earth time? You might have several fasts and iftars in the span equivalent to one Earth day.

    I guess Muhammad never considered these possibilities! LOL

    • Excellent exposition Steve S.

      Let me give you another: Tematangi or Tematangui is the nearest island, actually an atoll to the antipodes of Mecca, centered at 21.685°S, 140.617°W. Its about 65 square kilometers, of which 61 are deep water atoll.

      I suggest all 1.5 billion islamist aliens be relocated there, starting with Andy Choudary, abu Hamza, obuMBboy, Eric Holder, Nihad Awad, etc.

      From there, the qibla is ANY direction or all directions, in a Great Circle (for you navy types). That should get them into an even bigger tizzy than they are now!

      As you pointed out, Steve, from more than about 10 miles away, you are looking through the earth’s curvature. From the antipodes, you’re looking through the whole bloody planet. So, do a handstand and pray straight down. When it’s time to knock your noggin, relax your arms and try to torpedo to Mecca. Good luck getting up again on your arms. Especially if you’re built like a brick shithouse (IFTikhar?), like the Iranian flagelatophiles. No Aisha, not fellatiophiles!

      There now, did I upset anyone’s tender feelings?

      Will Doggi Hooper complain to the MSM (Mohammedan Socialist Media)?
      Do camels shit in the desert?

      • LOL. Good one, Huck Folder. I didn’t think about the antipodes (I didn’t even remember the scientific name for it), the exact opposite point on the Earth’s surface from a given location, in this case, Mecca. Although I remember thinking as I was writing my comment, what would be the opposite point on the Earth’s surface to Mecca where you would be looking straight through the Earth to actually face Mecca? Well, you answered that question! How long did it take you to find out what the exact point is on the Earth’s surface that is opposite of Mecca?

        Even from North America, you will be looking through a lot of molten iron and granite to actually face Mecca following a straight line rather than following the circle.

        I would actually love to see a Muslim actually try to face the real location of Mecca and bang his head in the manner you describe. BAM…BAM…BAM…Allahu Akbar! BAM!

  8. Here’s a comment from the You tube: the BUTT BARRIER

    AND, she has also indicated why Muslims MUST raise their butts up in the air so high – and that is to catch any prayers not properly aimed toward Mecca. The “butt-barrier” stops any prayers that are unworthy of the attention of Allahu.

  9. If on Earth Muzzies are presented by such problems, what about when a Muzzie tags along on a Western space shot?

    Fear not, the Muzzies have come up with a solution. Several years ago the Kuffir Space Gods had the bright idea of sending a Muslim (a Malay) into space. (Why? Some sort of outreach?) Only the Kuffirs could do such a thing because, on their own, Muzzies could even think of such an adventure, set aside the unbelievable of their being able to build a workable spacecraft. Along the same lines that the new Muzzie mega-clock in Mecca could never have been built without the ingenuity of the Kuffir. “O Allah [as in ‘I’ll hava Coke, or a Pepsi’], why have you cursed the best of people [the Quran-inspired descriptor used by Muzzies to identify themselves; hold laughter ‘til the end] with no brains, but have amply supplied the infidels with knowledge & clear thinking, leaving us so ashamed and in poverty.”

    But a problem instantly presented itself, How does a Muzzie face Mecca from outer space?

    But the Malaysian Space Agency (huh? who knew such an agency even existed!), a part of the Dept of Islamic Development Malaysia (cough, cough, “Islamic Development” exists in the same universe as “dry water”), wrestled with this, the greatest technical problem of the entire then-upcoming flight of going beyond the earth’s atmosphere.

    That question, yes, that question, was the priority.

    The result, A Guideline of Performing Ibadah at the International Space Station (ISS), which concludes, “It is hoped that this guideline could assist the Muslim Astronaut to ensure the success of the mission and at the same time attaining the redha (pleasure) of Allah SWT.”

    Get that? The purpose of this nonsensical “guideline” (giggle) is to help the Muzzie“ensure the success of the mission.” Move over calculus; you’re no longer the top dog in having developed space travel.

    This pdf guideline is found here,

    This guideline also gives instruction on how to handle death in space. In case the deceased cannot “be brought to Earth for normal funeral process,” then “the deceased should be buried in space with a simple funeral process.”

    Whew! A load off my mind. Leave it to Muzzies to come up with the really, really penetrating questions facing us all.

    Except, how is one “buried” in space?

    • Frank (and Bonni) and IFTikhar: The ‘koran’ is the immutable word of ‘God’ from before the beginning of time, written in 7th century ‘classical’ camel-jockey, Quraysh dialect, Arabic ONLY (All translations are haram – not kosher). It is PERFECT, none can create anything like its beauty, its charm, its poetry, its concision, its lack of contradiction or repetition, and its completeness. How do we know all this? Because IT says so. Thank ‘god’!

      It is EVERYTHING that every mohammedan needs to know to run his entire life, and the lives of all those 5.5 billion still civilized citizens of this planet, who didn’t drink the koolaid.

      (cough, cough) It does need a little help from Sunna and Hadith to ‘interpret’ the nuances to make up sharia ‘law’, and that keeps a few million bearded weirdos in luxury, and not having to work, except come up with asinine fatwas and discussing how many djinni can dance on a pinhead (not mohammed, a REAL pin head).

      So, if this perfect book is good for all time, how come it doesn’t have instructions for differentiating between your arsehole and Mecca? Come on, ‘God’ invented space travel so he could have put instructions into ‘his’ all seeing, all knowing book. Nu?

  10. Unbelievable! … No wonder muslims don’t have a personal relationship with their god, with all the time zones and distances; not to mention “just” being off by just a few inches! Whooo …. I am so glad I’m a Christian, the Father and the Son are one and we are one, + the Holy Spirirt lives in me. No time zone or distances problrms … no missed communication.

    • This woman has an infant brain thinking childish and does not know God and His power.So childish that a baby of 3 years is more intellegent then she is.
      She dowes not know nothing about who created her,ab bigest idiot in the world.

      • You are such a great idiot ass raiser. You idiots still read and follow Madarsaa education and learn how to kill innocents in the name of your fucker god who did not even spare to fuck children and animals. You are the most barbaric species so far God has created and only that day the world shall be will peaceful place to live in when all you scums become extinct from this world.

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