LONDON: White Flight? Or is it White Fright that is causing so many white people to abandon towns being flooded with Muslim invaders?

article-0-18263394000005DC-482_306x542From Muslim immigration to White Flight to an Islamic Republic of London in just 20 years? We are only 10 years into this frightening transformation. But in just the last 10 years, more than 600,000 white Britons have fled their former towns in London for less violent, less hostile, less Muslim (‘Asian’ as they call it in the UK) areas.

UK Telegraph (h/t Traduction)  Imagine if Glasgow disappeared. Not overnight and not physically, but imagine if everyone who lived there decided to leave, in the space of 10 years. Argyle Street, in the city centre – empty. Byres Road, next to the university – derelict. The Crow Road – abandoned. Or consider, instead, Sheffield, or Nottingham, or Belfast. All cities of about 600,000 people. Imagine if everyone who lived there upped and left. All those tenements, riverside apartments, suburban villas, all lying vacant. You’d sort of notice, wouldn’t you? You’d expect people to talk about it, at least.


Not the opening scenes of a dystopic science fiction screenplay, but the unfictional, real London, whose white British population has declined by roughly the population of those cities in the 10 years between the last two census surveys. “White British” (as opposed to Eastern European) citizens now make up less than half of London’s population. This is a change of profound significance, by any historical benchmark.


We have a phrase to describe the phenomenon – I used it a fortnight ago, in a piece about the Tories’ attempts to woo votes from ethnic minorities (a term whose meaning has changed: in London, at least, we’re all “minorities” now). The departure of people from London’s hitherto majority grouping is called “white flight”.

It’s tempting to be caustic about the current, undoubtedly brief, spasm of media interest in the phenomenon. No one seemed to mind as inner London became more and more multicultural: that was what made it so “vibrant”, after all. Only as the profile of the suburbs changes (Enfield’s white population has dropped by nearly 25 percentage points in 10 years, for example) is it worth any serious attention: the BBC website carried a piece just this week.

To read the BBC article, by the home editor Mark Easton, there is nothing to worry about. Indeed, the historic shift of London, from a city of white Britons to a mixture of minorities, is a cause for celebration, and not just because of that oft‑lauded “vibrancy”.

That the proportion of white people in the borough of Barking and Dagenham has dropped from four fifths to less than a half in a decade is nothing more than the natural desire of increasingly prosperous people to retire to the seaside. I’m paraphrasing Mr Easton a little, but that was more or less the suggestion in his commentary. It’s a rising tide of prosperity that first of all flushed the Eastenders from Bethnal Green to Dagenham, and it’s the inexorable rise in property values that leads their descendants to move from metropolitan Essex to that beautiful county’s coastline.

“Leigh[-on-Sea],” said Mr Easton, “is a particular favourite.” After all: “Many residents from Barking and Dagenham will have taken the train along the Thames Estuary towards Southend on a work excursion – the old beano to the seaside.” And so everything is dandy?

Fundamentally, none of this is strictly about “race”, but rather the cultural constructs we layer on to genetics. But the scale of white flight demands more than issuing congratulations to the second and third generation children of immigrants, who’ve done well in life and moved from Zone 2 to Zone 5 of the Central or Northern Underground lines. It’s also absurd to assume that the grandchildren of cockneys are moving still further out, just because their houses have increased in value.

Take Bethnal Green. The people leaving Dagenham now are themselves displaced Eastenders. The borough they first left behind would be unrecognisable to their grandparents, with a mayor whose election was supported by an Islamist group with unpleasant (to put matters mildly) views.

Hate crimes disfigure its streets: in an ironic reversal of one reason for the East End’s fame – that it was where indigenous, working-class Londoners faced down home-grown fascists – the streets of Bethnal Green and Whitechapel are now scenes of increasingly violent attacks on gay people. The BBC doesn’t talk about this, oddly, or wonder why the Eastenders’ movement is always away from their original homes: there are plenty of expensive properties in E2. 

Discernment is required: nobody decent is arguing for a return to the homogeneity of Call the Midwife’s Poplar. Finally, politicians have admitted that to notice the scale of the immigration engineered by the last Labour government doesn’t make one racist. But neither is it wrong to discuss the cultural changes that large-scale immigration can cause. Six hundred thousand Londoners have left. They didn’t all sell ex-council houses in Barking, in order to purchase five-bedroom cliff-top villas in sunny Leigh-on-Sea.


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  1. We need more immigration to destroy white Europeans as white Christians are the mortal enemies of Zion. Look what the Germans did.

  2. @No Muslima slave,

    There is a reason, sadly, Britain is now called “Treasure Island”, A very large percentage (IMHO-over 40%) of foreigners come to ‘take’ from Britain.

    Whether it is to take from the benefits system, rip off UK banks, the government and people through fraud, to stealing copper to manhole covers; to believe it or not stealing council garbage/rubbish bins.

    To illustrate this point. Several years ago, a borough of London’s rubbish bin were found by a British tourist in an Eastern European City on their high street. <–Sorry, I tried to find the story online, but was unsuccessful.

    The UK needs to seriously overhaul it's benefit system.

  3. I have dropped out for a while and have just about given up defending my people, with all the lefties liberals and sheeple howling you down if you try to exercise your free speech.
    But on seeing the British doing something about their people plus their nation, it only shows a civil war will breakout and when it dose, it will set Europe on the same path. It will give us all something we have lost for a long time. I include myself as well. That thing we have lost is courage.

  4. And check this one out – this bodes well for the UK. NOT!

    “250,000 Bulgarians and Romanians ‘to head to UK’

    “Around 250,000 migrants from Bulgaria and Romania could head to the UK for work when restrictions are lifted at the end of the year, campaigners said, after ministers admitted the influx could lead to housing shortages.”

    • IF it’s NON-Moslem Bulgarians and Romanians, this actually COULD turn out to be a blessing. Both countries used to be majority Christian before the advent of Communism, so this might not be so bad after all (IF they’re not Communists at heart – if they are, more woe for the UK indeed!!)…

  5. Wake up England before you lose your wonderful country to the muslim invasion. You still have the majority and can take back your country. The key is to stop all muslim immigration, ban the building of mosques, deport all muslim criminals and their families and so on.

  6. They need to get back and sort out their own country. Why should other western countries take them in when they’ll just vote the same kind of socialist trash back in.
    Apart from the EDL, I have no sympathy for the Brits anymore.
    I had a lot of them as friends on FB, and only one out of the twenty-ish weren’t bought off by the commie agenda — and only because that one person is ex marine and served in the first Iraq war.
    Go quietly to your deaths, little dhimmies.

  7. There is standing Divisions of English Patriots the EDL , BDL, Norturp and other freedom fighters to lock arms ! The sun has not set on the British Empire yet but we looking from afar worry

  8. The classy, beautiful, clean, safe, first world city of London is no more. Ruling elites have GIVEN AWAY London to the third world. Large areas of London look like Pakistan. The stunning city of London is now filthy, suffocatingly over-crowded and crime-ridden. As are many cities in England.

    Unless something drastic is done NOW, in a few short years, the entirety of Britain will be completely over-run by Muslim immigrants and their descendants. ALL of Britain will become a very dangerous place. There will be NO safe places for Brits to go to. No places left to run to. The whole of Britain will be hell on earth.

    The three treasonous parties have colonized Britain with huge numbers of Muslims who HATE British culture and HATE Western civilization who, whilst living off benefits, declare their goal is conquest and the imposition of Islamic sharia law. Conquest and ENSLAVEMENT of the British people!

    • L R, you are right. I think that it is too late to save England and that by 2043, the majority will be muslims by birth rate and by rampant immigration. I grieve the end of England and it’s culture. This great country could not be defeated by wars but will be taken over by it’s own cultural suicide. I hope that this prediction is not true. Tourism will disappear in the UK, as it has in egypt because it will be too dangerous. Daily suicide bombings will be a regular event. The only hope is to stop all muslim immigration, deport all illegal muslims and deport all criminal muslims after they serve their sentences. Wake up England.

  9. One thought I have pondered.

    With all the houses that muslims move into that were once occupied by white British; surely large amounts of ‘pig products’ were stored for consumption.

    Are muslims hypocrites? I know they are huge liars.
    So what goes?

    • @steve
      They would do their ritual cleansing of the house before they move in to make it halal, just like doing the same for an establishment and its appliances and utensils, etc. and after which they can stick the halal label on the products.

      • So yes; they are hypocrites. No amount of ritual cleansing would do away with the fact that ‘pig products’ were in abundance during previous residents living in the homes.
        Homes would have to be sterilised, I would believe.

        Same would go for a person who isn’t a muslim, to sterilise before moving into a house previously occupied by a muslim. Then again, who would want to live in a house, after a muslim. Make your skin crawl!

        That’s the way I see it.

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