Will Wichita, Kansas become our next Muslim-only ‘NO GO’ zone?

pur2b308fe1b62a57f4Muslims are buying up land around a mosque in order to build a large Muslim-only enclave in Wichita, Kansas. Despite massive protests by Muslim groups last year, thankfully, Kansas recently passed anti-sharia legislation ensuring that sharia law will never be considered in rulings by Kansas state courts.


KANSAS.com (h/t Creeping Sharia)  The Islamic Society of Wichita has rezoned about five acres of land near its mosque at K-96 and Woodlawn. The society sought general office zoning in preparation for development that could include an apartment complex, an office complex, a medical clinic and a financial institution.

“It’s not about making money,” says Muhammad Aamir Usmani, director of the society’s board of development. “It’s about supporting our existing services.” (That’s what Muslim separatists always say in every country in which they plan to demand their own Islamic state within a state sometime in the future)


Usmani says the society first started building on the almost 9-acre property in 2000. “Initially, we had a gym,” he says. It served as a multipurpose building. Then, the group added a mosque and a school followed by another building.

The latest building is a new school for pre-K through eighth grade. Fundraising is under way for a high school to be built on the second floor. (The real funding likely will be laundered from Saudi Arabia) “Our goal is to start ninth (grade) in August,” Usmani says. He says while there are tuition fees, the society still needs to raise money for education and outreach programs to the community (aka DAWAH – promotion of Islam throughout the non-Muslim community).

Muslims were outraged when the anti-sharia bill was signed into law by Goc. Sam Brownbeck

Muslims were outraged when the anti-sharia bill was signed into law by Governor Sam Brownbeck

“We need to keep doing that and possibly expand it.  . . .  There are a lot of programs that are supported by the community.” Usmani says 600 to 800 people regularly attend the mosque. (But with Obama importing hundreds of thousands of Muslims every year, they need to prepare)

“There’s a lot of expenditure.” That’s why he says the society is seeking additional sources of revenue. (That’s right, keep pretending that you are not funded by foreign entities) “We need to make sure we start raising some funds so we can support our services to the community.” A 2-story apartment complex is a possibility. 


“It will be totally open,” Usmani says. “But, of course, there will be some people who would like to live closer to the center. We anticipate that a lot of people would like to come closer to the center.” (BINGO! Coming soon: The American version of the British Tower Hamlets – a little Mogadishu/Karachi in the heartland of America)

A small bank or credit union (Sharia finance only) is a possibility as well. “We will also have an office complex,” Usmani says. “Also, we might have a small clinic eventually.” There would be an expanded parking lot as well along with a possible small soccer field.


The Wichita City Council approved the rezoning with some conditions, and Usmani says the society is working with a consultant to see what’s possible as far as development. He says the society also is working with the nearby neighborhood association “to make sure that they’re OK with it.”

Usmani says the society’s board will finalize how it wants to proceed and then raise the money to do it. “We are in the process right now,” he says. “We’re pretty confident.”






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  1. Thank you Jesus for the ability to believe in all the different religions , but the main thing is to guide ourselves in love only through Jesus Christ, our savior. Read John 3:16 in the KJV. Holy Bible. God bless you all.

  2. You all seem to be very rascist and secualrist. God made this planet for humans out of the 12 tribes of Israel.
    Like it or not we are all related in some way thats why we see some many of us that look similar to someone we know.
    Islam is a religion that encompasses all of the former two Judaism and Christianity. There is nothing to b afraid of . If you would read the English version of the Holy Quran you would then appreciate that Muslims respect all of the previous prophets including Jesus (RA) and Moses (RA). You people need to look at yourself and ask yourselves are you proud of yourselves and your comments. Do you want your children to be rascists and biggots. Are you setting good examples to the young of today. islam is a religion of peace. Yes there are fanatics in every walk of life look at Waco Texas to name one. This is an example of people using religion to misguide their followers. Ifyou truly followed your religions you would not like to do to others what you would not like to do to yourself.
    Have some self respect.

      • tf BareNakedIslam dont disrespect people like that. She’s saying the truth so you should shutup and listen or if you dont like what she said you can be quiet and keep your thoughts to yourself.

    • Actually, I have TRIED to read the Qur’an in English.

      I also tried reading Mein Kampf in English.

      Mein Kampf was more coherent, less violent, and much more sensical (not sensible, but sensical *meaning that sense can be made of it, even if you must reject the premises of such writing*) than the Qur’an. Also, Mein Kampf is a touch LESS hateful.

      As for Mohammedanism emcompassing Judaism and Christianity: HA!

      The message of the Quran and of Mohammedanism is almost EXACTLY OPPOSITE the message of the Bible (Torah, Pslams, Prophets *aka “OLD” Testament; Gospels, Acts, Epistles, Revelation *aka* “NEW” Testament).

      The message of the Bible is that Yahweh (Jehovah, Iehoua)/Yeshua (Iesus, Iesuos, Jesus, Jesu, Ya’sua, Gesu) loves Humankind collectively and each of us individually, and wants us to CHOOSE whether to be with Him or not. Heaven or “Hell” is, ultimately, the choice each person makes by either accepting Yahweh/Yeshua’s gift of Eternal Life with Him in this world and the next, or to reject Him and go their own way. He wants NO ONE to go to Hell, but all humans to choose to be with Him, but will not force people to choose Him; nor are His follwers to force others to follow Him. Each person is left to make their own decision after they’ve been given the message.

      The message of the Qur’an is that “Allah” (read: Mohammed) hates Humankind, only wants praise and ego boostings, and demands that all follow or die. Also, “Allah” has PREDESTINED 99.9% of ALL HUMANS for Hell, regardless of how they decide. “Allah” promises most humans absolutely nothing: they are to bow down and worship him because he says so; even then, there is no guarantee in Mohammedanism of “paradise” for Muslims unless they die fighthing to enslave others to “Allah/Mohammed”.

      The Judaeo-Christian Yahweh/Yeshua doesn’t punish people for their sins. Hell, by definition, is separation from Yahweh/Yeshua, and thus, He will not be there, and thus CANNOT punish sinners.

      The Mohammedan “Allah” is in Hell, not just to supervise the torture of infidels, but to actively participate therein. One never reads of “Allah” in Paradise playing with the houris; but “Allah” is quite often described (and even says so) as being there in Hell to roast 999 of every 1000 people.

      Soe, du yewe wysshe tewe trie yon stuntte againe, mayhappe?

      • If you really want to stop people from converting to Islam, you need to stop lying about Islam. Because every time one writes wrong information about Islam, people get intrigued. And when they search, they find out the truth and they convert.

    • When they prepare to take off your head or stone you after burying YOU up to your neck in dirt, will you then think they are so peaceful? How about a good stabbing in your butt cheek because you want a divorce? And wouldn’t it feel good to have your crotch parts sewn shut, too? I’ve read the Quran, knew someone close to me who converted to Muslim and I know what I am talking about. Clare, you need to go and watch beheadings and stonings and shootings in the backs of women’s heads after they have been forced onto their knees. That, in and of itself, will prove exactly what you want the rest of the world to get themselves into.

      • Mimi you need to get your facts straight and where in the quran does it say anything you just said! tell me please cause i think your just making it up! really i want to know exactly what line and what surah it was in. And all the shit you see on fox news is fake they get paid to talk shit on muslims. seriously though you wouldnt want someone to bash on you religion would you.

    • Clare, the Jesus of the Koran didn’t die on the cross, they do not believe he was the Son of God. Without the resurrection there is no Christianity. They do believe that Jesus converted to Islam and that he will be coming to personally kill all the remaining Christians and Jews for not converting to Islam. Allah is not God, and they do not believe Jehovah or Yahweh is Allah . Please educate yourself before judging other people’s behavior :) we must not be fooled.

  3. No ‘rev’ sharpton is a traitorous idiot as he kisses the muslm butt at his BS speech given to cair. It is good to know where the coward, turn coat sharpton stands when it comes to being a d’himmi. Bill Cosby says, it is time to stop calling yourself an african american because you were born in America and you have never been to Africa. This attached video will make you sick to your stomach but it will let you know where sharpton stands on islam.

  4. You all should pay attention.
    They will move in enough people from Michigan & other places, register them to vote and the OUT VOTE you for City Council members, County Sheriff, State legislator positions. Ir takes them under 3-4 years to do these things after the mosque & housing is built.

    Cesar, beware the Ides of March!

  5. BNI: (That’s what Muslim separatists always say in every country in which they plan to demand their own Islamic state within a state sometime in the future). End of quote.

    Exactly! Wherever Muslims migrate to, Muslims declare the land is Islamic and belongs to Muslims. This is what colonizing, infidel-hater Muslims have done all over Europe and Britain with their no-go Muslim zones where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter.

    This is what Muslims did in Israel. Muslims moved to Jewish Palestine for jobs from the Jews because the Jews miraculously transformed desert and swamps into rich agricultural land (as foretold by our Wonderful God in the Bible). Muslims FALSELY and wickedly claim that the land belongs to Muslims.

    It is a HUGE SIN against God and a crime against humanity that anyone should tell Jews they should give away any of THEIR tiny land to global Islam.

    Israel: NEVER SURRENDER one inch of Free World Jewish land to colonizing, expansionist Islam!

  6. Why is America changing so much? Her people have grown apathetic and her government has grown corrupt. How do we fight this? By making our views heard. By demanding our rights loudly and clearly. Look at the things our government has done lately. Do you remember a president ever tearing the bill of rights up before? We need real leadership in the country. Will we get it…probably not. Ever read the muslim holy book? You should. You may be surprised at what is inside. Internment camps…again in America? This is not the America envisioned by its founders. I am sure they would be extremely disappointed in this country if they were alive today.

  7. So, basically it’s what you say: A Muslim enclave or CITY that will eventually have its own legal system, including sharia, of course. It will have its own police force, because other police will not go there. Yep, it’s a future no-go zone.

    I foresee the country breaking up into such enclaves, with Balkanization/constant warfare.

    What else is new. Islam, ruining the world for 1,400 years.

  8. Clinic to perform female genital mutilations? “Usmani says the society’s board will finalize how it wants to proceed and then raise the money to do it.” to submit the bill to Saudi masters to foot it? It’s like this “unemployed” man who had almost million dollars to buy a house on a quiet residential street in Sheepshed Bay. It’s sickening how we are financing this encroaching with the money we pay for their oil! Just like the enslaved and forcefully converted nations build and decorated their mosques and palaces centuries ago.

  9. BNI,
    Do you have a list of all the muzzie NO-GO ZONES in America? If so, would you please do an article with a list of all? I think that info would be good to know, for serveilence purposes, and legislation.
    Dearborn, Mi probably tops the list. I have heard of parts of Detriot, and Chicago too. Can you confirm that?

  10. Since it’s Kansas, I hppe it’s a tornado magnet. I’ll bet those head bags make great sails.
    There should be NO STATE FUNDING for the raghead schools, but watch the filthy muslims whine for money to train their kids to hate Jews and Christians.
    Also no road maintenence. If they want a Dearborn West, let them pay for it themselves. All road access to plaves where actual people live should be no closer than five miles from their “muslim only” swamp. Steps should be taken now to fence the place and require a passport to leave it. As they train terrorists, it will be a great help.
    Yearning for a perfectworld.

  11. Not only NO, but OH HELL NO! Every request made by the muslims should be answered that way! Don’t even let their big fat islamic snotty noses in the tent!

  12. Actually, I’m not that opposed to having muslims build their own enclaves separated from the rest of us. (If you have them living among you, you’ll know what I mean.) When the time comes, it will be that much easier to wall off their enclaves and – voila – instant internment camps!

  13. What kills me is that by buying their oil – WE ARE FUNDING IT! We have GOT to get off of OPEC oil! Buy terror free oil – Buy Candadian – Get the Keystone pipeline built – support Open Fuel Standard – DEFUND THESE MO FO’S!

    • I feel sorry for you, how can you sleep at night with all these hatred trapped inside. No wonder Islam is the fastest growing religion in America.

      • Mike, obviously you are one to encourage this crap. Islam, and all the shit it brings with it, is not welcome here. And neither are the people who practice it. The towelheads will NOT succeed in bring anymore of this hateful religion into the USA. They all press that devil worshiping oppressive religion onto people who do not want it, they try and force their sharia law onto us.

  14. A small bank or credit union (Sharia finance only) is a possibility as well. Good – then we could link them to funding terrorism as shariah finance funds terrorism at 1/8th of the Zakat.

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