AUSTRALIA: Likely suspect in sexual attack on female university student is one of 80 Sri Lankan Muslim invaders being housed in student dorms

UnknownEighty Muslim (welfare) asylum seekers will be questioned by police hunting a man over an alleged sexual assault on a female student at Macquarie University as concerns are raised over putting so many Muslim illegal aliens into student accommodations right next door to dorm buildings which house young women.


The Australian (h/t Aussie News & Views) Students were furious after the alleged early morning sexual assault on the student, 20, in the university’s accommodation village, which also has been housing asylum seekers in adjacent units when student demand dries up.

As Immigration Minister Brendan O’Connor went to ground and declined to comment on the issue, opposition immigration spokesman Scott Morrison accused Labor of dumping asylum seekers into communities without consultation after failing to stop the flow of boats.

Police said they were hunting an intruder who allegedly broke into the apartment – shared with four other females – about 3.20am yesterday, indecently assaulting the sleeping student and fleeing when she awoke, screaming. The man was described as being aged 20-25, with a thin build, dark skin and dark short curly hair.

Marquarie University student housing

Macquarie University student housing

The Red Cross, Macquarie University and accommodation operator Campus Living Villages yesterday attempted to hose down suggestions the perpetrator was an asylum seeker, insisting they had no evidence that was the case. (typical leftists trying to protect the criminal aliens)

But it emerged the village was a participant in the government’s taxpayer-funded, Red Cross-run program, housing asylum seekers for stays of up to six weeks under the bridging visa scheme. The victim’s townhouse is surrounded by units housing asylum seekers, with up to five people in each unit and about 900 residents in the village.

Asylum seekers refuse to leave boat in Indonesia The Australia-bound boat was found stranded off Indonesia's Sumatra island. The 50 passengers refused to leave the boat and have threatened a hunger strike if they are not allowed to continue the journey to Australia.

Sri Lankan Muslim Asylum seekers refuse to leave boat in Indonesia after
the Australia-bound boat was found stranded off Indonesia’s Sumatra island. The 50 passengers refused to leave the boat and threatened a hunger strike if they are not allowed to continue the journey to Australia, where these parasites know they can live off the Aussie Welfare System for the rest of their lives

Students, including a friend of the victim, said they were afraid of the asylum seekers. “Why would the uni put a house full of girls next to asylum seekers?’ There are so many other places they could live,” the friend said. A first-year female student, who arrived this week from the US, said she felt intimidated.

The story was broken by 2GB’s Ray Hadley, who demanded answers from the government about why the university was doubling as “some sort of a quasi-detention centre”. Mr Morrison said it was clear the government could not cope with the continuing flow of asylum seekers. “The government has no idea where all these people are,” he said.


Sri Lankan MUSLIM man has been arrested over the sexual assault of a female student at Macquarie University


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  1. Hi Ms Bonni

    Sri Lankan arrested over uni sex assault

    A YOUNG Sri Lankan man has been arrested over the sexual assault of a female student at Macquarie University in Sydney’s northwest.
    Police say the 20-year-old student was asleep in a student accommodation building at the uni when a man broke into her room and indecently assaulted her about 3.20am last Thursday.

    The woman woke up during the attack and the man fled.

    Police say they arrested a 21-year-old Sri Lankan national at Railway Square in Sydney’s CBD on Tuesday morning and took him to Surry Hills police station for questioning.

    Macquarie University provides services for asylum seekers, including temporary accommodation, under a 2012 agreement with the Red Cross Asylum Seeker Assistance Scheme (ASAS).

    Read more:

    I bet this parasite still gets a visa.

  2. This is off-topic but it affects not just Australia but the entire world. The UN FREEDOM-DESTROYING Agenda 21.

    Agenda for the 21st Century Invades Australia
    07 January 2008
    Australian leaders enforce Agenda 21 Sustainable Development by restricting private property use… Australian businesses are becoming nationalized and private property is being abolished.

    • More info on WICKED Agenda 21:

      (NaturalNews) A United Nations (UN) scheme to surreptitiously seize property rights from people worldwide and pack the world’s populations into tiny micro-cities controlled by a centralized government has a new ally, Monsanto, which recently joined the so-called World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in pushing for the widespread implementation of the infamous “Agenda 21.”…

      …the UN Agenda 21 scam, which plans to eliminate national and social sovereignty, and enslave humanity under the guise of “sustainability.” Personal property ownership, the ability to travel freely, the ability to live without government intrusion in every area of your life — these and many other liberties will all disappear if Agenda 21 is fully implemented as intended…

  3. It is time to sue the government for putting innocent female student in danger! It is time to carry guns and shoot the b%^&%ds dead if they rape women. It is time to put a stop to the Muslim invasion of every western country. People we need to stand up and stop this now.

  4. Sorry, but apart from the fact that they are asylum seekers it is the most stupid thing to put adult males in housing facilities that are neighboring young females!
    Who did have that idea should be re-trained in human behavior and even more be educated on males from a male-dominated country (like Pakistan is) will do when they get to a place were modern females are living, and who are used to be free in their movements and not limited and restricted in their activities!!

    Separate facilities for asylum-seekers is the best thing done.

  5. BNI, thought I’d link this. It made my blood boil. This wanker O’Keefe, completely patronising Geert. So long as we have fuckwits like this dhimwit in our country we’ll end up just like Europe. I so want to smash that prick in the face – with a cricket bat!

    • He is an apologist for Islam. A traitor to our people. He doesn’t care about Islam’s many victims. This arrogant hater, O’Keefe, deserves to live in one of the heavily Muslim populated areas in Europe where non-Muslims live in daily fear.

  6. Muslim-Islam goal is to infiltrate the whole world…..which we see happening everywhere. Unfortunately, people in authority are totally oblivious.

    • ”Unfortunately, people in authority are totally oblivious”

      I don’t believe they’re oblivious, I believe they’re complicit.

    • lindar, Non-Muslim ruling elites are NOT oblivious! Ruling elites are actively aiding and abetting Muslim conquest of the Free World deliberately colonizing our countries with many millions of hostile, infidel-hater Muslims and giving Muslims special rights and privileges not given to others. And allowing Muslims to set up Islamic sharia law courts in our countries!

      Also, read angelito’s comment above about the special favoritism treasonous British ruling elites awarded to Muslims in importing ONLY Muslims into Cyprus. A huge REWARD to Muslim warmonger, Turkey, for invading and illegally occupying half of Cyprus!

      End Turkey’s illegal occupation of Cyprus!

  7. The worst part is she probably won’t be able to I.D. the guy and if they don’t find him, it might encourage the others to follow in the same path.

    Government officials no longer have brains. They put sex-crazed muslims next to innocent female students. A 5-year kid would know better.

    • @ 1:25 [Campus Security] “SHUT UP AND GO BACK TO SLEEP.”

      FIRE that somali islamist ‘cop’. AND the head of ‘Campus Security’.

      Beef up the physical security, ARM the students and teach them how to use the guns.

      “…with a thin build, dark skin and dark short curly hair.”

      OK, so she got a look at his genitals, what about his face? Or was he wearing a niqab?

  8. Despicable ruling elites KNOW they are placing innocent non-Muslim women in great danger by placing Muslim predator infidel-hater males in the same area as non-Muslim females.

    Why is the military not being used to prevent the VIOLENT Muslim invaders from ever coming to shore? It is a crime against humanity to allow them to do so.

  9. Pic: 50 passengers refused to leave the boat and threatened a hunger strike if they are not allowed to continue the journey to Australia…

    PLEASE, let them go on a hunger strike!

  10. In Cyprus, the only source of foreign labor allowed is Sri Lanka and this was forced on Cyprus by the UK. Domestic help brought in legally from Sri Lanka have fixed wages, day off, life and health insurance paid by the employer. All these statues were secured and provided for by the corresponding agreements between Cyprus and the UK. Women worked as domestic help, men were farming. Generally there were no problems with these workers except for a few cases of disappearance when workers did not return to their employers having found other place, since they left with their belongings and documents that were not confiscated and held by their Christian employers. This was the situation in the late 90-s. As we can see the UK started flooding every European nook and cranny with Muslims through every channel they could use, even when Cyprus wasn’t a part of European Union, they still forced their policies in every way they could, even in the situation when half of the island is occupied by Turkish invaders. Topic no one would touch, just like the Armenian genocide by this “enlightened” nation.

    • angelito, British ruling elites HATE their own indigenous British people! UK elites LOVE and ADORE Muslims and force Brits to financially support Muslims via their taxes!

      In Britain, 50% of Muslim males and 75% of Muslim women don’t work and are given FREE houses, money, food and healthcare by adoring ruling elites.

      Hard working, stressed out, HATED British infidels are FORCED to financially provide for MASSIVE numbers of Muslims including Muslim males and their harems of multiple wives and HUGE numbers of children. It is a form of slavery and a dreadful financial burden that is DESTROYING Britain’s economy and unless stopped now, will in the years to come utterly destroy freedom, safety and human rights for Britain’s despised non-Muslims!

      • Linda, this is a modern form of jiziya, paid by infidels to Muslims. No war and conquest are required. The infidel tax is paid willingly.

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