Comedy Central ‘targets’ Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper of terror-linked CAIR

hooperbaby3vi-viUncle Dougie voices CAIR’s objections to what he deems an “offensive” Saturday Night Live skit that made fun of Jesus, no doubt to claim the mantle of  ‘fairness’ when they demand that insults to the Paedophile Prophet Mohammed be considered a ‘hate crime.’

But what really got Uncle Dougie’s goat was a comedian on Comedy Central who took a justified swipe at the CAIR thugs and got big laughs for it. (Starts at 2:39)


22 comments on “Comedy Central ‘targets’ Ibrahim ‘Uncle Dougie’ Hooper of terror-linked CAIR

  1. What struck me funny was when he said cair would be talking with the new pope about social justice and FAMILY values. lol Famiy values, get real. They hate and torture their wives, beat and mutilate their children, enslave their women – hah, family values – I don’t think so.

  2. ” it said instead, now they will make targets look like the council on american islamic relations”, thats what is defined as a good start, everone should reconize the emenies of our Republic and understand what kind of threat they stand by, subversives, liars, theives, murderers, tax cheats, and above all members in good standing, the brutha’s from their hood, islam. Now you know the faces and excuses of said threat. Burn it to memory.

  3. First time I have seen “Uncle Dougie” from CAIR. What a pathetic little man, making stories and hoo-hahs out of nothing. Is that all he and other muslims have to whinge about when their compatriots are going round blowing up innocent civilians, burning Christians in Nigeria, hanging homosexuals, beheading Budhists in Thailand and generally being a pain in the arse in every country they go to. That sad little man is a waste of good oxygen!

  4. Hi aussiegirl & randy63ism,

    No unfortunately I live in the country 700 k’s north of Sydney. But a friend of mine still lives in Sydney and he went to listen to the speech. He rang me late at night immediatly after he arrived home. He said it was excellent and the control of the protestors was far better in Sydney than in Melbourne. I am a fan of Geert Wilders and have read his excellent book… ‘Marked For Death.’

  5. Uncle Dougie. What a smug, traitorous bastard. Yes, the vid was like having your teeth pulled or fingernails on a chalkboard up until the Comedy Central part, which was absolutely priceless. I sure do wish somebody would make a real target of him and his partners in crime, lol. His crying is annoying and as Allen Iversson said above, he, and the rest of CAIR are extremely dangerous to all.

  6. hi Allen, good comment…. here in Australia there is an anti-islam group the Q Society, check them out, they are on top of all the issues here and are linked to Robert Spencer and Pamela Geller also , to take advantage of their expertise in fighting the most insidious threat our world has ever faced. Islam will take over if we ignore that they have a world wide Caliphate in mind, and a kuffar slave market to serve them.. as per the wonderful example of their prophet. The brave Geert Wilders came out here to speak, did you hear him? he spoke in Sydney also.

  7. BAHAHAHAHA… work with the pope to promote family values??? HAHAHA what like beating your wife and honor killings? Hooper is such a weeeeeeeenie! He needs to call the WAAAAAAmbulance!

  8. I heard a rumor that the National Shooting Sports Asn. won’t OK the use of “Uncle Dougie” as a target because his head is too fat. He would have to have a wart or something to aim at in order to make the target sporting. The rumor states that a representative of that organization stated that you could hit a traget that big with a cream pie from 300 yards when thrown by a third grader.
    Film at Eleven.

  9. That CAIR video presentation is a very dangerous ‘Taqiyya’ propaganda presentation. Ignorant non-Muslims may naively believe this newsflash is an objective report; whilst many Christians are awake and valiantly opposing Islam there are other dopey Christians that are trying to make friends with Muslims. Of all the Islamic Organisations that exist in the world I now consider that CAIR is the most dangerous- far more dangerous than overseas terrorist groups. We must work hard at smashing the credibility of CAIR- a priority one not only for Americans but also for Canadians and Australians.

  10. What a contrast between Jesus and Mohammed in the matter of mockery. When mocked, Jesus said, ‘Father, forgive them, they know not what they do.’ When Mohammed was mocked he sent assassins to murder them as they slept peacefully in bed with their children.

    A Mohammedan has to have NO CONSCIENCE to defend a NARCISSITIC MONSTER like Mohammed.

    If they can defend this monster, they are like him.

  11. LOL! That was a good one.

    @Uncle Dougie, you fat traitorous turd: I will believe you supremacists “love and respect Jesus” more than Christians, as you claim, when you savages sodomize and murder a mohammadan supremacist ambassador, and behead the producers of the Jesus parody. Until then your claims of respect for Jesus are just more typical mohammadan supremacist bullshi’ite.

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