Oh, LOOKIE! A Facebook contest has determined the design which will symbolize Barack Hussein Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel

At the Jewish-owned, virulently anti-Israel website, Mondoweiss, reader comments have condemned the flag design as being insulting to Obama and the United States. Personally, I find Obama’s visit to Israel insulting to the Israelis. What say you?


Mondoweiss Two Sides of the Same Flag: Visitors to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Facebook page have chosen this logo for President Obama’s visit to Israel next month.


Here are some of the reader comments:

pabelmont says:

Great flag logo! The Palestinians can use it, too! It exactly expresses the problem of allowing the USA to play any roll at all in world relations with Israel (i.e., the UNSC veto).

It is interesting to me that, in flag design, the part nearest the pole (the hoist, the other end is called “the fly”) and specifically the upper portion (the canton, where the US has the stars) is considered the position of honor. This is why sub-national flags often contain the national flag in the canton. 

The right of this image is the hoist and the left is the fly. (In states where language are read right to left, the convention is often that the upper right is the canton. In the west, where languages are generally read left to right, it is the reverse. This is further demonstrated by the fact that the US flag’s fly (the stripes) is reproduced, not the hoist.)

So, in this logo, Israel took for itself the position of honor, insulting the USA in the process. (It’s also interesting that they used the IDF’s roundel and inserted it into the design, rather than the star that appears on the National Flag.)

seafoid says:
Flags can’t hide the rottenness of Zionism

“The Israelis have done pretty much what they pleased with the Palestinians, taking their land for their own, and for immigrant American religious fanatics; annexing Palestinian farms and destroying their crops; seizing control of the water resources of the West Bank; building “separation walls”; and sequestering Islamic and Christian places of worship. These actions have shamed millions of their American supporters, and inspired others to form vigilante bands to silence Israel ’s critics and persecute Arab professors at American universities.

This has won Israel nothing but hatred. What actually is happening is that the Palestinian occupation is driving numbers of Israelis and their supporters toward moral and political suicide, so that one may ask if in a hundred years, or a thousand years, there will any longer be an Israel where Jewish worshipers will recall the psalm “God is a Righteous Judge, strong and patient; and God is provoked every day.”

MRW says:

I just showed this to someone who knows zip about the flag parts Woody mentions. He said the logo is saying Israel is bigger than the USA, more powerful, and screw you.

I said it’s a logo for a presidential visit. He said then diplomatic decorum is what is called for, not public relations. There is a protocol for flags. He said the flags should be shown in their entirety. Israel showed all of their flag elements, but chose the lower right corner of the American flag, diminishing it. He said do you think if the Queen of England came to visit that they would diminish the royal seal and debase it like that? Not a chance. They’d be sticking that royal seal on everything she walked into.

If the US has a state dinner at the White House, our nation doesn’t comport itself like this. This bernays sauce came out of the Israeli Prime Minister’s office. Does Netanyahu have any idea how to comport himself internationally or is he really a yahoo? Is Israel that much of a schlub?

Sumud says:

Exactly seafoid ~ the very fact they chose to say “unbreakable alliance” demonstrates they are aware just how fragile and brittle the situation is.

This pathetic PR is designed to reassure Israelis that decades of criminality and impunity can continue thanks to the US’ UN SC veto power, that the Tel Aviv bubble will never burst. How wrong they are!

dbroncos says:

Not surprising that Israelis chose the flag that features the colonial stripes aspect of our American flag rather than the 50 stars representing the interdependence and equality of disparate and unique states. Instead we get just the one star of the Israeli flag. One colonial nation under the command of a single Israeli star. Depressing symbolism.

Elliot says:

This is an escalation of the mainstream double flag lapel pin. You will see Zionists in America wearing this pin. It’s a take on the stars and stripes pin that US politicians wear. The stems (flagpoles) of each flag cross over each other.

Looks like it’s no more: two inseparable countries with their own flag, but two indivisible nations sharing the same one. Netanyahu is cocksure he has co-opted the U.S. under Obama.



33 comments on “Oh, LOOKIE! A Facebook contest has determined the design which will symbolize Barack Hussein Obama’s upcoming trip to Israel

  1. I wonder why obama would pay Israel a visit? We know he hates Israel, and Netanyahu. obama the ever muzzie butt-kisser, has tried to distance himself from Israel since he took office. Then one needs to ask why would Israel want to “honor” obama anyhow??? obama has done everything to throw Israel under the bus. Hmmm, very curious!

  2. I like the ‘symbol’ – I think it shows a ‘connection’ between Israel and the United States that I wish more people shared. I don’t like Obama (or any organization that opposes Israel or supports Hamas or Fataa (sp?) or any other Muslim Cause or Belief). Never heard of Mondoweiss (and hope I never hear of them again)…

    • Mondo Scheiss (German: shit) is actually named after its founder Philip Weiss, a nasty piece of shit who sees nothing egotistical about naming his blog after his smug self.

      Lately, [They all say that.] Weiss is particularly gratified to see a growing number of Jews moving in his direction. “I think there’s going to be a big anti-Zionist moment in American Jewish life,” says Weiss. “I just think it’s inevitable.” [obuMBoy supporters]

      Today Mondoweiss operates under the umbrella of the nonprofit [why?] Nation Institute, [Blacklist them?] which allows Weiss to SOLICIT tax-deductable contributions. But its budget comes entirely from donations, and Weiss has to rely on his wife, the writer and editor Cynthia Kling, to help support him. [So watch out for any dreck written by her.]

      Not surprisingly, some Jew-haters see Weiss as a native informer, telling the plain truth about the Zionist octopus. “Philip Weiss is a unique American Jewish voice—a Jew without all the usual rationalizations and blind spots–at least most of them,” Kevin MacDonald, [Another name to note.] a leading anti-Semitic theorist, wrote last May. MacDonald has bandied the idea of taxes on Jews and quotas against them in order to “achieve parity between Jews and other ethnic groups.”

      Weiss isn’t responsible for his fans, of course. But when he wrote about McDonald’s EMBRACE, there was something notably EQUIVOCAL in his rejection of a figure who most American journalists and thinkers would find beneath contempt. “I find a lot of what MacDonald has said elsewhere BRACING AND BOLD,” he wrote.

      “He is ALIVE to important sociological trends that FEW PEOPLE are talking about out loud.”“I find his writing about Israel to be INFUSED with a REAL JEWISH CONCERN,” says J.J. Goldberg, former editor of The Forward and a friendly acquaintance of Weiss’. “Some people who are associated with him write about Israeli wrongdoing with what seems like glee. He seems to have regret.”

      ‘Send donations’ [Hitler DMarks?] to Nation Institute c/o Taya Kitman. Can you believe that? Kitman means secrecy/deceit/misinformation in the islamist language!

  3. I think the flag shows unity since Israel is the host their colors should set inboard these Cynic’s are a pain in the ass always first to shoot another’s work down but never seem to build an idea on there own .

    • flag aside the arab candy man coming to Israel ! bound to piss off the muzzies we all know how unstable they are who know’s what can happen better than him set in around on his ass in our house

  4. I’m not bothered in the least and I’m an American solider,with the way this President has treated our allies it’s a wonder that we have any standing in the world at all because we sure do not in the most dangerious arena in the world the Middle east, the best thing the Jew’s can hope for is that these next 4 years end quickly.

  5. Barack Obama is the devil that uses many names starting with the name Allah, Ba’al, lblis, Shaytan, deceiver, liar, etc…Obama (devil) is a curse to mankind, and he will go to hell body and soul, Obama followers will follow Obama to the pits of hell for eternity! Islam was given birth by Allah (devil, Lucifer, Ba’al, lblis, Shaytan, etc…God will crush islam, God will crush Obama (devil) in time…God is in charge and God is the conqueror and God will crush Is;al’s Allah…

  6. Pathetic, they are reading far to much into the design elements. Graphic design and publishing is my profession and if you look at the symmetry it is very nice. The flag is divided equally for the two nations, the blue and star components make sense as the hoist as these are the same elements in the US flag in that position. There are only seven stripes and not thirteen but notice the blue and red stripes are the same width, it is a suggestion not an exact depection. If they had put the US in the place of “honor” as suggested in the article you can bet they would have been accuseed of pandering. I think it perfectly suits the situation, the US President is visiting their country, as Americans we would never put another nations flag above our own why would we expect Israel to do any different on their turf. This is simply good design with a goal of visually representing connection, friendship, and cooperation. Really much ado about NOTHING.

  7. I guess it’s possible that some of these jerks from mondowhatever are kosher, but their comments are definitely not. The logo is made to show solidarity between the U.S. and Israel. If the flag were reversed as those idiots suggest, it would be an insulting rendition of the American flag which would be against protocol.
    These are probably some of the brain dead Jews who voted for the SLITWH* and are stupid enough to be anti gun morons with a death wish.
    Netanyahu has proven to be two or three times the statesman and a million times the speaker than our teleprompter led president.
    But I’ll bet the SLITWH* doesn’t bow to a superior man this time.
    *Serial Liar In The White House

    • Mirren, they are JINOS, who worship leftism, not Judaism. Think back to the 1930’s when Jews outside Germany begged Jews in Germany to leave because of Hitler. But they were ignored. Other than the Warsaw uprising, European Jews did nothing to resist, even after their businesses were closed and their property confiscated, believing that because they were loyal Germans, all this would blow over. Like the leftist Jews who support the enemy in Israel, they were willing accomplices to their own demise.

  8. obamalamadingdong going to Israel?. Jeeezzz!! you might as well send Lady gaga for as much good it will be for Israel and the U.S.A….. i hope they let him in the back door and give him the same treatment they got.!!!…. his visit wont be for Israels good …. let him exit through a P.l.O. tonnel.

  9. Hopefully, Obama will learn more about the situation by going there. It will surely help. Still 3 more years and 10 months before there’s another president.

  10. Many Jews have emigrated to Israel (aliyah) from the Middle East, Russia, and Europe, but in the United States the bulk remain, content, deluded, unaware of what is coming, just as they were in those countries before calamity came and they fled to Israel. I believe the same will happen here. Calamity will come and Jews will flee to Israel. Those whom God has blessed.

  11. Two nations misled: one by a demonic traitor, the other by a coward who has lost his will to resist evil.

    The visit is a malignant farce, and designing symbolism to give it a pretty face warns us of symbolism over substance.

    I first cursed Shrub and decided not to vote for him again when he first turned against Israel six months into his first term.

  12. I think a lot of these people (above) have too much time on their hands…. If it is supposed to be an insult (I don’t buy it), King Obama deserves it after the way he has treated Israel. I take no offense…it sure beats the one with O’s mug on it.

  13. Upon entry into Israel, he should be arrested for “Possession of a Falsified Passport” and a “Being a Terrorist Threat to the United States and the State of Israel”; amongst other charges.
    It would be a wonderful day if one of his reptilian supporters decided to take him out with a rock or a machete, or a club or even a Qassam rocket….anything but a gun. IMHO, of course

    • funny you mentioned that part, “should be arrested” as I was going to make a similar comment, decided not to, not because I couldn’t, but, because these days I am getting so damned angry of witnessing this thug, mutt, some call their pResident, I call him what he is , a mixed race of arab and white trash, otherwise known as progressive slut who slept with the enemies of mandkind, that I can hardly remain civilized while trying to do so. Thanks for bringing it up, it is what should be done the minute he steps on God’s soil, question remains, who’s gonna do it and when? Regards Hadenoughalready.

      • @ Ret. Marine

        Thanks but I think I speak for many. I know some would be harsher but, in Israel, they have laws too. And for the the love of “true” Democracy, I’d rather they did it illegitimately and above board. God knows they don’t need any more “bad press”.

        As for those who’d appose, go shit in your hat! You”re next on the list of traitors that threaten the very fabric on which this nation was founded. If not for the Founding Fathers, your asses would belong to England or Spain or, even worse, France.

        Though never having served, Semper Fi!

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