SHOCKING! 9-year-old British boy commits suicide because of relentless bullying for ‘being white’ by Muslims

BOY, 9, DIES AFTER BEING FOUND HANGING AT HOMEAs usual the leftist British dhimmi media call them “Asians,” which means they are probably Pakistani scum. The devastated family of 9-year old Aaron Dugmore who hanged himself, say he took his life after anti-white racist taunts by Asian Muslim bullies.

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Jim Y) Aaron Dugmore — thought to be one of Britain’s youngest suicides after bullying — was found in his bedroom after months of jibes at school, they claim. His family say that Aaron was threatened with a plastic knife by one Asian Muslim pupil — who warned him: “Next time it will be a real one.” But despite complaints to the school, where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic backgrounds, they claim nothing was done to stop the bullying.

article-2279142-179896F1000005DC-606_306x423Aaron Dugmore died in hospital 24 hours after his mother Kelly-Marie found him hanged at their Birmingham home earlier this month. And Miss Dugmore, 30, and husband Paul Jones, 43, spoke out today about the bullies who allegedly taunted him for ‘being white’. Miss Dugmore told The Sun: ‘Aaron got on with all the children at his last school and for him to be bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach.’ The youngster was a pupil at Erdington Hall primary school in Birmingham, joining the school in September last year.

His parents say that the youngster began arguing with his siblings and eventually admitted that he was being bullied by a group of Asian youngsters at school. Paul said: He said one kid even said to him, “My dad says all the white people should be dead”.’ Miss Dugmore said that she approached school headteacher Martin Collin in a bid to rectify the problem, but alleges that she was told that she didn’t have to send her son to the school and that it was their choice for him to be there.

He was rushed to hospital where doctors desperately attempted to revive him but he died the following day from a suspected cardiac arrest. His grandmother Toni Dugmore, 49, from Birmingham, put a poster condemning bullying on her own Facebook page earlier this month She wrote: ‘I AM AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


The school, which caters for 450 pupils aged 3-11, received an ‘inadequate’ rating by Ofsted inspectors last year. Aaron had started in Year 5 recently but, according to staff, had already ‘settled in quickly’ with his classmates.

Friend Claire Louise wrote: ‘Thinking of u at this very very sad time think these schools need to fix up on friking [sic] bullies now this is getting unbelievable and out of hand now.’ Lewis Thomas said: ‘All them dirty little bully’s [sic] that bullied our little friend Aaron to take his own life you just need to get a grip and hope you all rot in a hole RIP AARON WE ALL LOVE YOU xxxxxxxx’.

Tracy Wood wrote: ‘rip to arron 9 year old boy who sadly taken his life cause of nasty bullys this needs to stop its disgusting that kids can be so cruel to others in this world bring your kids up right or dont have them rip Aaron god bless you little man.’