SHOCKING! 9-year-old British boy commits suicide because of relentless bullying for ‘being white’ by Muslims

BOY, 9, DIES AFTER BEING FOUND HANGING AT HOMEAs usual the leftist British dhimmi media call them “Asians,” which means they are probably Pakistani scum. The devastated family of 9-year old Aaron Dugmore who hanged himself, say he took his life after anti-white racist taunts by Asian Muslim bullies.

UK Daily Mail  (h/t Jim Y) Aaron Dugmore — thought to be one of Britain’s youngest suicides after bullying — was found in his bedroom after months of jibes at school, they claim. His family say that Aaron was threatened with a plastic knife by one Asian Muslim pupil — who warned him: “Next time it will be a real one.” But despite complaints to the school, where 75 per cent of pupils come from ethnic backgrounds, they claim nothing was done to stop the bullying.

article-2279142-179896F1000005DC-606_306x423Aaron Dugmore died in hospital 24 hours after his mother Kelly-Marie found him hanged at their Birmingham home earlier this month. And Miss Dugmore, 30, and husband Paul Jones, 43, spoke out today about the bullies who allegedly taunted him for ‘being white’. Miss Dugmore told The Sun: ‘Aaron got on with all the children at his last school and for him to be bullied because of the colour of his skin makes me feel sick to my stomach.’ The youngster was a pupil at Erdington Hall primary school in Birmingham, joining the school in September last year.

His parents say that the youngster began arguing with his siblings and eventually admitted that he was being bullied by a group of Asian youngsters at school. Paul said: He said one kid even said to him, “My dad says all the white people should be dead”.’ Miss Dugmore said that she approached school headteacher Martin Collin in a bid to rectify the problem, but alleges that she was told that she didn’t have to send her son to the school and that it was their choice for him to be there.

He was rushed to hospital where doctors desperately attempted to revive him but he died the following day from a suspected cardiac arrest. His grandmother Toni Dugmore, 49, from Birmingham, put a poster condemning bullying on her own Facebook page earlier this month She wrote: ‘I AM AGAINST BULLYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’


The school, which caters for 450 pupils aged 3-11, received an ‘inadequate’ rating by Ofsted inspectors last year. Aaron had started in Year 5 recently but, according to staff, had already ‘settled in quickly’ with his classmates.

Friend Claire Louise wrote: ‘Thinking of u at this very very sad time think these schools need to fix up on friking [sic] bullies now this is getting unbelievable and out of hand now.’ Lewis Thomas said: ‘All them dirty little bully’s [sic] that bullied our little friend Aaron to take his own life you just need to get a grip and hope you all rot in a hole RIP AARON WE ALL LOVE YOU xxxxxxxx’.

Tracy Wood wrote: ‘rip to arron 9 year old boy who sadly taken his life cause of nasty bullys this needs to stop its disgusting that kids can be so cruel to others in this world bring your kids up right or dont have them rip Aaron god bless you little man.’



49 comments on “SHOCKING! 9-year-old British boy commits suicide because of relentless bullying for ‘being white’ by Muslims

  1. Actually, I believe muslims hate white people (read the friendly advice in a copy of the Quran showing them how to deal with non-believers), and I know that, despite the shocking circumstance, this is not an isolated incident. If Cameron and his ilk want the UK to become an Islamic country, I’m on the first plane out. Islam is evil, barbaric and vile. But I think that about all religion. We have evolved so much, and yet 80% of the worlds population believe in some evil dictator in the sky and would kill or harm in its’ name. Disgusting and retarded thinking will only bring about our destruction. No peace will ever be achieved until religion is outlawed in all public forums.

    On a side note, I notice christians saying they (muslims) should worship jesus instead, but that’s no better, a religion based on paedophilic war mongering or one based on blood sacrifice, it’s all nonsense and unproven. They all need a reality check, and to stop harming those of us with common sense and rationality. More importantly, if muslims hate white skin, then why not go somewhere you don’t have to see it. RIP Aaron… things WILL change :)

  2. disgusting how this has turn into a muslim hate discussion. bunch of hypocrites you lot are. cant you just let him rest in peace? white, brown, red, yellow,black you all suck.

  3. Isn’t his name wrong, if his dad was Paul Jones then he was Aaron Jones not Dugmore. Children take the fathers name NOT the mothers.

  4. All Schools should be secular be they private or public and religion should not be taught in any schools – leave that for home and places of faith/ religion.

  5. i feel pity for the his family and im against bullying by all means but not all Muslims are terrorists . I’m a Muslim Egyptian girl who have been abused and raped and tried to commit suicide several times and almost succeeded . Do you know what my rapist was a christian but do i hate Christians no . My best friend is a christian , i defend christian when bullied , My uncle married a christian american women and they live in peace and love . I’m at a Canadian school all my teachers are christian except the Arabic teachers . My favorite teacher is Mr Andrew and he hated Muslims – but know he says that im his favorite students and he told me me that he might see us one day as friendly people because he saw how i love Christians – My pain after reading what happened increased . No one deserves to be bullied at any reason we are all the same . I TRUST THAT ONE DAY YOU COULD SEE A MUSLIM WHO IS PURE . YOU MIGHT CHANGE YOUR MINDS ABOUT US , WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME . WHY WOULD I HATE CHRISTIANS BECAUSE MY RAPIST WAS A CHRISTIAN BUT ALSO THE DOCTOR WHO REVIVED ME BACK TO LIFE WAS A CHRISTIAN . I MIGHT HAVE HAD SOME HATER IN MY HEART FOR CHRISTIANS WHEN I WAS RAPED BUT THE ONLY 2 PEOPLE WHO STOOD BESIDE ME WHERE CHRIS . AND KARIM AMR ANIS . A MUSLIM AND A CHRISTIAN WHO HATED EACH OTHER DEEPLY BUT LEARNED TO WORK TOGETHER FOR MY SACK . DON’T BE A PERSON WHO Separates BETWEEN US BUT BE SOMEONE WHO UNITES US FOR THE SACK OF PEACE AND LOVE …….

  6. I am from Australia and same situation here, if you are white you are a minority. We may as well rename our country Mustralia. The MCG (big sporting ground) has a prayer room for Muslims, some swimming centres set aside times just for Muslim women, they get every handout under the sun. Public schools are here zoned, if you are unfortunate to live in an area where the local high school is not so good then that is where you go. Public schools are different to the UK (here public schools are the ones where you don’t pay). However, if you are Muslim or other ethnicity etc, I have known some that have pulled the card that they need to go to another public school that is more suited to their ‘cultural needs’ so they end up in the best ones. If you are white and have REAL extenuating circumstances you get the response ‘we are unable to make an allowance because it would set a precedent’.

    Makes my blood boil that this dear little boy felt the need to take his life because of these little thugs. Our elderly who fought for our country are living in third world conditions. We have families that are struggling to put food on the table and we have neglected our own kids.

    We have these ungrateful mongrels sponging off us. They get free housing, top health care, access to the best education including university scholarships (ones especially for them) and every benefit. They know they can spread their hate and there are laws to protect them; its an absolute outrage.

    Yeah they bring their kids up with the attitude that ‘white people are scum’ so don’t blame me the next time I am in a crowd and I see a bunch of Muslims and SWIM (someone who isn’t me) points to them and frantically yells, “Terrorists”! See how they like that.

    Just joking in case some white hating scum is on here and decide to fly a plane into my house.

    R.I.P little one xxx

  7. I’m a 20-year-old British male and I was bullied a lot by Muslims when I was younger.

    Young British Muslims (especially males) tend to be extraordinarily unpleasant in my experience. They mostly seem to cling to two things:

    1) Islam, and all it brings: Antisemitism, homophobia, rejection of evolution, becoming violent when Islam is insulted, etc.

    2) “Ghetto” culture (inspired by African-American hip hop culture, Jamaican rude boy culture, etc.), and all that that brings: Committing crimes, engaging in antisocial behaviour, glorifying gang members, seeing somebody’s worth as determined primarily by how thuggish they are, bullying people who aren’t thugs, etc.

    You’d think that 1) and 2) were incompatible. But clearly not, looking at young British Muslim males. Perhaps 1) actually encourages 2) – I mean, if it weren’t for Islam, perhaps British Muslims wouldn’t be so sealed off in their own little world, would be able to integrate better, and wouldn’t be so ghettoised and alienated and hostile to the infidels (a hostility which their thuggish behaviour is perhaps a manifestation of).

    • SS, you are the future of England. It is up to your generation to vote the socialist/multiculturalists out of office put an end to the rampant muslim immigration. Support the Liberty gb party. Link in sidebar.

    • SS you are clearly an intelligent and honest young man. Two things that Islam cannot take from you. That puts you head and shoulders above them…And they can’t stand it. That is why they bullied you. You are far more civilized than they and they know it.
      Don’t fall into their den of iniquity my friend. Stay strong. We need men and women like you.

    • I wonder if M. Collin (Head teacher) is a member of ‘Common Purpose’ a left wing Marxist/Islamist think tank that has infiltrated our education system. I was approached by them as a Graduate student, and told them where to go. Suffice to say my career as a teacher went no where..
      Common Purpose are EVIL and need to be investigated and exposed.

  8. First of all only white can be racist its well known now i think, secondly if it was the other way around that would have been a scandal and a racial issue, cause you cannot harm any person that is non-white in a freedom country otherwise its a racist act, but you can in fact rape,beat,steal,lie from white people espescially white women preferably blonde one, just to be sure to erase them for good and to humiliate them to the highest then make law voted so that you are obliged to hired etnicity within all freedom country, give special treatment, law etc, make it so that it is easier for them to have job,education, woman over the native white man specificly otherwise tell them its racist to not accept beeing assimilated , make they’re culture growth while forgeting yours and lacking investment volontary to the detriment of ethnic festivities etc.. well, i think its pretty much what about every occidental country looks like today, here in Canada im pretty much a minority everywhere i go and we don’t really talk our own language anymore well i mean in Québec its use to be french but slowly its becoming english spanish and other language so our native people have to adapt to them now we have 3 to 4 language we need to learn at school’s what it will be when i’ll have my own children, why do we have to adapt to them ? why is it racist for a white country to have the same policy the other as (which means almost no immigration tolarated), why is it only white country that is experiencing the’se problem, why is every movie im listening to the black guy as always a white woman with him, why do i never see a black woman on screen only half-white black woman can be seen but the man is always pure black with strangely a white woman for girlfirend and this is not sometime no… always , why is it racist of me loving a white man and not to go out with the countless black man i refused, im really tired of beeing told im racist each time i dislike a black man, im tired of being said i should breed a black baby cause they are the most beautiful babies… i can see book loaded of joke specificly against blonde girl, is it racist..? (im blond) i’ve been bullied and insulted since i was born cause im blonde is that racism, surely not, well guys i must say its not easy to be a white and blonde girl these day 😉 we have to deal with our own men which are not always easy but i can handle, but to have to deal with damn animal at my jobs and to be cruised with dirty and insulting name is really something i could pass, when are our men gonna’s do something about it ? I really wonder sometime if hitler or other like him did what they did for a good reason.

  9. I can’t help but notice a lot of people saying that it is suspicious that a nine year old boy committed suicide and that kids that young don’t try to commit suicide…you are very wrong. I started trying to commit suicide at the age of ten. At the age of ten, I was telling my father that I “LONGED” to be buried six feet under and to have maggots crawling in and out of my dead and decaying body. Imagine the look of horror on my dad’s face when I started saying that. My mother went to the school, and the school counselor said all this was normal. I was being picked on and threatened DAILY. It wasn’t by Muslims…it was by other white people. The kids would tell me that I was so ugly, I should just kill myself so that no one would have to look at my ugly face ever again. If it wasn’t that, they would threaten to kill me instead. I didn’t know over half the people who “randomly” came to me and did this.

    I feel so horrible for this boy’s family. I can only imagine the pain they are going through. Because of what I went through, growing up, I made a promise to myself that if my children should ever face bullying to that extent that I would remove them from their schooling and home school them. I would NOT let my kids go through what I went through. I love my kids more than anything in this sorry, and sad world.

    Now, I’m not saying it isn’t possible this poor boy was murdered, but considering what I went through, I’m more inclined to think it very possible he committed suicide. You would be surprised what bullying will do to a child and how quickly it forces them to grow up and see the world for what it really is. To go through what he went through day in and day out is taxing, and it really takes the fun out of growing up and living. I can also only imagine the amount of times he really came to his parents hurt and it was simply overlooked as the “normal” amount of bullying. This is how my parents saw it. I was lucky I had a friend who ALWAYS looked out for me, and who also told my mother EVERY time I tried to take my life. She couldn’t stand seeing me like that.

    I hope that school learns their lesson, and I hope that principal looses her job…and it would be really nice if those Muslims who tortured that poor boy were deported, but sadly, I don’t see that happening.

  10. This breaks my heart. Having a son who was diagnosed with depression from bullying, this is close to home. Luckily, the boy who was bullying him has moved to a new school. Nothing was done at our school either. The kid was a well known kid with parents who worked at the school.

  11. I’m sure that there was more than one raghead child bullying this Boy. Kids or not, muslims always bully or demonstrate in groups because they are cowards. The young sand lice learn it from their elders.

  12. If the school actually told that to his mother, I hope they get shredded and she sues the crap out of them. COWARDS.
    How many more of England’s kids will die before people wake up. Even when they’re sons are murdered, they are still protecting these scum sucking inbreds. It makes me physically SICK.

  13. If the names of the little muslime bastards are known, sue the parents, sue the school, demand that this be treated as a hate crime. Demand the muslimes take Christian faith tolerant lessons, monitored by a pastor and/or priest. Have them hold and read a Bible. Make the same demands that muslimes make when they feel bullied or threatened. These dirty, stinking, pos muslimes will continue to get away with their bullying until some has the never to say, NO, No more bullying. Believe me I could go on and on about what low life pos these knuckle dragging, 7th century monkeys are.
    I saw a baghead in Wegman’s today and told her, this is not Pakistan. The lady next to me agreed and we both gave the baghead a dirty look.
    I pray every day that the muslimes will come down with some disease that will render them infertile.

  14. this is so dreadful…i hope thast it is NOT the first of many?The parents were told ‘you choose to send him here’. thereby condoning the behavuiour of the kids in that schoiol, well how are tbey ever going to grow yup to SUPPORT BRIITAIN THEN/?where is the PM in all of this? In INDIA PRAYING, YOU COULD’NT MAKE IT UP lol

  15. “Taunted him for ‘being white’.” The insults and the taunts are AGAINST God because it was God Who LOVINGLY created the child (and the entire white race), white.

    Will the insults against God never stop?

  16. If a Muslim had made the same complaint as this little boy did, against non-Muslims, the police, politicians, social agencies, Muslim organizations, many other organizations and the media would have immediately made an uproar. Muslims would have held angry, possibly very violent street demos. Lawyers would have been suing.

    But it was a non-Muslim child. No one cares about non-Muslim children. School authorities were ruthless in REFUSING to protect the child. Non-Muslims are treated with contempt and regarded as having NO human rights just like it is in Muslim countries.

  17. I hold ruling elites who have deliberately colonized Britain with millions of Muslims (in an international law-breaking population exchange), as responsible for the death of this child and responsible for EVERY crime and murder committed by Muslim infidel-haters against the British people—-the Koran and mosques command Muslims to wage jihad against intensely hated non-Muslims and conquer all nations.

    In Britain, 50% of Muslim males and 75% of Muslim women don’t work and are given FREE houses, money, food and healthcare.

    Hated British infidels are FORCED to financially provide for MASSIVE numbers of Muslims including Muslim males and their harems of multiple wives and HUGE numbers of children. It is a form of slavery and a dreadful financial burden that is DESTROYING Britain’s economy and unless stopped now, will in the years to come utterly destroy freedom, safety and human rights for Britain’s despised non-Muslims.

  18. I just wish the parents of this sweet little boy had taken him OUT of the school when it became obvious that the dhimmi teacher & principal were NOT going to do anything to rectify the situation – not that they COULD do anything. The entire kafir community lives in fear & dread of these mudslime pakis!

  19. My first suspicion is murder, not suicide. Kids that age don’t commit suicide and certainly not by hanging. There is something very fishy about this story. Hopefully it will be thoroughly investigated.

    • I agree. There is something fishy. I don’t think it is suicide either. Children at that age would not hang themselves.

    • this boy was taunted beyond belief and probably left without a support system that really understood what he was going through. Murder or suicide; either way this child became a victim of racial discrimination that breeds hatred. My prayers go to Aaron’s family.The school if it condoned or ignored the constant taunting should be charged with endangering a minor. My heart pains for this boy and his family. All those responsible for encouraging their children or teachers ignoring the signs of imminent danger are indeed culpable for the tragedy. Rest in peace little Aaron for it’s in God’s hands that you rest now!

    • Yeah, I have to say that was my first thought “What? A boy that young committing suicide? Something smells..”

      Since Muslims are involved I wouldn’t hold my breath over it being thoroughly investigated..

  20. My heavens, how tragic. That poor child, his family… it just makes me so angry, especially since the bloody dhimmi’s stuck their hands up their rears and twiddled their thumbs. I hope this family sues everyone involved into a stinking, pork filled hole! God bless that little one.

    • Sorry, you CAN’T say that in any country paralyzed by leftard mores.

      Only whites can be racist. Ask Eric Holder about ‘his’ people.

      • Sad, but true, Huck. I’m British and proud of it. But I’m NOT proud of the paralysed Marxist/islamist ‘elite’ which are our current politicians.
        A day will come when we will rise, then we’ll make the buggers eyes water, (pink Floyd)

  21. Cute little kid. So tragic, but MOZ BOYS are raised to be VICIOUS BULLIES because bullying and terrorism is normative Islam: Koran 48.29 “Mohammed is the messenger of Allah, those with him ARE VIOLENT to the kafirs, but MERCIFUL between one another.”

    Moslems are supposed to TERRORIZE the NEAR ENEMY. They have no choice but to behave badly or they cease being Moslems and become HYPOCRITES who should be punished by practicing, inbred jihadists.

    Islam is a shark tank. Eat or get eaten.

  22. I commented on theSun site that there were no Chinese, Indian or Tibetan people involved, just Muslims. They, of course, redacted and took down my post. I told them to grow a set of balls…

    • Home page of the school website:

      “The teachers, support staff and Governors of Erdington Hall are deeply saddened BY THE NEWS [Not the death.] that one of our pupils, Aaron, DIED [Was racially bullied to suicide.] on Tuesday this week. Our thoughts and prayers are with [Us and our reputation.] Aaron’s family at this difficult time.

      We have spoken to all of our junior children today and shared this tragic news with them.

      We have explained to the children that there are some things that they can do at this time if they feel upset:

      – Tell people what helps me feel better and keeps me feeling safe. [EDL]

      – Ask for support and help whenever I need it. [Fat lot of good that did!]

      – Ask questions about WHAT HAPPENED even if [moslem] people get upset about it. I need the facts to help me understand, and talking about it will help. [Talk about moslems!]

      – Tell an adult if I feel helpless and hopeless about the future. They can talk to me about what might help. [Send the ‘Asians back to Pakistan!]

      – Ask for whatever extra help I may need in school. Talk to my teachers about my hopes for the future.

      – Laugh and have fun without feeling guilty or bad about it. This does not mean I am ‘over it’, have ‘forgotten’ or ‘couldn’t care’.

      M. Collin


      Ryland Road
      West Midlands
      B24 8JJ

      Ph. 0121 464 3122 Fax: 0121 464 2978
      Practically ALL the teachers have “English” sounding names, except one: Miss N Ayub, a Year 4 Teaching Assistant, which one FB page (same person?) shows as a moslem. So, what were all those teachers doing during that time?

      See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil?

      “The school…[Ofsted Number: 103251]received an ‘inadequate’ rating by Ofsted inspectors last year.

      This is the same school district which raised Adil Rashid, the moslem pedophile ‘lollipop’ rapist, who was let off scot free by dhimmi ‘judge’ Michael Stokes.

      So what’s Ofsted doing about any of this? Nothing I guess, since it’s only British Civilians being targetted and hurt.

      [Mother] “I went to see head Martin Collin a few times, but he only said, ‘You didn’t have to come to this school, you chose to come here’.”

      THAT is a TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE ANSWER. Comments, Ofsted?

      I hope she has the dates noted!

      “West Midlands Police are investigating the causes of Aaron’s death.”

      Yeah. Workplace violence. Certainly not a hate crime, like leaving a pig’s head outside a ‘mosque’, which got 3 months in jail. I bet NO ONE is punished in any way for this atrocity.

      The Daily Mail is full of uncomplimentary articles on Ofsted:

      This one in particular should interest BNI, if not already covered:

      The British Muslim schools where EVERY pupil is forced to to wear the veil – and Ofsted inspectors have approved them
      By LAURA CLARK All By This Author – 04/10/2010 08:36:56

      At least three Muslim faith schools are forcing girls as young as 11 to wear face-covering veils with the blessing of Ofsted inspectors, it emerged yesterday.

      A spokesman for Erdington Hall, labelled unsatisfactory by Ofsted, said Aaron had “settled in quickly”. West Midlands Police are investigating the causes of Aaron’s death.

    • Those bullies should be in jail forget the key I know a lot of racist jokes that make Asians cry. I hope Aaron has a better life in heaven this is the saddest story I have heard of. Where I live in if somebody bullies another and they commit suicide the bully gets put into jail for murder because it’s just like them killing the victim. Some asians are people who think they can get away doing stuff like that. Well then I’ll be going back to what I was doing this helps with something to keep me in a sad mood I like listening to sad music and reading sad stuff I hope god gives Aaron a better afterlife than the earthly life he had.

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