UK hospital beds blocked to British citizens because they are being filled by illegal Muslim crimmigrants

Criminal illegal (mostly Muslim) immigrants, including killers, are blocking British mental hospital beds because laws prevent them being released into the community or deported, the Appeal Court has heard.


 UK Telegraph (NoMuslimaSlave) Dr Mark Swinton, a leading forensic psychiatrist, said illegal immigrants like Imtiaz Ahmed, a patient with schizophrenia who strangled his landlady six years ago, could block hospital beds indefinitely. It has “proved very difficult” to discharge mentally ill patients who were not entitled to be in the UK, he warned, as they were not legally entitled to any post-release support in the community.

Dr Swinton, who has worked on high-profile cases including that of Cumbrian gunman Derrick Bird, urged the Appeal Court judges to make an order which would see Ahmed returned to prison – from where he could be deported – once his mental illness has been effectively treated. But the three judges ruled they could not allow flaws in the system to influence their decision and ordered his release to be decided by medical professionals.


Lord Justice Elias said he accepted Dr Swinton’s comments regarding the difficulties around Ahmed’s discharge, which could see him remain in a hospital bed and may be “damaging to the appellant and to the wider public”. He added: “If Dr Swinton is right about this – and we have no reason to suppose he is not – it is indeed a most unhappy state of affairs and the authorities must look at it speedily. “But we cannot allow it to play a part in deciding the proper disposal in this case.”

The court heard Ahmed, now 25, was lodging with Ms Hullah and her partner at their home in Galsworthy Avenue, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, when he killed her in front of her 15-month-old son in December 2006. He had been allowed to stay at his victim’s house as an act of kindness because her partner, Muhammed Farhan Akhter, was asked to look after him by relatives in Pakistan.

However, Ahmed was so ill that he was found unfit to enter a plea and it was not until July 2011 that he admitted manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility. He was handed imprisonment for public protection and ordered to serve at least five years and three months behind bars, although that minimum term was later cut to three years and three months on appeal.


The court heard medical experts were of the view he was suffering from paranoid schizophrenia at the time of the killing and therefore his responsibility was significantly diminished. By the time he was finally jailed in 2011, he had already served 15 months in custody on remand and three-and-a-half years in a secure hospital.

The Appeal Court overturned Ahmed’s indefinite jail term and replaced it with a hospital order so that his release date will be fixed by clinicians rather than the Parole Board. Sitting with Mr Justice Field and Judge Paul Batty QC, Lord Justice Elias went on: “We think that, in light of the circumstances, we do not feel it appropriate to impose a prison sentence as a form of punishment.

“Even less would it be appropriate to impose imprisonment for public protection, when it seems to us that, given the incident was caused by his mental disorder, there is no justification for detaining him once the medical authorities determine he can be released.

“This is a decision which, in our view, should be left to the medical authorities, rather than the Parole Board.” A Ministry of Justice spokesman said: “We work closely with health professionals and the UK Border Agency to secure the removal of dangerous foreign national offenders who have mental disorders. “Where removal is not currently an option, we hold them securely to ensure the public are protected.


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  2. I expect that to soon start taking place her in the US. Obamacare will let Illegals get free medical care while the rest of us citizens are paying for those bastards. Obamacare was supposed to take care of those who didn’t have coverage. But now Millions of workers are being dumped off their companies coverage while Illegals will continue to get everything free. Did you see where Eric the Red holder wants to deport a German Family here illegally who only came here so they could home educate their children. Holder said thats not a right. But its ok for Millions of illegals living here to stay and leach off the taxpayers money. But the the Germans are white? Get it? Whites get screwed while dark skinned get a pass.

  3. Let us look around. People who have inhabited and fostered the land should not be turned away for those that come to dishonor and use a system that they eventually intend to destroy. Radical jihadists are coming in the back door,
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    • No,some people who live in the UK hate Israel,some don’t care one way or the other and people like me do care,don’t make assumptions please Annie.

      If you go on Huffington Post UK you will see how the leftwing are getting the shit kicked out of them in comments concerning Israel,Jews and Muslims…we have had enough!

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    Churchill must be rolling in his grave at the naiive, imbecilic cowardice of most of the Western world’s so-called “leaders, and the cultural suicide they seem to favour.

    • P. You are right about Churchill. He warned England about the nazi threat and he warned England, over 60 years ago, in speeches about the dangers of the muslim immigration if it was allowed unchecked. Churchill saw the dangers of this savage and inbred cult years before anybody even thought about the dangers of islam.

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  6. England will have to develop and enforce some new laws based on expedited deportation of all illegals and deportation of all criminals and their families. Cousin marriages must be outlawed along with multi marriages and so on. This is a war for the survival of England and England is in more danger of being defeated by a hostile group than they ever were by the nazis in WW 1 and WW 2.

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