Did you know that the Paedophile Prophet Mohammed allowed babies to pee on him?

I guess that’s only fair, considering all the diddling Mo was known to do with little children.


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  1. This is good to know.

    Nothing frustrates Muslims more than being confronted with the embarassing side of their religion which they wouldn’t ever take part in.

    • The problem is that they’re NOT embarrassed. They consider these perversions as being normal, which tells any normal person all they need to know about how evil Islam is.

  2. Here are the Hadith citations which support this cleric’s claim.

    Sunan Abu Dawud 1:375, Sahih Muslim 2:565 are the references which cite the particular incident the cleric is talking about. So this is not just this guy’s interpretations, this is based on Islamic scripture.

    If you look up “urine” and “Islam” by doing a google or other search engine search, you will find that Islam has some rather strange notions about urine and especially urine as it pertains to different genders, for example, the urine of an unweaned baby boy is pure whereas the urine of a baby girl is dirty.

    Here is a link to a video about this subject.

    • Thanks. Just as one thinks it pretty well knows what is prescribed for urine, something else pops up. I didn’t know some animal feces are hallal !

  3. Moe the Mohammadian Child Molestor, (likes piss upon him) also liked to suck the tongues of small children, if I recall correctly. Moe, Pedophile Prophet of Piss and Pisslam. One sick, disgusting dude.

  4. Between the incest,pedophilia & pissonmohammed,
    Explains why they cant wait for paradise and 70 virgins.
    Actually old adolph like urine and feces on his face.
    Hopefully both mo and adolph are swimming in shitBetween the incest,pedophilia & pissonmohammed,
    Explains why they cant wait for paradise and 70 virgins.
    Actually old adolph like urine and feces on his face.
    Hopefully both mo and adolph are swimming in shitf for eternity.
    Maybe all that halal butchered meat has made these slimy muzzlimes impervious to any form of sanity.death to them all!

  5. What is so amazing about this stuff is that Muslims aren’t even the least bit embarrassed by the bizarre antics of their prophet, at least not in front of each other. Don’t these people, even on some subconscious level, think this stuff is, as Penn Jillette puts it, “bug nutty, bat shit crazy?” They only seem to be embarrassed when Westerners and non Muslims make fun of these crazy pronouncements and antics from their prophet. Otherwise they seem to think this stuff is utterly normal. That imam is actually talking about this stuff as if this is the normal everyday thing to do. He really doesn’t think this stuff is utterly crazy.

    How about some of the wacky fatwas that come out of the Islamic world. And Muslims really expect everyone to take them seriously, when the fatwas are so utterly insane? These Muslims talk a lot about modesty, but they sure aren’t modest when it comes to talking about all this crazy shit.

  6. Dear BNI:

    It is well known how this rapist-pedophile-murderer treated his child bride (married at age six and raped by age nine). moHAMmed also incestually raped and molested his two young grandsons. Pluse the sexual relations with his daughter-in-law and the common practice of first cousin marriage in islamist societies…. sick, sick, SICK.

  7. So, the Perv Prophet, the Original Muslim barf bag let little children piss on him! THAT DOES NOT demonstrate that he was “merciful”?! What a load of crap!! PISS BE UPON THEM ALL (maniacal muslim lowlifes that is)!!…Just further demonstration of the demented devilish Death Cult Pislam!!

  8. The muslims of islam are told that they can do everything that their pedophile leader did to be just like their sociopathic cult leader, mohamad. These followers of the cult of islam are sick, degenerates.

  9. Wasn’t it Hitler’s niece or cousin who he asked to have her pee on his face. These guys were like spiritual brothers separated only by time and distance.

  10. Mo raped the corpse of his cute aunt in her grave. He went out at night to talk to those he murdered. (Ghoulish.) He enjoyed raping captives with his uncontrolled gangsters. He dressed in women’s clothing at home. He enjoyed pedophilia and encouraged others to marry little girls. He allowed himself to have sex with any woman who came to his door. He forced his son to divorce his wife so Mo could have her, disowned the son, then sent the son into battle carrying the flag so he would be the first killed. Mo demanded women breastfeed grown males to make them their ‘sons’. He was a sick, sexually twisted sociopath.

    • Apparently, good ole’ Moe liked to play “Tinkle Time” with the tots, huh? That’s even sicker than his Medicinal Camel Piss.

    • If the babies ate a lot of beets, mo could have had pinkish red showers too.

      This video came up after yours. The always charming andy choudary having a good laugh on receiving jizya from the kafirs so he need not hold a real job.

    • How about Piss Be Unto Him?

      Lord of the UriNation.

      There are two Pees in prophet.

      “You poke me with that thing and I piss on you!”

      And how about ‘female pee is more contaminating than male’,
      that’s in hadith somewhere.

    • Interestingly, Hitler suffered from a similar disorder. He became sexually aroused by women urinating or defecating on him. Further investigation would probably point to a similar disorder in the Prophet. So it will likely turn out that Hitler and the Prophet were brothers in more ways than the mere desire to control and kill. The plot, so to speak, thickens. Note to self: determine whether Obama suffers from a similar affliction.

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