FLORIDA Drive By Shooting in Port Orange being investigated as a ‘hate crime’ because shooter might have mistaken the victim for a Muslim

images-1Every time a crime is committed against a Sikh, CAIR demands it be investigated as a ‘Muslim’ hate crime. So, I guess this means if you’re attacked as a Hindu or a Buddhist or a Jew, it’s not eligible for a hate crime status either, ONLY if the victim is a Muslim…or thought to be. I see.

News Journal (Likely summoned by CAIR as they put out a Press Release on this story), The U.S. Department of Justice and police are investigating the shooting of a Port Orange man driving over the Dunlawton Bridge as a hate crime.


The victim, 46-year-old Kanwaljit Singh, was driving with his son and wearing a head turban when he was shot at six times by people in a black truck. Two of the bullets struck Singh, who family members say was in the intensive care unit Monday at Halifax Health Medical Center in Daytona Beach.

freak_sikhThe turban is one of the precepts of his Sikh religion, said Navtej S. Khalsa, regional director of the southeast chapter of the national Sikh American Legal Defense and Education Fund. Khalsa said his organization believes the attack on Saturday night just after 11 p.m. was a hate crime because the shooters probably thought Singh — an American citizen of Indian descent — is a Muslim from the Middle East. “Since Sept. 11, Sikhs have often been the targets of hate crimes (intended for Muslims) because of their visible outward appearance, primarily the wearing of the turban,” Khalsa said. “In the past three years, hate crimes against Sikhs have risen across the country.

“Although no clear motive has been established initial indications are this shooting was not a random act,” said Wayne Miller, Port Orange’s assistant chief of police. “There was no previous confrontation between occupants of either vehicle.”

This FBI has been briefed on the case and will make resources available during the investigation, Miller said.