Gotta love the Danes! Worldwide Muslim outrage over the Danish Mohammed cartoons won’t deter them

A comic strip printed in the Danish daily national newspaper Politiken featured a mixture of two Danish specialities: Bacon and critical drawings ridiculing Islam and its fanatical followers. 

The caption reads: “Danish Crown tries to attract Muslim costumers. ‘A burqa made of bacon! What do you say?'”



h/t Islam vs Europe


20 comments on “Gotta love the Danes! Worldwide Muslim outrage over the Danish Mohammed cartoons won’t deter them

  1. If they were not inbred retards, the constant head bangings would have done the trick. Nothing says duh more than a brain contusion in the area where rational thought happens. Explains the lack of Muslim Nobel prizes.

  2. Maybe this is the only way to make them understand that, in the west a bit of riddicule forms a great part of our sense of humour,now we just need to show them what humour actually is !! – give em more of the same.

    • Wait it’s not that they need to be “shown” anything, they lack the brains to understand humour. Generations of inbreeding, drugs(under denial), pedophilia, and being sociopaths lead to some fucked up people. They can’t understand our humour, because it’s free and happy. Anything that doesn’t seem like slavery is not okay with them. They use the religion as an excuse but in reality it’s their fucked sociopath genetics that make them want to enslave everyone. Terrorist/Islam/Muslims/East-indians SUCK

  3. BNI another important thing is to come up with a comprehensive “people’s plan” to defeat this disease. I am sick of seeing this disease infect my beautiful country inch by inch. What hurts me more is the sight of vote whoring politicians and left wing imbeciles promoting this disease.

    I know that there are billions of people like me around the world, from different countries, cultures, faiths and backgrounds. In the name of humanity we should unite and do whatever we can no matter how small it may seem to be to send this disease to the dustbin of history like Nazism and Communism.

    Enough is enough!

  4. Now that is great!!!!!!!!!!

    Well done Denmark! I will certainly buy Danish (as long as it doesn’t have the Halal blemish on it!).

    BNI if you have the opportunity can you please write an article on the Sri Lankan anti Halal campaign? It seems to be the most successful campaign so far.

    We need the momentum going and similar aggressive campaigns in Britain, Australia, South Africa and mainland Europe.

    The Halal tax is a major source if income (besides petrodollars) for them. We should cut it off to stop the disease from spreading.

  5. Nothing survives being laughed at. Once people are laughing at the Moslems worldwide, they will lose all credibility and their force will be spent. That time is approaching. Inbred morons.

      • Oh yeah they like to marry their Cousins! Forgot about that, well that certainly explains a lot. Still doesn’t explain enough, because they still have no right to act the way they do. But i guess they stem from generations of pedophiles, sociopaths, and inbreeders and that’s bound to make the majority of them tools. And we’re being forced to integrate with those Durka cunts! I say NO FUCKING THANK YOU!!!

    • I miss when they were openly viewed as the Terrorists that they are! I don’t know if anyone remembers the DURKA DURKA DURKA jokes LOL what happened to that!? We are all SO oppressed that dare we utter a single word disagreeing with the terrorists we’ll get some terrorist hired liberal throwing a rage fest, shaming us, that whole fascist thing is SO islam. Durka Durka, bringing terrorism to the Western/European World from dawn of of time. Durka. .. DURKA LOL they are just such tools.

  6. Absolutely FANTASTIC!!!! I could wish to enjoy a little bit of that edible-burqa!!! Also, the more these muzturds get angered and enraged, foaming at the mouth and their heart-rates soaring, the better!!!!

    [What a joy it would be if they’d all get so angry as to collapse dead on the spot from strokes and/or heart attacks…]

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