New York-based Muslim extremist group demands court halt publication of book that exposes terrorist-training camps in upstate New York

9780985026707-e1361822344497The Muslims of America based in Hancock, Delaware County, is suing Martin Mawyer and his Christian Action Network for $3 million in federal court in Syracuse, seeking to halt the continued publication of his book, ‘Twilight in America’ – the Untold Story of Islamic Training Camps in America.” (h/t Andrea K) The book takes aim at Muslims of America with false claims that have put the group’s members in fear of violent attacks from Mawyer’s followers, the lawsuit said. The co-author of the book, Patti Pierucci, is also named as a defendant.


The Christian Action Network isn’t the only organization that has been critical of Muslims of America. The Anti-Defamation League has called the group “a virulently anti-Semitic, Islamic extremist group with ties to Jamaat Al-Fuqra, a terrorist organization that has carried out firebombings and murders in the United States.”


Muslims of America owns 60 acres in Hancock that the group bought “for the purpose of providing safe houses for American Muslims to raise families while establishing a peaceful community free from harmful elements such as those occurring in the inner cities in the 1980s,” the lawsuit said.


In addition to the book, the lawsuit cites these harassing actions by Mawyer and his organization based in Lynchburg, Va.:

— In 2006, he had 2,500 leaflets dropped from a low-flying plane over a property owned by Muslims of America, protesting the naming of the private road leading onto the property.

— Last November, Mawyer posted the address of Muslims of America in Hancock and encouraged people to go there and commit acts of violence and vigilantism, the lawsuit said.


A lawyer for Muslims of America, Tahirah Clark, could not be reached for comment. Mawyer also did not return a phone call seeking his response to the lawsuit.

Mawyer has appeared on NBC’s Today Show, Fox TV’s O’Reilly Factor and Larry King Live, where “he continues to spread various sensational, erroneous theories and presents them as fact,” the suit said.


In addition to trying to stop the continued publication of Mawyer’s book, Muslims of America wants a judge to issue a gag him on him and his organization, and to order him to retract his previous statements.










41 comments on “New York-based Muslim extremist group demands court halt publication of book that exposes terrorist-training camps in upstate New York

  1. We’ve been fighting them here so we don’t have to fight them here. But now they’re here, as “jihadi training camps,” or some kind of military training camps, which means what it sounds like. Of course, anyone can train to have military skills and wear camouflage, but if any USAmerican citizens do that, the eyebrows go up and you get on a list. But if they are just arrived Muslim extremists who have enough oil money to buy huge tracts of land… What are we, stupid?

    So… do we fight them here so we don’t have to fight them there? Or what. It seems quite likely that now that they are here… They’re probably planning and training to fight us here so that they don’t have to fight us there. For extremist Muslims, virtually anyone and everyone is a target, it’s open season on everything that moves, even other Muslims, so… Okay so why is it that these people are allowed to do what they do? Setting up military jihadi training camps all over the USA on huge areas of land that they have purchased with our Trillions of Petrodollars, should be viewed as an Act of War, not “just their way of doing things,” along with the constant terror beheadings and mutilations.

    Since when was it open season in USAmerica to have our people places and things destroyed? All the guns they are training with… those are all fully permitted, and registered, I assume. I can see it now, a brand-new illegal immigrant Muslim goes into a gun shop…. Or are all the weapons purchased by Muslims who have lived inside the USA for decades or longer, or purchased by those who support them and “aid and abet” them?

    Oh by the way, since when did it become okay for sworn enemies of the USA to set up their own “hamlet” within a USAmerican town? It is NOT OKAY. If these people were simply a nice little Muslim community where antidemocratic, fascist Sharia Law was instituted, it would be horrible and illegal enough. But with the added military training camp aspect, the State of New York needs to go in there with SWAT and sort those people out.

    Do not allow any communities to be set up based on Shariah Law. That is absolutely insane and unconstitutional.

    Do not allow any communities to be set up where “military training camps,” designed and intended to train enemies to destroy the United States of America, are part of their “hamlet.” That’s totally insane, and totally unconstitutional. USAmerican citizens do have a right to train themselves for self defense, but it is certainly an entirely different story when the community and the military training camp is set up to destroy all USAmericans. That’s not permitted, and should be dismantled immediately. Military jihadis have as their primary goal to destroy the entire USA and all of its people except any Muslim believers who may be accepted as part of their perverted “holy war.” So regardless of how convoluted the logic, no “military jihadi” training camp for training newly arrived Muslim Islamofascists will be allowed to operate in the USA. To allow such organizations and activities by Islamofascists would be insane, anti American, illogical in the extreme, and suicidal for our rights and privileges as USAmerican citizens. Such training camps need to be dismantled immediately. If they are not dismantled immediately by Federal and State action, the Federal and State government agencies should be sued immediately for dereliction of duty.

    Allowing Islamberg in Hancock NY is literally the same as if we had, during WWII, allowed card-carrying Nazis to immigrate to the USA directly from Nazi Germany, not even as so-called “refugees,” but directly as legally allowed immigrants, or, as we do today, as “legal immigrants or illegal immigrants,” all of whom are allowed to “vote early and vote often,” without any identification in many areas of this screwy country that we love, and then, set up Nazi military training camps, then bring a lawsuit against anyone who writes a book about the entire bizarre situation, and have various powerful groups and attorneys arguing their case in court.

    During WWII what we did, in fact, was to greatly restrict and control immigration, whether by land, sea, or air, and we were able to catch some Nazis who had been brought into Maine as infiltrators, and they didn’t end well.

    Islamofascism is not just another nice little religion. Islamofascism is Fascism. Thanx to BNI for doing such great work to keep us on topic and focused.

  2. We have the will. We have the components. We have the right. What’s delaying the patriot brigades from cleansing this cancer from American soil?

  3. Why would people fight against their own country I believe all of them are American and I live some miles from them and they are nothing pf the sort if they were to rise up against their country where would they go? This is all false propaganda and all that bullshit fox news has spewing from their mouths on a consistent basis… could you believe this? That man Martin Mawyer and his associates are not even Christian so what are they doing at the Helm of Christian Action Network? I’m an American and I know a crook when I see them and they aren’t crooks I just wish people would be so ready to believe the lies Fox news spreads when they have a history of Lying and Lying Nd Lying. Wake up and find out about them yourself…..uell that’s what I had to do and now I have a different view on them alltogether. They are American and should be treated as such… guy said I see them dressing like they’re from Afghanistan……well what about the Jews in brookly and elsewhere they literally have there own country within ours
    They speak a different language and have their own way of life…..wake up its a free country…let them practice like we let the Amish and the Jews practice their ways. They are good people and I am confident that they will never act against this wonderful country

    • Dr. S, nice try but we’ve see your kind many times before – a muslim pretending to be an American – trashing anyone who exposes the truth about Islam. Be sure to check back in a day or so when I update this story with even more video evidence of the terror training camps all around the country. Don’t hide that you are a Muslim, you couldn’t be anything else, never missing an opportunity to trash Jews. In fact, I have a feeling you are part of this terrorist group called The muslims of Americas.

      As for the Orthodox Jews and the Amish, they live in their own secluded areas and and never try to push their beliefs on the rest of us, demanding special accommodations in schools and businesses for their religious needs. And I’ve never seen a Jew or an Amish fly planes into buildings, try to blow up Times Square or a bridge in NYC or honor kill their daughters. There have been over 20,000 documented deadly Islamic terror attacks since 9/11, with no end in site. Your kind need to removed from the civilized world, you contribute nothing but garbage to society.

    • As much as i agree with you that we shouldn’t be hating the religion as a whole, (which i believe is what you’re saying, idk, I’m a bit intoxicated right now so i could be completely getting the wrong message here lol, and if so I’m so sorry for even commenting lol, my bad ) but i know that, for a fact 99% of them are taught that to go to heaven, they must fight against the west, i understand them, I’m one of the few people I’ve ever met that decided to pick up the bible and at the same time, i picked up the Koran, and i wanted to see what the differences were, why would these people hate us so much, i asked myself, and then i realized, that there religion is the exact same as a follower of Christ, they worship the same god, follow the same prophets and everything, this made me understand and even more, i was able to sympathize with them, but the fact remains that they are being taught by corrupt anti west leaders, and why would they attack there own country you ask? idk, why were the London train bombings be carried out by British nationalist, they weren’t in any way foreign to Great Britain, there parents were British born and raised and there parents parents for several generations they were British born and raised, but when the call came out from the Islamic leaders in the middle east to have someone attack London, they were more than willing to jump up and blow themselves up and commit the second largest terrorist attack in history, second only to 9/11, but in the religion that’s being taught now a days, it doesn’t matter what flag you pledge your allegiance to every day in school, when you go home that night and you are being taught by your father that your nationality doesn’t mean jack shit when it comes to whether or not you should choose between your religion, or your nation, for them the nation will always lose, its just the truth of the matter,, it doesn’t matter if you were born and raised in a country that you love and honor your nations history and culture in a religious sense these aren’t a bunch of random terrorist attacks in the religious eyes these are just attacks on different fronts of the 2000 year long war, something that the west is in denile about lol, which is just being stupid, idk why but they are taught that this is the only way to get a direct ticket into heaven, that to stay out of hell they must kill a few more infidels in the name of Allah, its crazy, and i understand where you are coming from, believe me, i do, i think all of this is propaganda against a loving and misunderstood religion, but i also know that its a fact that they (with the exception of a few different Islamic sects) are a religion that’s being led by corrupt leaders, if we were to kill off all the leaders, (the hateful anti everything except for there wonderful little dirty sand box of a region in the world) and if we were to instate the leaders that we saw as being true, loving, tolerable followers of Islam than maybe we could change the religion itself back to what it was when it was first formed, idk, like i said, or i mean to say, is, unless we lived in that culture, with the people and had the leaders they have, than we as “free” people will never know what its like to be them, unless we walk in there shoes, we must fight there senseless war, and fight against the people who say and teach that its alright to kill yourself, as long as you take out a few of the people whose only crime that they have committed are not choosing to follow your god or fly under a different flag, o well, I’m a firm believer in the idea of hoping for the best while preparing for the worst, so i can hope that if we were to leave these Islamic terrorist sleeper cells and training camps alone that we would never be touched, But we had better be well prepared to kill every single man, women, and child that threatens our people and our way of life. So again ill say that yes, i agree with you that this is just a nasty propaganda that’s been written by a bias anti Islamic author, but i will say this, would you rather they take away these groups means off causing unrest in our nations, by taking away there rights, or maybe just there resources, or anything else, and have been wrong about them, or would you rather we leave them alone, and in the first chance they get, they commit another 9/11 sized attack? i will never condone the actions of an unjust, and possibly corrupt government, but i will also never condone the actions of a religion led by corrupt, and unjust leaders. id rather be able to sleep at night knowing that a religion and the people that are followers of it, are not being allowed to commit there acts of terrorism in my own country, and just get away with it, so before i go ahead and send this in to be an official response to your initial comment, i will say just one last thing, i may be in complete agreement for nearly everything you’ve said, but in this, and i promise that i do not say this lightly, you are dead wrong about this man, dead wrong p.s. i also agree with your notain that these people that are all commenting on this article are all just ignorant fools that are sad excuses for Americans, while they are worrying about these possible domestic terrorist, our own leaders are being allowed to stomp all over our constitutional rights lol, so Im not to sure if its very smart of us to fight against these possible domestic terrorist, when a new revolutionary war breaks out in the next few years or so, we might need there help lol, jk jk

        • The Koran is more than just a ‘little’ different from the Bible… the Bible contains the Ten Commandments and not one of the has anything to do with the killing of another human being — in fact, it is forbidden. The Koran, and like the post above, I have read what parts of the Koran, says explicitly to kill or behead Christians and Jews…. and if the followers of Islam have a majority, that is what their religion says to do… either kill or enslave all non-believers. Now how is that the same as the Bible and how can the two co-exist? By the way – if you are not a Muslim, you cannot believe anything they say — it is also in their religion to do whatever is required to convert or kill all non-believers… and lying is encouraged as a way to do that!

      • When the f#ck are ‘we’ going to get our heads out of our bungholes and listen to what these scumbags are telling us? The don’t really keep it a secret. They plan on taking our country over. If not now, in a hundred years by having 3 wives with 5 kids each, and eventually just voting themselves in to power. We’ve already given them Dearborn-istan michigan. Muzzy brohood stealth jihad is alive and well, and in the effing white house, in ‘homeland security’, morons like Cris Christy appoint them to judgeships! What the F? A muslim should be treated like a non-moozy in any moozlham country. No positions of power over any Infidels, at work, government, schools, university etc.

        They tell us their plans to kill or convert and take this country down. And we willfully ignore what evil in store for maybe our generation, definetly our kids and grandkids will have to fight for their lives. All because we are a bunch of PC pussies.

        When Political-Correctness is a one-way street, its cultural suicide. I’d love to hear of just one time, where it is the moozlHams making accommodations when dealing with anyone else, about anything…Its always demands for halal, prayers at work, building megamosks in quiet neighborhoods etc. Name one time of moozlhams making accommodations for anyone else, in any meaningful way….It’s always a one-way deal.

    • @sam d. harrison- Wow. You are either very, very, stupid. Or you are one of the moozlHam insects that we need to eradicate, oncer and for all. You have no place in our world. All moozlim ‘nests’ across the globe should be hit with some fissionable bug spray. Then go in and get any of you piss-ants left…we can put a bounty on every male over certain age. Any surviving moozys old enough to remember anything…sorry. Its a bullet then into the nearest land-fill for you. We don’t need any of you scum coming around in 15-20 yrs for revenge. No more mosks anywhere. And we will take any Oil reserves we choose. It’d still be in the ground but for US and the British. No more petro-dollars buying off our presidents, funding anything-anything in our country. No donations to izlamik or arabic studies anywhere. No sharia allowed anywhere on this Earth. I’m afraid its gonna take one of you limp-dicked retards sneaking something heavy-duty up across our open borders, and take out a major target, to get people to wake-up. If a person is not all for ridding this country of izlam after the ‘big attack’…They’re traitors and should be dealt with accordingly. Blindfold, cig and 2 in the chest.

  4. One of the comforting thoughts is there are a lot of farmers and hunters in Central and Southern NY who are all armed. Very well armed.

    Meaning the Muslims are actually outnumbered and out gunned.

    Muslims don’t usually go picking fights they can’t have the upper hand.

  5. Hmm, you know with all the bashing of the 2nd amendment happening, I wonder if the freedom of religion should be the one to be abolished instead, that way there would be no more catering to other religions that promote violence

  6. Lets take strole around a bit of history here, shall we. Are any of you on this site aware, in N.Y. al-fuqra mosque, was the very mosque, (barracks to the soldiers of satan), where al-queda, got its start, the iman was murdered on the orders of the blind sheik, rotting away in fed prsion complex, Co. and had the blessing of bin-laden, the very mosque where all the defendents from the trial in the first attack on the trade complex took place. Where ramsey yousef trained others in the art of bomb making, had cells operating out of N.J., and got away later to only turn up again in the Philiphines, southern parts ( the very place tim mcveigh showed up for training of the amonia nitrate techniques, another area where the dems in control of the 9/11 commision refused to let out in the open) area to train other jihadist before returning and turning his attention back to the trade center complex for the second time, and was successful, 9-01-2001. Yeah the same mosques who have been for years training and financing terror attacks in America for almost three decades now. Yeah that one, al-fuqra strain of jihadist, operated by one of the unsavory characters of the brutha’s from their hood, islam under the leadership of one sheikh mubarak gilani who in fact oversees the entire muslim brotherhood military branch in America. Yeah guess what, that was dismissed in the 9/11 commission as well ( see Able Danger results of the findings), seems it got a littel to close to some individuals involved in the demonrat party establishments comfort, they had been recieving financing and favors for the votes for their campains, yeah just a little too close for comfort, and we wonder why it is the CAIR’s subversive magets are trying to stop those who have had their heads up their arses for far too long now and were not interested or wanting to know the involvement of the democratic party members, think ellison, and a couple of others.
    This is why three/four? years ago, one eric ” better red then dead” holder of his peoples fought to deny information and reasons to investigations the actios and involvement with CAIR, known as co-conspirators in the holy land foundation trials in Tx. he too didn’t want his involvement, under sec. of the justice dept. under janet reno, of the clinton adm. at the time of knowing about mcveigh’s involvement and training under ramsey yousef in the philiphines, to return and destroy so many lives, and the murrah bldg, turning it to right wing conspiracy involvement, it was nothing but a head-fake, look over here, a shiney object, pay no attention to the liar at hand, to cover for his bosses, reno, clinton. There are many books written about this subject, but,, please understand their involvement in this process of fundamental transformation, I believe their involvement, al fuqra, and their thousands of soldiers of satan will be directly involved with the plan to subvert our liberties, they will be used to create havoc, and none, at least the under educated among us, who be no wiser for it or their purpose in the scheme. Be aware, this book, Twilight In America, exposes the whole damned bunch of liars, up to and including, clinton, escaped fugitive of four murdered American personnal, and eric ” better red then dead” holder of his peoples, our current AG, how’s that for a feeling of being betrayed, by our very own, Remember Patriots, this is a warning shot designed to be a direct shot fired across our bowel of Liberty against all those involved in the fundamental transformation process. Don’t mistake this for bullsheet and one persons opinion, its goes far deeper and closer to home then the under educated and unconcerned want to believe, but it is our reality, like it or not.
    Semper Fi.

  7. Aaaayiiiiieeeeeee ! You American publishers are denying we muslims our natural state by telling the world of our terrorist ways. How can we be natural muslims if you relate all our uncivilized secrets and terrorist bomb making camps ? You will not us progress in the only way we know. You are evil and we will issue some kind of fat something against you and not allow you to ride our flying carpets.
    We will call down the wrath of our great “Poppet” and as soon as he is done sexually playing with children, you will recieve his full attention. He will issue his famous “Fleas of a Million Camels” cursse directed at your Starboard armpit and other parts of your bodies. Makes no difference how many of you there are. He has plenty of fleas. !

  8. Here we go again as the muslims once again are doing everything they can do to stop our freedom of speech. If they want to live in a 7th century time then they need to go back to one of the 57 muslim hell hole countries where they can live out their hatred of democracy and freedom of speech.

  9. I hope they do not succeed in stopping the book, I gave copies out for Christmas presents last year. I will never be without a copy of this very well written, informative book. Prayers to Martin and friends.

    • CAIR tried to stop Dave Gaubatz from selling Muslim Mafia too. I bought $500 worth when it first came out and gave eight of them to the local police department where we helped a young officer out when CAIR tried to sue him. Amazing how you can connect with people when the CAIR scum are doing what they do best.

      CAIR, bringing pissed off infidels together for 19 years now.

  10. Are “the authorites” busy keeping a close eye on Muslims of America?! HELL NO! The Obutthole Regime is MUCH too busy looking out for those crazy US military veterans and “right wing’ Islamophobe Christians” who generally despise him!!……Why are the muslime bastards even on American soil, much less operating their —-ing jihad training camps here?!!…..Oh, and just one more note; any judge who even agrees to hear this Arselifter lawsuit is NOT fit to be in a judicial position of any kind!!

  11. Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    Please sue this anti-America, FREEDOM-Destroyer, VIOLENT Muslim organization that seeks the overthrow of our country.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    The Muslim organization actively seeks to OBEY the commands given in the Koran and mosques to wage jihad against hated infidels.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  12. I am familiar with the area. The FBI should shut them down and ship ’em back to the ancestral hell-holes. I hope that there is no basis for suing. I am so glad that this material is coming out. The U.S.A. needs to WAKE UP big time!

      • TRY talking about THIS era in response to ur lack of ANYthing else to say in defense here…anyone that knows ANYTHING about this vile and barbraic group KNOWS that one of their most adamant and honorable religious beliefs is to LIE STRAIGHT IN THE FACE OF THE ENEMY (WHITE CHRISTIANS) in order to attain their sinister acts of terrorism…These lies in the statements from the MUSLIMS of AMERICA themself of this post are minimal in comparison to most lies that come from this kind of society.I have done endless hours of study on this topic…if they dont like it here GO BACK TO THE MIDDLE EAST AND SURVIVE THERE IN A “PEACEFUL” ENVIRONMENT FROM WHICH YOU CAME FROM!

    • HANNITY: Knowing the extremism that you’re talking about, that he [Sheikh Gilani] advocates here, and this is not in dispute, correct?

      MAWYER: No, it’s not in dispute.

      HANNITY: Then why would the United States government ALLOW these facilities to stay open?

      MAWYER: Well, we spent two and a half years investigating this group, and during that time we interviewed law enforcement about why these groups, why these facilities were allowed to exist in the United States.

      We got a host of reasons, but the No. 1 reason is they are PROTECTED BY THE U.S. CONSTITUTION, and they are PROTECTED BY STATE CONSTITUTIONS in the United States. Really, law enforcement’s hands are tied in trying to shut these groups down.

      Read more:,2933,494424,00.html##ixzz2Lxarz3GJ

    • That’s okay. We need to start demanding that these Islamic groups halt all their efforts and campaigns to compromise our government officials and leaders, halt all hate speech that is being presented in their mosques, halt all false propaganda that is distributed to their members and halt all their efforts to influence textbook publishers in allowing fabricated and biased lessons to be taught in our public schools, But i will not hold my breath in waiting for our Justice Department in prosecuting all other Islamic groups that are similar to the Holy Land Foundation. No, our Justice Department is more interested in prosecuting our military members who happen to kill any Muslims while engaged in a war against an enemy that uses human shields and is afraid to wear a uniform.

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