Somali Muslim ‘crimmigrant,’ Abdirahman Ajab, with a string of convictions, sues UK government for £50,000 because trying to deport him gave him ‘nightmares’

SNN2519ROBB---_1679636wA Somali Muslim repeat offender is suing the Government for £50,000, claiming their persistent attempts to deport him from Britain has left him unable to sleep and psychologically scarred. Abdirahman Ajab, who has a string of previous convictions, says his Islamophobic treatment has given him ‘mental problems’ and ‘nightmares’ so the Home Office ‘owes’ him.

144-Somali-asylum-seeker-with-string-of-convictions-sues UK Daily Mail The 30-year-old Somalian has been convicted of robbery and false imprisonment but still convinced a High Court judge to let him stay in the UK several years ago. He now says that being held at an immigration centre for eight months while the Government considered his case gave him mental health problems. He was later sent to prison after an armed robbery but still managed to block another deportation attempt and was handed a taxpayer-funded flat in Tower Hamlets, east London.

Ajab has been in Britain since 1996 when he arrived as a 13-year-old asylum seeker from east Africa. He has said that if he wins the £50,000 compensation case he would use it to buy land in Somalia, adding that he would like to go back home but the UK government is stopping him.

‘The Government have been doing me bad for years. It’s given me mental problems. It’s given me nightmares. They owe me man,’ he told The Sun. Speaking about his claim that he is being stopped from leaving Britain a source said: ‘He’s more than welcome to leave.’


Wake up America, we have the same problems here from the flood of Somali Muslim parasites that Obama has been importing to the tune of 80,000 per year.


The media tell us immigration “adds to America.” As if criminal Muslim Somalis ever contribute to this or any other country? Look at Sweden, where most Somali immigrants sponge off the taxpayer, give absolutely nothing back but violent crime and soaring rape incidents in the streets, pop out babies every year; then have the unmitigated gall to complain and protest they are not getting enough from the government. Somali Muslim gangs in the UK, EU, and US are being imported from Africa in vast numbers, all with ‘welfare benefits’ signs in their eyes. The chart below is from Denmark. The numbers are similar in all other Western countries.



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  1. I’m not trying to defend Obama, but it didn’t start with him letting them in I beleive it was towards the end of Papa Bush or when Clinton was president? I know they where brought into my state in huge numbers and it’s a nightmare.

  2. I’m still trying to process this Somali man’s absurd comments…does he want to stay or go? …trying to find something to add to the previous comments, but, seems that everything’s been covered…shocked by the arrogance and “victim mentality” displayed by the Somali man’s comments…”they owe me”, unbelievable arrogance… :(

  3. No doubt, the millions of Muslims brought in by TREASONOUS UK leaders to colonize and eventually rule Britain by sheer numbers alone, are very busy on their high priced lap-tops (paid for by infidel taxpayers). The DAILY messages they are obviously sending out:

    Come to Muslim paradise Britain! You will NEVER have to work again! 75% of all Muslim women don’t work and 50% of all Muslim men don’t work! Britain’s government will provide you with FREE money, houses, food, health care, lawyers, and whatever else you might need for the rest of your lives! ALL paid for by British infidels who are OUR slaves and are FORCED by Britain’s government to work for Muslims!

    Infidels have to obey laws. Muslims don’t have to! Marry four wives before you come! The British government will pay for your wives and GLADLY financially provide for each Muslim male’s 20-30 children and more! Some of us have so many children we can’t remember all of their names!

    If you have children with significant disabilities from first cousin marriages, don’t worry! The British government will provide high cost special schooling and special services for your disabled children!

    In the new Britanistan, British infidels have no rights! The infidels are FORCED to eat halal meat which is served in schools, restaurants and all places!

    Muslims are allowed to beat up the infidels and leave them almost dying and walk free from court! The Somali Muslim woman gang who beat the infidel woman almost to death walked free!

    Send out this message to EVERYONE you know!

    • The British government now exist for one reason: to please, satisfy, and OBEY every desire of the ummah – the global Islamic community.

      The British government bow low to the god of Islam.

  4. ” are we insane”, no but I would put wagers on the one involved, directly involved in placing terrorist in our midst, the one who flies surround because they can taste the death all over this mutt, some call him pResident. I call him traitor of this Republic, they have afterall almost doubled their presence in our Country since he’ been at the helm of hell to come.
    Semper Fi.

  5. Any ciilized person would have bad dreams if they thought they would have to spendthe rest of their life in a country where they wouldn’t even to wash their butt regularly except with their left hand and their little bottle of water. Where they would wear “open toed sandals and walk among feces from everything from humans to camels,to mice. And where all the meat was tortured to death and thoroughly fly tested for days before cooking.
    If Britain allows yu to sue because of stiuations like that, theyare just as “Bat Skat” crazy as your normal. lying, evryday muslim.

  6. This is further insanity as the Brits try to deal with the muslims in a humanistic way with out realizing that the sub human species has no concept or hope of being normal because they got that way from inbreding, following the coran as the cult of islam and wanting to be like their sociopathic mohamad leader.

  7. Wake Up hell still trying to get some sleep going on 5 years now been in the twilight zone so long am seeing obama at the foot of my bed he tries to crawl in and i will solve everyone’s problem

  8. The mental problems come from the DELUSIONAL belief that a pedophile pirate is a prophet, rather that a PSYCHOPATH!

    Moslems cannot be mentally well if they worship such a monster.

  9. Dear BNI:

    Typical that this islamist contradicts himself… and neither he, nor the British Government “catches on.” He is fighting his deportation and complains about this (while suing for money), yet at the same time whines that the British won’t let him go home.

    Whatever the British Government does… I can probably gaurantee that the average British citizen WANTS THIS PARASITE TO GO BACK TO SOMALIA. His selfish attitude is typical of muslim parasites. He wants this money (from British taxpayers who has been giving him free healthcare, food, clothing, shelter, education and spending money FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS)… to go and “BUY LAND IN SOMALIA.” So he wouldn’t even keep the money circulating in the UK.

    However, will the British Government go along with this ABSURD DEMAND OF A CRIMINAL TO BE PAID because of attempts to deport him?

    Well, look what happened in Denmark recently. During the Christmas season 2012… muslims denied ethnic Danish Christian a Christmas Tree in a Copenhagen neighborhood after spending loads of money on the animal torturing muslim holiday of Eid. Then in another part of Denmark… a Christian Church charity had huge numbers of ethnic Danes needing financial, food and “toy” assistance during Christmas. Apparently, the Danish economy BEING SUCKED DRY BY MUSLIM LEECHES has caused problems for the Danes (ie more Danes than ever needing help since their government is too busy helping muslim criminals).

    GUESS WHAT!!!! The Christian Charity was FLOODED with applications from muslims requesting all sorts of aid and freebies for Christmas. What did the STUPID ASS DHIMMI DANES DO? Even with muslims own Eid holiday being financially supported by Danish taxpayers… the church charity DENIES CHRISTIANS HELP AT CHRISTMAS…AND BANK ROLLS MUSLIMS DEMANDING FREEBIES FOR CHRISTMAS.

    So, if Christian Danes will deny Christians help at Christmas to give freebies to muslims who already sucked the system dry to get their Eid goodies… and if the Dhimmi Danes actually do this what do we expect the British to do.

    The Danes also took in Somali muslim immigrants whose homes in their 3rd world Somalia hellhole was what? Mud hut? Tin shack shared with goats? Tenement apartment only getting electricity a few hours a day?

    The Somalians then get nice homes and apartments upon arrival in Denmark (along with free everything else). Not content the muslims DEMAND BIGGER HOMES COMPLETE WITH PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT.

    If Danes behave this way- as does most of Europe in catering to every outrageous demand by muslims… I won’t be surprised if the British cave in to this demand by a Somalian criminal who wants loads of money for being a criminal.

    • Arjay, It is sick, disgusting and PERVERTED that the Christian Charity in Denmark that was supposed to help Christians, REJECTED the Christians, refusing to help the Christians in their need and instead used the money that was donated to HELP Christians and used the money to give lots of free stuff to infidel-hater Muslims who are already given EVERYTHING FREE!

      It is beyond sick. It is EVIL.

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