WASHINGTON STATE Sharia-compliant Justice Department to allow Muslim headbags in court and in jail

20110414_HolderCAIR-viThe Washington state chapter of Muslim Brotherhood front group CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) today welcomed a new policy in King County that permits women to wear Muslim religious headbags in all jails and courthouses.

CAIR Based on CAIR-WA’s recommendations, King County has adopted a new policy that also requires pat downs to be performed by an officer of the same gender.


In November 2011, CAIR-WA contacted King County about an incident in which a Muslim woman was forced to remove her headscarf during a one-night stay in jail and was forced to appear in court without it the following morning. Before being booked, the woman was also given a pat down by a male officer while a female officer was present. She described the experience as humiliating and degrading, a similar feeling to being forced to remove all articles of clothing except undergarments in the presence of men.



On January 11, 2013, the new policy was signed into effect by King County Director of the Department of Adult and Juvenile Detention, Claudia Balducci. King County is the first in Washington to adopt new policies that explicitly allow for religious headwear. As it is the largest county in Washington, the new policy will set an example for other counties in the state.



“We are pleased by the decision of King County to allow constitutionally-protected religious freedom in detention centers, jails, and courthouses” said CAIR-WA Civil Rights Coordinator Jennifer Gist. “We look forward to using this model policy to assist other counties and police departments in similarly amending policies on religious headscarves and pat downs.”



Gist said CAIR-WA is launching a new initiative to meet with various sheriffs and police chiefs statewide to discuss the model policy and to introduce key leaders from the Muslim community in their area.


CAIR offers an educational toolkit, called “A Correctional Institution’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices,” to help correctional officers gain a better understanding of Islam and Muslims.

SEE: A Correctional Institution’s Guide to Islamic Religious Practices


 CAIR also publishes a booklet that outlines general information about Islamic beliefs that are relevant to law enforcement agencies.

SEE: A Law Enforcement Official’s Guide to the Muslim Community



29 comments on “WASHINGTON STATE Sharia-compliant Justice Department to allow Muslim headbags in court and in jail

  1. Ya know middle eastern bitches?! Don’t come here and tell me what I have to tolerate. We give you the chance to escape from the horror that is your home country. That’s enough. It’s on you now. If you can’t hang with the concept of adaption into this way of life THEN DON’T LET THE DOOR HIT YOU. I’m done with you.

  2. Oh I’m so glad the 70’s are over. I’d be doing life. Put me on the street with this shit and I’ll be in frickin trouble.

    • And I have a “sign” for her AND those of her ilk!!……A nice high one-finger salute…..Which BTW, I have seen one of these creatures, sex not really known drive by wearing full burqa and give me and a group I was with in front of a mosque on 9/11/11, 10th Anniversary of 9/11……”Religion of Peace?!!…..Yeah HORSE CRAP!!

  3. Insanity is spreading like wildfire in Washington – both the state and congress! Our “political correctness” is so out of hand! Heaven forbid they should afford Christians and Jews the same rights and freedoms. Disappointment doesn’t even begin to express how it makes me feel. My heart cries for my country….we are so far from the vision our founding fathers had for us. They should all be spinning in their graves.

  4. Hey what a great idea, not. How bout We The Patriots start clothing ourselves in the 1776 atire, think someone might get the impression history is about to repeat itself. I do and think it might gain some traction, its just one way of distinguishing ourselves from the mob, that can only be a good thing, it might however piss them off, but hey who cares, obviously they have no care of our laws and the fact that this pisses us off, now does it?

  5. This is outrageous ! The whole American GOVERMENT is infested with Muslims , this is going to end up badly unless the Monsters in the White House get kicked out , sharia law in America is alive and well , I feel like this is a bad dream , it’s insane and people are silent . Americans are letting it happen , why aren’t they marching outside the White House with banners that call for Muslim dictator Obama to leave the office . I feel sick to my stomach , Americans are sheeple and cowards for letting things like this happen . What’s next ? Banning Christianity ? It wouldn’t surprise me .

    • Yes, bannning Christianity is already in progress. It has been since 1947 when sep of ch and state was enacted. In 63 even more so bannig prayer in school, and it continues incrementally to separate all churches from all states. We will prevail.

  6. I was under the impression that going to jail was supposed to be a punishment, and that, for the length of your sojourn, you lost your rights – for example the right to carry a gun, the right of free movement etc.
    Why then should one retain the right to cover their face or stick their bums in the air 5 times a day?

  7. It’s absolutely obvious that you Americans will have to STOP obeying ANY AND ALL orders of your federal government; furthermore, your conservative states will have to start walling themselves off from the bad ones: West Coast, New England, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota at the minimum, maybe also Florida, Colorado, Nevada.

    You’ll probably need to start working on seceding from the Union – and be prepared to confiscate any and all federal armaments that you can access!! [That’s why Obama has been stockpiling so much killer-ammunition – he’s willing to have a Second American Civil War so he can crush it just as Lincoln eventually did with the first, only FAR MORE BRUTALLY, UNCOMPROMISINGLY and as the ANTICHRIST he very much seems to be!!!!]

    You’ll need to set up your own transportation and communications’ networks, your own Internet, &c. – and as much of it as possible to not only be parallel and independent of federal networks, but also in as much secrecy as possible… Sad to say, I foresee GREAT trouble ahead for the USA (especially if it’s not to turn into the “United Communist States of America”). It really could all too well be that Islam is indeed the First Horseman of the coming Apocalypse, with war, famine and disease being the other three…

    • Add Pennsylvania and Hawaii to the above list for sure, perhaps also New Mexico and Ohio. A total of 22 states to be written off out of 50…

      • Either way, such a thing as what’s described under the given headline is UNSPEAKABLY EVIL – and requires all the more that you avoid dealings with the authorities of that and all likewise-minded counties, cities, &c.

        Even state stores of essential medicines, food and other things will be a MUST – and we all worldwide will have to start accumulating our own reserves. A 2-week supply is the absolute minimum according to a some Websites: this seems like that minimum would do better to be not less than TWO MONTHS!!!

        Sorry to be so rambling, but these thoughts are just spilling out of my mind…

        • when the federal government wanted the Texas to join the union they had to negotiate with a soverign country. the Texas constitution still allows it to secede from the union.that provision has never been rescinded. she needs to do so and then oot out all the muzzies

        • No shit your rambling, What the hell are you talking about ADHD. The conservative people in this country have the same rights as the progressives or you might call them liberal’s. The way your talking it sounds like your not a US citizen. We have a thing call the Constitution and it’s a pretty important document in our country, So important it’s been around for over 200 years now and still a very important document. If you really want to know how this country runs you might want to read the Constitution and then you can understand what and why things in this country are not for the one but for the whole. Everyone has the same rights as the other. But you must assimilate to our country that is a must.

    • Yup, Islam is the first. It is already causing wars all over the world. It is already causing famine since it destroys the economy. Look at Egypt. Afghan farmers grow poppies under Taliban threat. Disease have you heard of MERS? The apocalypse is coming all from the same source. No need four horsemen when the first does everything.

  8. Bengladesh, an islamic country, forbids the wearing of these garments in their hospitals because of germ and bacteria transmission. Apparently, they’re loaded in germs. My ex-gynecologist confirmed the same story also.

    Imagine what’s crawling under there on a hot summer day. Now, using this argument, I would refuse to be in the same room as them.

  9. Why not make such rulings contingent upon Muslim countries following the same example – like say, allowing an unveiled Christian/atheist/Jew to roam free or testify in court equal to a man? Oh wait, that is not acceptable under Sharia Law…

  10. “We are pleased by the decision of King County to allow constitutionally-protected religious freedom in detention centers, jails, and courthouses” said CAIR-WA.

    Religious freedom? What a sick LIE! In Sudan, RACIST Arab Muslims have taken hundreds of thousands of Black Christians for slaves. FREE the SLAVES!

    Religious freedom? Just like the Mafia, the PUNISHMENT for leaving Islam is DEATH!

    Religious freedom? In 2009, 40 houses and a church were set ablaze by a mob of 1,000 Muslims in the town of Gojra, in Punjab province, Pakistan. At least seven Christians were burned to death. The attacks were triggered by reports of the desecration of the Koran.

  11. In jails, scarves can be used to choke and garrotte.

    In courts, masks conceal the emotional reactions of those in a trial from view, giving unfair advantage to one side.

    All masks are threats to someone. The Islamic mask is intended to frighten kafir women with the threat of jihadic rape.

    Rape in the name of Mohammed is ‘good’.

    This will eventually end up in the Supreme Court. There should be no establishment of religion under the U.S. constitution.

  12. What happens the first time a burqa concealed woman or man enters a building with plastic explosives around their waist and the obvious happens? Will the authorities see things differently? Probably not. They are a hard headed bunch of idiots.

    • I agree with you, they are in the United States, and if they want to stay, they should follow our laws, not Sharia law. I’m Native American, and I have read how in areas of the U.S. where they have a large Muslim population how the men harrass and threaten American women because they are not dressed or act like muslim women. One of their goals is to eventually have their laws and beliefs as the primary laws here. I will not have my wife, daughter, or granddaughters, subjected to the same humiliating, dehumanizing treatment that they subject their women to. If they don’t like our laws, and I can’t believe that I am really saying this, but if they don’t like our laws or the freedoms that our women enjoy, then they need to go back to whatever Muslim country they come from. Once you start giving in, they will keep demanding more. I feel sorry for the people in Washington state for what they will soon be going through.

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