AUSTRALIA: Renowned mural artist, Sergio Redegalli, gets a special visit from Geert Wilders

burquabanSergio writes, “Geert Wilders came and visited my studio yesterday for a photo, and to show support for my right to express my opinion about Muslim full-face coverings.”

“The ironic part about his visit was that the Newtown / Marrickville area can best be described as the Socialist, Anarchist and Greens stronghold of Australia. These people had no idea that Geert came to visit and have a tour of the studio and to see my Artwork.”

“Sadly, it took many hours of pre-planning to ensure the safety of Wilders, who has been targeted for death by Muslims all around the world.  If there is no problem in Australia from these so-called ‘peaceful’ Muslims and the illegal Muslim boat people, who walk freely in our cities, WHY DID GEERT NEED SO MUCH PROTECTION?”


H/T Shirl in Oz