AUSTRIA: Muslims set fire to their own restaurant after leaving ‘racist’ and ‘Islamophobic’ graffiti on the building to implicate right wingers

An arson attack on a pizzeria owned by Albanian Muslims in Wörgl did serious damage. A nearby building owned by a Turkish association was also set on fire. Racist graffiti in Turkish was left on the scene, complete with swastikas which appeared to implicate right wing Islamophobes as the perpetrators.


Islam vs Europe  This immediately provoked demonstrations as some 100 Turkish Muslims and their leftist pals demonstrated against ‘racist’ violence and extremism, One placard read: “Racism isn’t an opinion! Racism is a crime.”


However, it has now emerged that the both fires were set by the Muslims themselves in an insurance fraud scheme. The ‘racist’ graffiti was simply left to mislead the investigators. 

Two Muslim men are as well as a brother of one of the men, now are suspects. Investigators believe that the men living in Germany had planned the attack in advance, says lead fire investigator Mark Hammerl. On the evening of the attack, an accelerant was purchased at a gas station. The perps then went to the pizzeria and broke into the premises. About 15 liters of accelerant were spread around and then the fire was set from the outside. As they were igniting it, it exploded injuring two of the men, one seriously.

The seriously injured 18-year-old is still in the hospital. His brother has confessed. He and his brother were arrested in Tyrol. 



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  1. the only way to stop all this it to stop them building the temples in our christian countries they burn christian churches in there country and kill christians i just think when you leave there own country they leave there religion behind them and pray in the privacy of there homes not everyone wants to hear about it everywhere i look i see beautiful old stone churches being demolished and a islamic replace it we are BRITISH not muslims we are christians

  2. They just did this in the UK, Apparently the EDL set fire to one of their “””cultural centres””” and left graffiti behind??????? Yeah will it get investigated, Probably not because reverse racism is rife in the UK, they even have a dedicated phone line to report “hate” crime against them, My question is wheres ours??????

  3. Sadly, these is a very common fraud scheme favoured by Muslims. In some of the Scandinavian countries where they have done this they have knowingly murdered people who were living in flats above the shops when they set their business on fire to collect the insurance.

  4. Yeah sure as if our suspesions were not correct all along. These hood rats belonging to the herd, muscumbugs, otherwise known as the brutha’s fron their hood, islam have been involved on more cases then one can shake a stick at, we’ve known all along of their involvement masked as hate crimes against them, but as usual, they lairs desguised as news speakers, lie through their teeth to cover for their friends, ideological soul mates, the other liars lieing through their teeth to excuse away freedoms of the individuals, in their minds as their enemies, for their gain. So, again what is new under the sun these days, apparenlty nothing if you were to consult the liars of news speakers, just we are raaaaaaaaacist, of what race, I am curious to know, but, shush don’t be say dat, someone might get the impression of us as their enemies, right? and charge us with their hate crimes against us. Sick and twisted sisters one and all. Never trust a muscumbug, stomped them back into the dirt where they came from, it works every time they raise from the ashes of hell.
    Semper Fi.

  5. Are one or more readers out there making a list of these ‘false flag’ crimes?

    I would certainly use this as evidence against islamist CAIR. This kind of crime can be done, we believe it is being done frequently, we need evidence that CAIR and the FBI cannot ignore. Here is another, from 11th June 2010:

    A SELF-STYLED Muslim leader whose false accusations of kidnap cost the police and council over £10,000 has been sentenced to prison.

    Noor Ramjanally, 36, of Valley Hill, Loughton, was sentenced at Chelmsford Crown Court in his absence as the jury was told he had fled the country earlier this year.

  6. 1/ Mohammedans are not supposed to have insurance, so these ‘scheissenkopften Idioten’ (or something like that) should have a fatwa against them.

    2/ That pizza image on the left, with bacon and breasts should earn a fatwa or two.

    3/ I would like to see that graffiti. Why was it in Turkish, not German? Another fatwa.

    4/ All self-inflicted injuries, or those ‘obtained’ during the commission of a crime should be charged to the perps and/or their local mosque.

        • Heck if I know why. I sure wouldn’t.

          But I do know one thing: Albanian Muslims in the NYC area are infamous for buying pizza parlors and using them as fronts for other activities, such as trafficking in drugs and other contraband, collecting “zakat” to subsidize Islamic militancy in Albania, Kosovo, and elsewhere, recruiting fellow evildoers, bribing politicians, you name it.

          Doesn’t surprise me that they’re doing much the same thing in Austria.

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