JANET JACKSON secretly converts to Islam and marries her billionaire Arab Muslim slavemaster

Janet-Jackson-and-Islam1-201x300Janet Jackson has revealed that she married her billionaire Qatari boyfriend Wissam Al Mana last year. Jackson comes out in the open in the wake of numerous reports on her impending lavish and extravagant wedding in Doha. Following in her paedophile brother Michael’s footsteps, Jackson has ‘reverted’ to the religion of the paedophile prophet Mohammed. Already we can see signs of her sexy attire becoming more oppressively Muslim-like.

Emirates  (Apparently, no one bothered to tell Jackson that blacks have always been considered slaves in the Islamic world, and still are. In fact, in Arabic, the word for ‘black’ is the same as the word for ‘slave.’)

Say goodbye to the old Janet Jackson

Say goodbye to the old Janet Jackson

Jackson, 46, the younger sister of the late singer Michael Jackson, wed the businessman Wissam Al Mana, 37, last year but kept the news under wraps.

In a statement (which was later posted on her Twitter page) Jackson and Al Mana said, “The rumors regarding an extravagant wedding are simply not true”. “Last year we were married in a quiet, private, and beautiful ceremony.”Our wedding gifts to one another were contributions to our respective favorite children’s charities.”

Milan Fashion Week - Roberto Cavalli Show

Earlier reports claimed that Jackson and Wissam allegedly got engaged in 2011 after Wissam, a billionaire whose family has extensive reaches in the real estate and media spheres, proposed to her with a stunning 15 carat diamond ring.

Wissam is the managing director of Al Mana Retail, which represents A/X Armani Exchange, and he’s a shareholder in the Saks Fifth Avenue.


Reorts also suggested that Janet and Wissam will be wedded in a Muslim ceremony. A renown Turkish author, Adnan Oktar (aka Harun Yahya), is also making the claim that the 46-year-old Janet Jackson has converted to Islam — as did her brother, Michael Jackson — and is choosing to keep her new religion a secret from her fans. But these reports have neihter been confirmed nor denied by the couple.

The couple met in December of 2009 after Janet gave a special performance in the Middle East and the rest, so it seems, is history.

Looks like Michael’s old burqa outfits (below) he used to wear as a disguise when he lived in Dubai will come in handy for sister Janet.



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  1. Real Lady – are you New to this Blog?? it sounds very much like it, please give it a couple of Weeks then come back on and comment on a few Reports you read here, and by the way, you’ll notice a lot of them don’t get printed in the Newspapers you but on your local High street, then ask yourself….why wasn’t this or the other Story published for the People to read??? only then, you will see the puzzle fall into place.

  2. Please let us as adults respect each other’s religion. I am a Christian and I do not believe we should judge each other. Let us continue to practice our faith religiously and pray without season rather than making negetive comments to each other’s religion. I respect my religion and so do I respect others too. Please

  3. I see Jealousy with all these people commenting here. They have no faith ..Muslims have faith and they devote their life’s to something they believing in. All I can say is I am a black muslim and I love it:)) and I think all black people should convert to Islam and stop worshipping the image of white man who who put them in chains and hang your ancestors and also used the some religion to justify what he did to you. Alaahu Akbar… Alhamdulah!!!!!

    • So instead they should worship Islam a religion made up by Arabs who sold black people to white people? Lol, Islamic countries, slavery still legal. Any black man who is a muslim obviously has severe self loathing issues or sorely lacks an education.

  4. Say good bye to Janet Jackson if and when she leaves this country for the middle east she will never be back!!!! and will never be able to get back at all!

  5. what is love…a god that demands that you die for him; or a God that gave the life of His own son to prove His love for us?

  6. Refreshing Louise! BareNakedIslam, you should just want good for mankind even if media has deceived you to perceive otherwise. It’s just the right thing to do. Beware of the ultimate deceiver, media is his favorite medium… Travel people, so that u can see the truth with ur own eyes.

    • @HM

      Spare us your condescension.

      Many of us here have not only traveled abroad we have lived abroad.

      We are not deceived by the media, we have seen the truth with our own eyes.
      Many of us here, our opinions about Muslims are based upon either having had the misfortune of living in Muslim countries or having our countries (i.e., Europe or India) polluted with large Muslims populations who have brought nothing of value into our societies, but a hostility and aggression to their host countries.

      It is certainly entertaining, that a questionable second rate pop singer who rode her siblings coattails into a musical career would attract so many.

  7. meikochan – What i have learned about shits-lam on here is,it’s the Pits of the Earth and i’ve got no reason to doubt it, go back to your book and read up again on : sura 3, verse 28, & sura 8, verse 55, quran 8,- 39, and thats just the start mate,islam is not in our Countries to contribut, it’s not here to be equal, it’s here to take over and dominate, now git the FUCK offa here you arsehole.( and thats said with a broad Scots Accent.)

  8. Why is it so diffi-CULT to understand the comments of all the people on here who claim to be muzzies.???

    • Because you have never once sat down and actually done a truthful research on the religion, or sat down with an open mind with a true Muslim and asked them honest and peaceful questions regarding the religion. Whatever hatred you have has built up and made you blind to the truth, all that has been spread rumoured on the internet such as sites like this.

      If there is any bit of humanity in you, you would respect everybody and not judge based on their religion.

      • Excuse me meikochan why do all muzzies think all non-muzzies do untruthful research on your religion, do you honestly think people don’t approach islam with an open mind…..? all muslims have the same answer to our numerous questions….to all questions there’s usually one recycled answer which is ‘islam is for peach’ oh come on…..we’ve accessed the quran, islam and it’s teachings and none have a place in modern society….I’m proud to be a kauffar and don’t mind when muslims say ‘surely the vilest animals in the sight of allah are the disbelieving infidels’ because your allah is a mere moon-god and so it doesn’t bother me…

        Lastly…see who is writing about humanity….haha. your quran, your moon-god and your prophet mo [piss-be-upon-him] and his hadith have no respect for humanity. his teachings about women are barbaric and silly….women are seen like worthless pigs in islam…your mo was an abuser of little girls, a pedophile with no understanding and respect for humanity……Just shut your mouth and get off this site…..the world can’t be wrong on islam…..maybe we need to help you understand your quran better. Possessing a quran should be a crime -it’s like a war manual. A book that commands you to ‘kill the disbelieving infidels wherever you find them’….. prove me wrong, is jihad not the most talked about thing in the quran after the tawhid belief? Religion of piss indeed! You wrote ‘…and not judge based on their religion’….. why do you kill Christians and Jews? Isn’t because of their religious convictions and confessions? “The Jews say, “Ezra is the son of Allah “; and the Christians say, “The Messiah is the son of Allah .” That is their statement from their mouths; they imitate the saying of those who disbelieved [before them]. May Allah destroy them; how are they deluded? [from your quran, Surat At-Tawbah 9:30]

  9. for those of you who don’t like Islam,respects Islam nature and those of who speak from your filthy tongues wrongfully about Mohammed. i say to all you cowards speaking against ALLAH, go to hell with your hatred and misguided spirits. if i came across you hatefull bastards i promise i would make you shit your underwears as you beg ALLAH for forgiveness

    • Come on by! I bow to the Lord God, Creator of the heavens and earth. Your god is Lucifer who created a demonic bastardization of Christianity/Judiasm and called it Islam, submission to Satan.

      PS, my drawers are still clean.

  10. stop arguing with one another. That what satan wants you to turn on each other. It not even worth arguing. Janet Jackson is grown. Entitle to her choices.Let God hande this. End of discussion


    • Perhaps, but that is why Janet should have been one of the LAST women on Earth to fall prey to Mohammedanism. Not only is it misogynistic, it’s racist, too. Mohammed and Mohammedanism HATES black folks almost as much as it hates Jews.

      • it is a fact that Nazism and Islamism are interrelated they are going to cause a lot of damage on this earth very soon they want all NON believers in ISLAM, US citizens, Jews, blacks, Mexicans, Gays etc…etc DEAD!!!

  12. i just want to say something why does majority of the people on this site hate our Prophet(PBUH) and our religion Islam. most of you on this site speak as if you know facts about our Prophet(PBUH) yet what you think you know is utter rubbish. reading all your comments that a few innocent muslims have to try and make you understand what islam is truly about. you ignorants can deny it as much as you want but you know nothing about islam . and the pic that barenakedislam sent to amina i hope you are really proud of the pic you sent coz the punishment for that is really severe hope you will enjoy the punishment as much as you enjoyed posting that!!!

    • What are all you muslim trash proud of anyway? No one here will answer your questions because no one cares what muslim pondscum think.

      I’m so glad you like the picture of the paedophile prophet Mo. It’s one of my favorites.

      I hope that isn’t a threat because all threats to BNI are followed up on by the FBI.

      Here’s another one just for you , PM.

        • That makes it YET WORSE!!!!

          NOBODY – repeat, NOBODY – in the West can nowadays CONCEIVE of anybody marrying under age eighteen (18) – or sixteen (16) in the cases of certain religious sects like the Amish, Hutterites or Mennonites. The younger somebody is married, the WORSE – if you muzturds rejoice in marrying babies or small children, it proves all the more how utterly DEPRAVED you are!!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

    • No, we don’t hate Islam per say. We hate people like you. People who say things like, you don’t understand Islam. It is a religion of peace. Don’t insult Mohamed. If you insult Mohamed you will be punished, severely. I will cut off your head.

      Wow what a hypocrite. I would respect Muslims more if they kept to one message. But this ” we are peaceful, but we will kill you if you piss us off” attitude really rubs me the wrong way. How can you say we don’t understand Islam when you personify the very thing we do understand of Islam? You and your veiled threats of violence.

  13. You are racist and stupid. Muslim respect all the religions in the world have you ever heard of a muslim insulting your religions. No!!! because our religion is a religion of peace,respect and love but ignorrant people like you will never understand that ! I loved janet jackson when she was Christian and I still love her now when she became muslim because I’m not racist like you ! I’m so proud of her she made the right decision. You don’t have the right to talk about our Prophet MOHAMMED, because you are so dirty and ignorrant !

        • So will yours, you EVIL MOHAMMEDAN – for Mohammed was EVIL INCARNATE!!!!! Genocide, murderer, rapist, thief, liar, pædophile (child-abuser), bestialist, necrophiliac: how much more evil can one possibly get????

        • Who are the REAL psychopaths??

          MOHAMMEDANS (Moslems)!!!!!


          Because Islam is PSYCHOPATHIC IN ITSELF!!!!!

      • there brothern in faith. why are u aguein with them. were u no certainly that they are people destine for lost. You should be grateful for being guaded by Allah or do you think is by ur will.
        dont u hear wat Allah says in d quran suratul tagabun verse 3; And we created them, some are muslim and some are khafir. so be grateful and stop wastin ur time on those dat Allah has degree d punishment of d world to come for. and remember Allah says about them.Q2:6-9 ” the disbeliver, it is thesame with them either you tell them or not they would never belive. for Allah has blind there eyes and sil there heart they can never no d truet.
        for our sister, janet let us pray for God to strentern are iman in islam.

        – for the stupid admin, dont wori ur end is near and not this
        EITHER YOU GUES LIKE IT OR NOT, VERY SOON ISLAM SHALL TAKE OVER THE WOULD. the wind has started blowing and i am one of the sign of the return of islam. so long

    • Salaam sisterf Amina.

      Yes your 100% correct in saying they are so dirty and ignorant.
      Unfortunately, that is how they were brought up, to be filthy and racist with no respect for anyone but other than their own kind. But don’t let them get to you, lets be patient. Allah knows best.

    • Who are you trying to fool? READ THE QUR’AN AND HADITH! Mohammed and his personality-cult political ideology masquerading as a “religion” preach hatred and the slaughter of anyone who doesn’t bow down to said ideology. Mohammedanism is the most racist, intolerant, hateful, dictatorial, and cruel ideology ever to stride the face of the earth. It hates Blacks (racism), Jews (racism AND religious intolerance), and forces its adherents to subscribe to “laws” that are bastardizations of 6th and 7th Century Arab culture and beliefs.

      Furthermore, Mohammedans are NOT a “race.”

      Next time you want to spew the taqqiya, amina, try it on people who are either too ignorant to know any better, or too intellectually lazy to seek out the info for themselves.

      Here endeth the lesson.

    • Excuse me amina islam is not a race. it is a religion. Being anti-islam does not make one racist, ok? If that were the case, then it would mean that all atheists are racists as they are anti-religious, right? islam insults Christian and Jewish [judaism] religion… It says surely they are the vilest animals in the sight of allah, does your koran not say so? does your koran not also say that Christians and Jews are disbelieving infidels and will be thrown to hell and allah [your moon-god] will mock them saying, ‘where are my partners?’.? We just can’t be wrong on islam and mohamed [piss be upon him].

    • good for you sister. I totally agree. The whole lot of these people with their negative comments are all so ignorant. Islam is the way of life…. I am proud to be a muslim.
      When I hear or read these comments I ask Allah to forgive and have mercy on them. We do not have any authority to judge people. Only Allah. We do not know their intentions and surely each one will be judged according to their actions and intentions so I will just leave it at that,

    • When Mohammed was dying he was asked where he was going.he said to his people”*ask the people of the book”.(Christians)

    • Stupid rearing its ugly head again. Amina shouldn’t you research a bit before barging into bni? We might sound like racists to an uneducated moron like you, but at least we speak with evidence on our side. What do you have except your vacuous opinions. Do you feel so superior because you chose to accept Islam instead of hate it? Oh don’t tell me. You have Muslim friends who are good people. They told you Islam is a religion of peace and fed you a sanitized version of Islam and the Koran. You have never read the Koran in full. You have never read the other two Muslim (holy) text. You might even be musli. God forbid. Yet you live in a western country with all the western amenities and declare Islam is good. Naivety does have bounds. You are in stupid territory now.

  14. poor little Janet… maybe she will look good with black eyes… at least we won’t have to look at her wardrobe malfunctions anymore.

  15. Since I have an honor of knowing and having Christian Arabs as my friends, I am a firm believer that Islam – not Arabs, is a root of all evil.

  16. In actual fact she is a grown up and its her decision to get married to that fucked up religion. I dont hate the Arabs but the system. I have since stopped buying their Halaal meats which they impose on the African populace.

  17. because of idiots like her the christians (if she is one) are being ridiculed, sorry to say this but most western women will sell their mothers for money, look from jamima khan, princess Diana to the Ismaeel’s who their headclown married an American who of course converted to Islam and many many more, noone appreciates christianity as middle eastern Christians who are being simpley killed for not converting to Islam see the difference, you should all experience living in muslim countries then you will know them well, as for Janet the idiot soon enough her husband will marry a much younger arab muslim girl as she is already 47 years old and he is 36, muslim men don’t like their wives to be older than them especially if they want a family and no muslim man doesn’t want kids, the other thing is as she converted to islam if he divorces her she can’t convert back . she had said she would like to have kids and if she can’t she will adopt, I guess she doesn’t know that islam forbids adoption since Mohamed the pimp lusted after his adopted son’s wife, he forced his adopted son to divorce his wife when Mohamed saw her 1/2 naked, so the lust factor kicked in and then Mohamed married her, so Janet the adoption option is out

  18. One of her other brothers converted long ago and said Michael would have been ok if he had converted so I’m not so sure Michael did. Another poster said is she even his 1st wife? I agree probably not.

  19. Stupid bitch. It won’t last. She is just his trophy wife and she will get fed up with covering herself from head to toe in black as opposed to showing it all to the world. He looks evil and cold hearted.

  20. LOL. No more wardrobe malfunctions!

    But I have noticed that the rich, wealthy, and priveleged usually do not follow all the strict hardline rules of Islam. They will follow a lite version of Islam. The hardline stuff is usually for the poor. Janet will likely live like a Queen of the Desert, and she will be used as a propaganda tool by the Islamic world.

    “If it is good enough for Janet Jackson, it is good enough for everybody.”

    But let’s be serious; the Jacksons aren’t exactly known for being mentally stable!

    • @Steve S,

      When they come to the West they behave as if they are on Spring Break-Sex, drugs and shopping.

      Their mentality and behaviour is on par with the average Spring Break, inconsiderate and obnoxious.

      BNI has posted about the ‘monied’ Muslim holiday maker using London streets as a race course.

    • And how much oil money will buy you the right to leave your sons uncircumcized, or for that matter, the right to practice sorcery or listen to death metal/dark electro?

  21. RE: Following in her paedophile brother Michael’s footsteps

    Bonni, like Mohammad (Piss be upon him) he got away with child rape! That bothers me.

  22. Is this really of any interest whatsoever to anyone? The whole Jackson clan can go stuff themselves. The only one with talent was Michael and we all know how he ended up. the rest, his so called “children” included are riding on his coattails.

  23. I saw her pics in all white long garb and a headbag, she donned while vacationing in Europe emerging in European gossip sites about a year ago. I guess the white color is a concession to her stardom. She obviously feels more free to exhibit her new dressing habits in Eurabia. She is absolutely, 100% muslim. Is she even a first wife? Sure not the last one. Loving the mandatory turtleneck covering her previously generously exposed assets up to her chin. Thoroughly disgusted.

  24. She is an ex-Jehovah’s Witness. The JWs claim they know the truth with their Watchtower literature. Well Janet… You will not find any truth in islam!

    • It’s actually not that big a jump from Jehovah’s Witness to Muslim. The JW believe Jesus was a prophet nothing more and do not celebrate Christmas or observe Easter or birthdays

      • A number of Christians don’t celebrate Christmas or observe the Easter holiday. Neither Christmas nor “Easter” are Biblical. They both, supposedly, derive from pagan rites. Be that as it may, the celebration of either Christmas or Easter are considered to be, even by 7th Day Adventists *off the same branch as Jehovah’s Witnesses*, matters of personal choice.

        Still and all, it’s sad to see.

    • that’s why your name is Quran Corrupt coz it reflects your thinking as well . you don’t know about our Prophet(PBUH) so don’t make false accusations!!! get your facts straight first before you decide to talk about our Prophet(PBUH)

      • Woe’s you, Mohammedan LIAR!!!!!

        Take your taqiyya and your kitman elsewhere, Moslem skank!!!!! It won’t work any more upon us PROUD and TRULY-CLEAN “infidels”: we’ve heard it all before, we’ve seen it before – and it has lost whatever power it used to have on us!!!!

        The truth is: Islam is THE SUMMIT OF EVIL!!!!! To make matters worse, your “allah” is SATAN HIMSELF, with Mohammed being his acolyte!!!! [And yes, the Qu’rân is not only corrupt: it NEVER was any good, being a poor plagiarism of parts of the Bible plus Arab traditions that best had never existed…]

        DEATH TO ALL ISLAM AND ALL OTHER TOTALITARIANISM: now, forever and unto ages of all ages, world without end!!!!! AMEN!!!!

  25. Welcome to slavery! Welcome to genital cutting! Welcome to wife-beating! Welcome to honor killing! It couldn’t be because of the money. Nah.

    Note: ‘lewdness’ can be punished by honor killing. Husbands can command a wife to stay indefinitely locked up at home.

    • I am muslim woman and has been married for coming to 19 years never once in our marriage my husband pinched me left alone beat me ha

        • You should refer to yourself as “BarenakedIdiot”, in this day and age to live a life of ignorance. Enslaved to the television and its propoganda! I bet you believe Christ was born at Christmas? Did you enjoy your pagan easter egg? Why dont you worry yourself with issues that are REAL like global warming or GMO foods.

        • riffraf, there is no such thing as global warming (at least, not the manmade kind). Christ was a Rabbi so how could he have been born on Christmas when there was no such thing as Christianity back then? And yes, I love my chocolate Easter eggs even though I am Jewish. And I do deal with REAL problems everyday – ignorant morons like you.

        • I still cannot believe there are ignorant people like barenakedislam in this world today. You should think with an open mind and research the information and not believe everything you hear or see. Seek out the truth. I’m sure youre are capable of understanding.

        • TM, where are you finding this story? It remains on the top post list long after it was posted so there must be left wing Islamofacist-sympathiing websites that keep posting it. All you Jackson supporters are morons.

      • I can agree with anonymous. I have been married happily for 30 years with the same guy and I am his only wife. Never ever has he lifted his hand for me, beat me up or even locked me up in a room or wherever. I have two beautfiul married sons and 3 grand-daughters. We have a wonderful life Algamdulila. People are very ignorant, They need to get their facts straight first and study each religion and know what they talking about. I wish her only the best.

        • Who cares about it. Facts are that Islam is a demonic religion, created by Lucifer, given to Mohammed, and is nothing but a mirror image of Christianity/Judiasm. Islam is a path to the everlasting fires of Hell.

          With that in mind, search yourselves for the truth. Pray to the Creator to show you truth from lies.

        • Thats because many of them are also pedophiles and are having sex with their children. why does your Muslim countries allow children as young as 6 to be taken as wives? why do we have to keep hearing about girls being raped then left to die because they weren’t old enough for what those men did to them? you might be able to lie to yourself, but your pedophile ways are all over the news, especially when one of your kind kills one of his many child brides!! it must be good to hide behind a monitor, because we all know Islam allows you to lie to non-Mulsims!!

        • Bill et al it seems that many of you here feel intimidated by Islam, its your ignorance that allows Satan to play with your feeble minds. Please do some research from authentic sites/publications on Islam then we can allow you dunces into the Enlightened World.

  26. Our good book, Christian Bible, our doctrine, openly stated by Christ himself, they will be decieved by the father of all lies, satan, jackson, who first off cares one bit of her personal choices in this life, not this man, maybe the lowno info babes and dudes, but who else. I could give a rats behind what she does for her gains, sanity or safety, this is her problem, her choice, she too will face our heavenly Father on the ‘day of judgement’ and answer for her betrayel towards him. If I were so inclined to comdemn her for her personal choices, have I not judged her, least I too be judged? Of course, why even take the time to comdemn myself of her personal choices, its her choice not mine, nor do I even care for her soul, personal individuals choices are just that. personal choices, its her’s not mine.
    Yeah well this is what is called news these days, and B I understand you to be the one who just forwarded it forward so I can understand what is importent in this manner, one more bits the dust in hopes of saving her own sorry delusioned ass in the middle of a spiritual battle, she happens to be on the wrong side of, my own opinon, irevellent at that or I could state she has betrayed us, no that wouldn’t be true either, she betrayed herself, for the love of money? the love for love’s sake, who cares, or maybe she is yet another one of those who seek a fashion statement i.e going along with the current herd mentality, one world religion, of peace you know, again none of my concerns, her’s along. If it is fashionable to dishonor your parents, who by the way are and were protestent believers, believers in the Christ as their saviour, her choice again, not mine, yours or anyone else.
    This is rather sad these days when others, within the herd of satans own, are more involved with nonsense such as this then they are about their individual safety and security of their Nation, their Communities and people in general from these brutha’s from their hood, islam, wanting their heads on a platter and accepting nothing in return for their personal choices to remain free from these types, muscumbug and their willingness to go to extremes to forward their totalatarian mentality upon all esle. I don’t take offense for their total lack of common sense, I expect it actually, from these types. The gimme me cause I exist crowd, or obama’s bin lyn’ people, get me some of that obams stash, he gonna pay my rent, make my cur payment fo mes, buys me some grubin and dat. Pathetic as best, normal as usual.
    Semper Fi. infidels to satan, to the regressive hood rats and thier ilk. Going GALT, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it, til this mutt is relieved of command, and not one day sooner, STARVE THIS BEAST.

    • saying three gods equal to one god is deceptive.
      saying jesus is god is deceptive, when even jesus said in the bible that he can’t do anything but only things that God had instructed him do or say.
      saying things as though you know it for a fact, when actually you know very little about islam, is deceptive.
      if you bother to read your own bible, you will be surprised to find out just how many children your God owns, and Jesus is not even the eldest one.
      There is nothing doubtful in Islam. Islam teaching is very clear as it is the truth.
      Christianity teaching is confusing because it is full of lies.

      • Um, no Islam is not truth. Islam is a cult created by a pedophile murderer so that he could live the life he wanted to live without conforming to the religious teachings of the day which told him that the way he wanted to live was wrong. Just the same as the guy who started the Mormon cult. Seriously? Get your facts straight. You will find no more truth in Islam than you will in Mormonism. Or, any other cult for that matter.

    • You people are without knowledge of the religion of Islam. Get your facts right, broaden your mind and stop judging! In every religion comes with it good and bad. We all know that as adults the distinction between right and wrong just don’t blame the religion thanks! . After all Satan’s work is to lurk on the straight path of the believers weather he be Christian, Jew or Muslim! Good on Janet at least she believes now in only One God who created the Heavens and the earth, We’ll see on the day of Judgement who is right. ( but it just might be late for you by then so wake up!) Just remember God in his first commandment to Moses said worship only one God. The First Commandment

      “You shall have no other gods before Me.” Exodus 20:3

      Jehovah, the eternal, self-existent, uncreated One, Himself the Source and Sustainer of all, is alone entitled to supreme reverence and worship. Man is forbidden to give to any other object the first place in his affections or his service. Whatever we cherish that tends to lessen our love for God or to interfere with the service due Him, that has become our god. To ensure our happiness and success, God must to be first, last, and best in our lives. This commandment requires unswerving loyalty to the God of Heaven.

      Jesus (peace and blessings be upon him) the Prophet brought His message from God whom he called Father and even as quoted in the bible to prove this point he said in…………….

      Mark 10:18 ( Check it out for yourself!)
      Why do you call me good?” Jesus answered. “No one is good–except God alone.

      Muslims come from father Abraham’s first born Son Ismail.

      In the Book of Genesis (Bible)
      and that became ISLAM…

      Abraham’s wife HAGAR received the following favor:

      And also of the son of the bonds woman, I will make a nation also, because he {is} thy seed. Gen. 21:13
      Ishmael (Ar. Ismail), was born to Hagar when Abraham was 86 years old. (Gen. 16:16). Ishmael married a daughter of the Jorhamite prince Mudad and she gave him an illustrious son named Kedar (Ar. Qaidar). Kedar was the ancestor of Adnan (Ar. Qais), who was the progenitor of the tribes of Northern Arabia and the forebear of the prophet of Islam. God’s promise for making “a nation also” from the descendant of Ishmael was fulfilled, when the Islamic Nation was created from the descendants of Ishmael – the first born son.

      Thank you I hope you will understand if you have any sense?

      • Louis,
        Christ never claimed to be God, rather the right-hand (son) of God, and the image of him upon Earth. He claimed to have no powers except those that Yehovah gave Him. He proved it over and over. God raised Him from the dead to validate Him. Yeshua (isa) raised others from the dead to validate God.

        You are woefully misinformed by your own religion, which incidentally, contains stories which come directly from Judaism, though that may insight you a great deal.

      • Islam and Christianity are nowhere near in the same league, so i dont know what you are trying to prove, but you are taking the bible way out of context. you are not a true christian, because they know Allah and Jehovah are not the same, and that Allah is something Mohammed made up on one of his many drug induced stupors. No self respectable christian would ever compare the heavenly father, the Holy spirit and Jesus to Allah. Muslims would chop your head off for saying Allah is a christian deity!
        I dont know what you are but you are obviously not Christian or Muslim, leave the bible and the Qur’an to those who actually read them.

      • Louise, I understand quite well the Muslim faith. Have you ever read the Qu’ran? You can quote the Bible all you want, that does not make you all knowing. You are dead wrong about some of your points. Not the Bible quotes. If you think Islam is so great why don’t you go join that religion – Muslim. If you are going to make judgement calls then you yourself are wrong. Judge not lest ye be judged.
        yes, I DO understand and no you do not. I will pray for you.

      • louise i have neither the time or inclination to respond to you whackjob comments, we have gone way beyond that, take your medication on time in the future, people are dying at the hand of the cult of hate. you parsing some religious babel doesn’t change that one iota

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