PAT CONDELL on Muslim-fueled virulent antisemitism in Europe

Not that there isn’t a certain segment of Europeans who don’t need any more provocation to hate Jews.

Jews Under Muslim Attack in Europe



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  1. Well, what can you say? Pat is an atheist. So what? It makes him no less a human being or anything else. I see a lot of atheist hating on anti-Islamic sites and it used to make me angry, but now I just figure that the atheist haters don’t know WTF they’re talking about. People like Condell, Dawkins, Harris, Hitchens (RIP), etc. are some of the best anti Islamist resources on the planet. Religion has had a free pass for thousands of years (and it’s exactly why Islam has reached critical mass). If it can’t stand a little ridicule and criticism, then it isn’t worthy of anything. If your God is a whiner like Allah, then you need a new one. I will admit that there are a bunch of people who claim to be atheists who are the biggest dumbass dhimmis on the planet. But, get this, if they revile Christianity and Judaism, but defend and apologize for Islam, by definition … THEY’RE NOT ATHEISTS! Examine your religious self righteousness, seriously, you’re no better than anyone else. Thank you BNI for posting Pat’s video. For you religious whiners, shut up, you sound like Muslims.

    • What’s it to you? I can ask you the same question about religious believers. What is a great religious believer? No, you don’t get a free pass just because you’re religious. Religion and or belief and or faith does not make you superior. In fact, it makes you MORE susceptible to the poison of Islam or any other cult.

  2. Liberal & muslim heads will be exploding all over the world over Pat’s latest offering. I will be posting this to social media just to be called a hate monger once again.
    Condell, how can you not love him?

  3. Green fascism. Because of banging their heads on the floor, creating repeated trauma to the brain, Mozzies become disoriented, angry and uncapable of critical thought. They’re unable to perceive delusion, deception and forgery, such as the Koran, Hadiths, Sira, Mein Kampf and Protocols of Zion. Mozzies claim to be superior when it’s obvious all Moz countries are failed, authoritarian states propped up with Western money. While Jews lead the Nobel Prize list, Mozzies are at the bottom. Islam creates failure, poverty, disease, illiteracy, backwardness and inferiority. Judaism creates progress.

  4. Certainly has much to say about such matters that Condell fellor, I often wonder if he, as well as I, are growing weary of all of this hate fomenting the world divide from the truth seekers and the false prophets of our time. It is hard enough to live in this vile and wickedly divided world but, the constent reminder of such vile breath taking trash talking and actions isn’t going to do anyone any good in the end. I’ve long advocated the seperation agreement with the two ideologies, truth, known as the light to us, and hatred, known to them as as a matter of fact. It really does none of us any good at all. How do we even function as civilized societies when one is trying their best to eat the other out of the fruits of their labor, socially, economically, and spiritually. It can’t keep on going at the rate, which is accellerating daily, and have a good ending for anyone. I’d really hate to think this is what was intended, let alone accepted as normal in anyone’s life, but being as we are forced to deal with it, there should be acceptable boundries for all parties, how we get there is a bit of a mystery but, I suspect it was intended to be this way, not easily obtained.
    Hate the Jews all you want, and they do, hell hate me if that’s what it takes, but that doesn’t mean I have hate for you and your perceptions of what life constitutes as normal, I am just like the rest of the world, in amazement at the rate of this all, and why, it all comes down to beliefs and the systems in which they function in all societies. That does not give them the right to disregard, disrespect or completely ignor anyone elses concerns, but it does go to the heart of the matter, as always, its hate the jews because why? envy for the failure to reorganize the truth of your life in a socially acceptable manner, lust for what is not yours, and corruption, their desire to rule the world, all along the way, many have forgotton who is truely in charge, and it ain’t allah, muhammad or obama’s bin lyn’, its the God of Moses, Isaac and Jacob, always has been all ways will be. Never submit, never surrender, and never loose sight of the goal, never hate them back as nuch as they hate you, it just adds fuel to their fire of conquest over you. Fight them to your last breath, never be the agressor, always the defender, in this way, we are excused for our action of defeating them, they, on the other hand don’t have squat to justify their hatred.

    Semper Fi Going GALT

  5. More Pat.

    God, I wish he could be shown every week on mainstream TV, around the world.

    What do you think, Nihad ‘islamist’ Awad?

    Don’t be shy.

  6. God, this is Pat Condell at this zenith!! And it’s so encouraging to observe his “journey,” if you will, from anti-Zionist to pro-Jewish. He’s still an atheist, but he now seems to have toned down his disdain for religion in favor of ramping up the anti-muzie rhetoric and really amping up the Pro-Jewish defense! I like his revised outlook, and, of course, I’m always bowled over by his passionate – and sensible! – analysis of the hypocrisy and disgusting politics of the Left!

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