THE THREE ‘Muslim’ STOOGES (Pieces Be Upon Them)

LARRY, MOhammed, and CURLY.

H/T Lyn L


25 comments on “THE THREE ‘Muslim’ STOOGES (Pieces Be Upon Them)

  1. ha ha ha ha ha cheered me up in this mad sad silly morally inverted idiot dominated spineless p.c. infested fascist enabling humourless over sensitive horse burger feeding sicko world where i abide. ha ha ha ha ha

  2. BNI, when I read the caption, I thought that you were going to talk about hagel, brennan and kerry, as larry, curly and mohamad. Hard at work destroying our beloved America by their bumbling stupidity, their incompetence and their treasonist actions.

  3. Fantastic! But what I confess I am guilty of, is missing the uncanny resemblance of Uncle Dougie to Curly of old movie fame.
    Now we have only to collect photos of the doubles of Larry and Moe, put thosse cute litle hats on them, and spread photos far and wide.
    It won’t be hard. Uncle Dougie is already adept at Curlys famous Be be be be be be be dialog. You can hear it in his every press release.
    I don’t know how I missed the resemblance. I’ll have to go in for a refresher on insulting muslims, I guess.

  4. HATE, EXTREME HATE IS THE REASON. The hate, which Mohammad left for them to have hell on earth before they go to the eternal hate.

  5. Pissed myself laughing! I can’t wait for this to go viral & piss off all the muzzturds & there parasitic c**ksuckers!

    • Totally agree, best I’ve seen, with excellent production values.

      The leading man, the brains of this group bears an uncanny resemblance to Ivan Donald ‘islamist’ Drury. He’s a PROFESSIONAL protester, with a police record, famous for visiting mosques, pretending to be ‘one of them’. He was ‘Robin’ to ‘Batman’ Ali Yerevani aka Ali Izzadi-Kharazi a worthless PoS who lied his way into Canada as a ‘refugee’. AY now leches off the antisemitic trade unions, and young, impressionable, pre-brainwashed by leftard teachers and profs, marxist/islamist wannabees.

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