BREAKING NEWS FROM EGYPT: Islamic preacher confirms, “Christianity originated from penis worship”

According to Egyptian Cleric Abu Islam: “I swear to Allah, people turned to Jesus because of the great big penis he had hanging off the right side of his abdomen. You can see it in all the pictures.” But that’s not all, “Christian women train dogs to play the role of their husbands, I swear,” adds Abu.

2So, does this mean we are going to have to reconsider the meaning of “God is afoot?”


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  1. And I also have to ask; those minarets on every mosque, what does that remind of…? A penis? Yup. They are like phallus symbols.

  2. I don’t know if christians turned to jesus because of his penis or what. But I know which part of the body muslims raise when they pray…

    Their ass.
    And that is true.

  3. Anyone that sees reproductive organs in places like THAT has serious and darkly perverted mind that would put most American teens to shame.

    I think the thing he saw as a reproductive organ was THE SPEAR THAT PIERCED JESUS’ SIDE.

  4. this muslim inbreeding has got to be true. Every word out of their mouths is mostly lies; about the prophet (what did he ever prophesy?), about the holy Son of God, about the atonement, the resurrection, their filthy quran, the abasement ot women, on and on and on. Surely islam is satan’s masterstroke! the greatest cultural disaster ever to be foisted upon men in the last two thousand years. No peace, no truth, no salvation. All these people do is hate, hate, hate. The more you delve into the islamic mind, the more you doubt your own sanity…the holy son of God, Yeshua, said: the truth shall set you free. They are so far from the truth it hurts. May the god of Avram, Isaak, Jacov have mercy upon them.

  5. The only penis head I see here is the one with the white beard above the neck. All it produces is piss coming out between the beard and the moustache.

  6. Well i swear to God he is a pedophile, rapist prophet – worshipping LIAR. Idiot.As mad as a hatter and should be under sedation.oh yeah, you sex obsessed freak everyone always talks about the penises on Jesus , its all over the Bible ! give me a break, does anyone take this maniac seriously, I mean really, even muslims???? Oh I forgot they most likely will..

  7. What FILTHY, SATANIC words from a mind that is in the gutter. Nothing is sacred. Everything has to be perverted. The Muslim preacher will answer to God for his foul, demonic words.

    After reading the Muslim filth and perversion, it is so refreshing to read pure, lovely, beautiful words in the Psalms in the Bible! God is Pure, Absolutely Good and Perfect! God’s Word is lovely; full of hope and great goodness!

    Psalm 145:17 The Lord is righteous in all His ways and kind in all His deeds.

    Psalm 107:20 He sent His word and healed them.

    Thank God for our Wonderful God!

  8. I would prefer a dildo to a Muslim man- maybe even a convent. This dude is totally cracked if you ask me and has more than a little penis emvy.

    • sorry, they screw those without pulse too, like dead women, which is halal for them. I’ve even read their religious leaders recommending shagging a watermelon. Filthy devils

  9. Amazing insights from this insane mutawa, the follower of an equally perverted, insane allah named muhammad. Moe had competition from dogs, his forefather was named “Qusai” the son of dogs (Book of Fateh Al-Bari Fe Shareh Sahih Al-Bukhari, Beirut Lebanon, 1953, V6, Page 548, Book of Maqeb) Probably, even his wives preferred dogs, so he was hell bent to eliminate them.
    Muslimas prefer donkeys, (remember “Yazid Ibn Shihab” moe’s talking donkey who committed suicide on moe’s death, or Barak, the flying donkey in WH?) since donkeys are muslims, so they say allah hu akbar and shove it in..

  10. What a total complete idiot!
    The fact that Jesus had a huge dong is right, he was arab!
    And the suggestion that women train dogs to have sex with is not uncommon or unknown too….. but then, sheiks are training dogs to have their wives be more experienced when they themselves ride them.

  11. So, let’s see if I’ve got this right. When Muslims claim Jesus as their prophet, when they claim Jesus is Muslim and will return during the end times to lead Muslims, they do so because of his X-tra large penis. They worship his dick, not his prophecy. Did I get that right?

    And he’s saying that Christian dogs and cats are better lovers than violent Muslim wife-batterers? Sure.

    What a jealous pervert.

  12. In a just world run by charitable and intelligent people, the congenitally and criminally insane are put to sleep like incurable animals. This man would be a prime target and, sadly, millions who have been filled by his and the insanity of others like him, fall into the same category.

  13. I have always wondered why mussies hate dogs now I know these sexually insecure morons were afraid the wives would GO TO THE DOGS

  14. That just tells me you have to lie to sell your religion a religion you have to lie to sell its fake people believe for the feeling inside there heart not by downing someone else to try and make you’re point that’s disrespect to GOD which ever name you give him so please understand I’ll pray for you for you are blind to the truth of the greatness of GOD

  15. OMG! There is no end to their nuttiness is there? Century after century of inbrededness has clearly had it’s effect on the cognative functioning of these muhominid/islamopithecine, proto-primates of the sands. Penis worship? Hahahahaha!! I can’t recall ever seeing a picture of Jesus with a pecker growing out his right side, so this fool of a cleric must be chewing khat or smoking opium. No, strike that, this has to be the cumulative effects of inbreeding and near toxic levels of camel urine in his system.

    What a total douche bag with a phallus fixation.

    (Psst, wonder if he likes to be peed upon? Islam’s most emulated and perfect “seal of the prophets” sure did. Why not?)

    • It’s called PROJECTION. Everything bad you do, you PROJECT onto someone else.

      Why do you think the islamists use and quote the “Protocols’ so often, to blame Jews and create a smokescreen while they are busy taking over the world.

      And why do ANY Christians support these anally retentive madmen, especially with their ‘interfaith’ get-togethers?

      “It’s all a matter of give and take.”

      The dhimmi gives and the mohammedan takes.

  16. looks like this guy watches too much of bestiality porn, its is not common in Islamic world to watch bestiality, infact pakistan which is an islamic state has the highest number of search for camel sex lol, there is a video about this by THEYOUNGTURKS, no wonder these inbreds after fucking thier fisrt cousins turn to bestiality like their pedophile pigamber mu-ham-mad(pigshit be upon him) who was goat fucker.
    @ Ms BNI if you can find the link of that video please post it here

  17. muslims follow a “prophet” whose teachings revolve around his own penis, allows sex with farm animals and children, and requires rape as a religious ritual.

    He claims christians train dogs for inter-species copulation, probably because mo hated dogs so much. No doubt this cleric also wants to discourage competition for the affections of larger farm animals.

    Any christian women who enter my property and attempt to woo my girls for their nefarious purposes will be shot.

    IMPORTANT NOTE TO BDS folks–boycott Israeli potash.

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