God gets pissed off when Muslims call his chosen people “apes”

P1000663So pissed off, in fact, he might even decide to send down a plague or two as a warning to such virulent Jew-haters. Take the recent outbreak of roving baboon hordes that have been ambushing Saudi villages, for example…

Observers.france24 In southwest Saudi Arabia, baboons have no qualms about entering inhabited areas to loot trashcans and pantries. Such monkey business is causing panic among the local residents, who are resorting to unusual means to get rid of the baboons.

There are many baboons in the mountainous regions of southwestern Saudi Arabia, namely in al-Qura, al-Baha, and Abha. For the last several months, roving monkey hordes have been venturing increasingly closer to villages and farmland. The Ministry of Local Government is concerned by the growing number of raids and has launched awareness campaigns in the country’s south.


Fayçal al-Zahrani lives in al-Baha province and says baboons frequently invade his neighborhood. “They typically arrive before dawn, in groups of 10 to 20 baboons. First, they raid crops in the fields around the village, then they tear open the trash bags and even try to break into houses to steal food. Last week, they caused a panic at a girls’ school they attacked early in the morning. They managed to steal cookies in the backpacks of the students. Residents are also concerned because baboons can transmit serious diseases.”


“In my village, we don’t know what to do to protect ourselves from the monkeys. We secure our trash bins with metal wire and some villagers have even installed barbed wire to prevent the baboons from getting into their houses. Others have set up traps that give off electric jolts. I don’t approve of this method because I think it’s cruel; these animals are not violent, you just have to wave your arms in the air or yell at them for them to run off.” “A dozen years ago, these monkeys never went into the cities”

In the video below, some residents have set up traps that give off electric jolts. (Turning down the sound is recommended before viewing)


38 comments on “God gets pissed off when Muslims call his chosen people “apes”

  1. Pigs, dogs, and now monkeys. It is funny. But I would be sympathetic to non muslims that had to deal with rabid dogs, wild pigs, or disease carrying apes.

  2. Thanks BNI that has given me a chuckle.

    I do not know what they are moaning about? We all know from the Islamic belief system all that happens on this earth is the will of God.

    God clearly wants the Baboon there.

    Accept the will of Allah and shut up.

    …or maybe God sent an advance society to take over?

  3. Muslim leaders believe they have the right to say terrible things about the Jewish people. At the same time, the OIC is using their significant power at the UN to criminalize speech that criticizes anything about Islam.

    Take Action
    Urge US and UN to condemn Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan’s Anti-Semitic Remarks
    Take Action On This Issue

    On February 27, 2013, speaking before a Vienna forum of the Alliance of Civilizations, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan called Zionism, the movement founded in 1897 for Jewish self-determination, a “crime against humanity.” He likened Zionism to anti-Semitism, fascism, and Islamophobia.

  4. In the Bible, Gods ‘right hand’ is Jesus. “I’ll send my right hand to punish so and so”.
    Every time the Lord mentiones a place that He will destroy, it is ALWAYS a Muslim country. This begins with Isaiah’s ‘He is coming in the clouds and is going to Eqypt’.

  5. It’s cruel. A battery-operated radio set on a talk show station would be a good solution. It’s works well to get rid of raccoons on people’s property so it would be fine also to keep tha babboons away.

  6. Speaking of trash cans, a friend of mine who lives in W. Los Angeles, has several Muzzies (rich ones) who’ve infested some of the once very nice homes on her street. Apparently trash cans are a status symbol, as you see multiples of 5 & six on their driveways. Sure do make a lot of trash in the neighborhood. Not hearsay, I’ve seen the receptacles.

    One of the owners defaced a very expensive house by sticking a dome over what I assume is the entry hall. Maybe that’s where the family lifts their derrieres in adoration.

    By the way, she’s a very endangered species out there. A Republican.

  7. that recruit with the long rifle is going to get scope bit ! tell my boys all the time keep your eye at least 2-3 inches from scope ring , recoil will get you , B i still don’t see no gate for pay-pal at Walid’s book store

  8. haw haw just love b,n,i could,nt happen to a better class of people, maybe they,ll inter-breed, it may add some more brain cells to the scumlims?

  9. They, the baboons remind me of the frickin muslims, you kick their ass but they are so stupid they keep coming back. I guess these baboons must be muslim monkeys and apes. But then again muslims remind me of baboons. Peace to all non-muslims who agree.

  10. I’m reminded of Simpsons’ In Marge We Trust (4F18),

    Reverend Lovejoy: Baboons to the left of me, baboons to the right, the speeding locomotive tore through a sea of inhuman fangs. A pair of great apes rose up at me, but biff! Bam! I sent them flying like two hairy footballs. A third came screaming at me, and that’s when I got mad…

    Homer: Now, that’s religion.

  11. Setting traps to give the baboons a jolt of electricity?
    Sounds like an idea we should start using in English speaking countries for muslims.
    For bait I guess we could ue food stamps or maybe some child porn.

  12. I’m sure they’ll claim they’re Mossad agents, just like the rest of the animal anomalies that happened.
    No matter what happens, the Jews will get the blame.

    Long live Israel!

  13. “God gets pissed off when muslims call his chosen people apes” I’d like to think of this as a reminder of the primative attitudes of the muslims, what goes around comes around type of thing. But, if there were a lesson in this, I don’t believe for one moment they’d get it. With all the years of the inbreeding, and a few offshots of the goatmen herding their female species into harems of all type, this has got to be one of the simplest reminders of their lack of knowledge of anything godly, knowledge they refuse to accept, contemplate or reconize as truth. They just don’t get it as it were, oooh but they will, I suspect real soon and they will be none to pleased as to the result of their idolitary. The first commandment: ” I am God, your only God, thou shall not have other gods before me, for I am a jealous god” yeah too bad they have mo in front of their lieing eyes, sucks to be them.
    Think of what a new plague of lotus would do to their already unsustainable crops, already can’t feed thier slaves to mo as it is, now that would be a message they might reconize, far too late, but they would get that one loud and clear.

    Semper Fi

  14. Feed yer brothers, Arabs!!! If well fed and happy, they won’t need to raid your kitchen or mug you for your grocery bag. Keep those ‘nanners coming!!!

  15. But I will say one thing after viewing the videos: MUSLIMS ARE FILTHY PIGS. Look at the garbage on the side of the roads, and look at the backyards. So there you are Muslims are PIGS–not halal!

  16. I notice several nekkid baboons. Will they make them wear burkas and cover themselves? I mean it might cause Muslim women to lust after these male baboon penises!

  17. please explain ??? its ok to cut and animals throat for halal but not to give the animal an electric shock now thats mozzie thinking at its intelligent best.Some of those baboons have pretty faces so what are you doing tonight ..call me later

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