It’s kind of like murdering your parents and then throwing yourself on the mercy of the court because you are an orphan

Recep_Cetin__1645015aHow do you say “Chutzpah” in Turkish? A confessed Turkish Muslim killer who hacked to death two Irish women, one of them his teenage girlfriend’s mother, has asked for reporters to be banned from his trial because media reports were “depressing him.” Cetin complained that he was being treated like, “a Christian, an atheist or a communist” in court.

Herald IE The request came shortly after the defendant, former waiter Recep Cetin (photo above), admitted the charges of murdering Marion Graham and Kathy Dinsmore, both 53 and from Newry, Co Down, in August 2011, at the Fifth High Criminal Court in Izmir, Turkey.

Recep Cetin, appearing in court alongside his alleged accomplice father, Erup Cetin, appealed for the media to be banned because of the effect reports were having on his mental health. 

Marion Graham (52) and Kathy Dinsmore (53)

Marion Graham (52) and Kathy Dinsmore (53)

I am a Muslim. My father is innocent, yet he has been in prison for one and a half years. Camera records show my father was not at the scene,” he added.

Cetin claimed he was suffering from depression because of media coverage of the case and called for the court to remove reporters from the courtroom. “I have read reports claiming I cut off the victim’s heads,” he said. “I murdered them, that is true. But the media has reported false allegations.”

Despite his admission of guilt, Cetin defended his father and denied that he had any involvement in the double murder. “I swear to this country, to this nation, that whatever my father says is true. I am guilty and my guilt is a sufficient punishment for me,” he said.

Cetin’s father told the court he was the victim of a conspiracy. “I have nothing to do with this incident. I am innocent yet I am kept in prison. Neither God nor justice will forgive this,” he said.

Sunday World The women’s bodies were found in woodland near their holiday resort, in Kusadasi, Turkey. Both were with Ms Graham’s daughter Shannon (16), who had started a relationship with Recep Cetin. Marion Graham (52) and Kathy Dinsmore (53) were stabbed to death by Shannon’s boyfriend Recep Cetin in the town of Izmir, Turkey.

Shannon and Recep

Shannon and Recep

Shannon, the daughter of murder victim Marion Graham was reported to have been struggling with her emotions, torn between her love for Recep Cetin and her deep love and loyalty to her slain mother. The couple were inseparable. It has been reported that Shannon was obsessed with Cetin whom she first met while she was only thirteen-and-a-half. Cetin wanted to make her his child bride and local sources said he dreamed of starting a new life in Ireland.

Ms Graham and Ms Dinsmore had hoped to convince Cetin to stop attempting to marry Shannon. They got in a car with Cetin, who said he would take them shopping. Prosecutors allege Cetin drove them to woodlands, stabbed Ms Graham in the chest and cut Ms Dinsmore’s throat.

Police arrested Recep Cetin and the waiter confessed to the killing. He is believed to be 22-years-old, however he insists he is 17 and should be tried as a child. Cetin is currently being tried alongside his father in an adult court.



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  1. You all need a serious education! Him being a murderer has nothing to do with his religion or being a Muslim! Might just be because he’s an absolute lunatic? Ever thought of that? Ever thought at all? Evidently not.

  2. It isn’t worth it- if you aren’t assaulted or murdered then one of your family members might be. I agree dragonfire- this guy is 17 like my 21 month old son is 17! This is what I will continue to say- go to the gym, get yourself in the best shape you can possibly get in and tell the Muslim dudes to take a flying leap. Even if you aren’t a size two you can respect yourself enough to not allow yourself to be treated the way that Muslim men will treat you.

    • Amen to everything you just said…though, they don’t only go after the chubby ones. I just wished women wouldn’t fall so easily to their words. I don’t understand women who fall for charming words period. These guys aren’t worth it.

  3. The arrogance and malignant narcissism of Muslims is literally beyond belief. But, what Muslim male isn’t stuck somewhere emotionally between birth and three years old? He claims to be 17? Right, and I’m a three-peckered billy goat.

  4. Ignorance is bliss ? It didn’t turn out that way did it ? Unless every non muslim is educated about the true nature of the cult of islam and its degarading sick culture we will constinue to have ignorant non muslim girls falling for these sick lotharios.

  5. Gee what number are we up to here BNI under the category ‘why you should never date or marry a Muzscum’. Obviously the girls mother knew the dangers her daughter faced by getting involved and marrying a Muzzie. The women should have had a male or a few males family members present when this peice of shit wanted to meet with them. I have no doubt in my mind he had most likely been threatening them prior to the meeting. How sad for the girls mother and the other lady were killed horrifically. It was the daughters choice to be with this scum and marry him. I would have let her do as she pleases (after failed attempts to make her see reason) and let her learn the hard way as a lot of stupid western women have. You cant fix stupid.

  6. Hey, BNI. You should post the video of Keith Ellison having a Muslim meltdown on Hannity recently, if it’s been uploaded. I couldn’t stop laughing at him

  7. Note how he mentions being a muslim in an attempt to improve his case. I suppose this would go in line with Erdog’s attempts to allow headscarved lawyers within Turkish courts.

  8. Inbred, braindead, rage-filled, self-important, entitled, misogynist, supremacist, killer zombie mozman jihadist. Mohammed’s favorite sex slave was a Christian. Mohammed’s imitators love to humiliate and slay Christians to show their superiority to them! Paranoid sociopathy is normative Islam, rather than an aberration.

  9. Oh, poooor Recep, he gets sooooo depressed by being called a —-ing killer!!….Hope someone puts him out of his deep depression soon by doing to him what he did to the two women he killed!!……..AND his father needs to go down with him as he was more than likely complicit in the murders!!

    • He seems to have the same father fixation as that evil antisemitic bastard Mel Gibson, who obviously got his potty mouth at his father’s knee.

      Any psychologist reading this, is there some dark secret shared by this islamist creep and the dysfunctional Gibson family? Did their daddies rape them and they blame themselves, or something like that?

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    If he had lived today in any civilised society , for his very first crime he would have
    been hung

    • Yea, I just can’t find it in my heart to feel pity for these stupid, lonely, idiot, women that will do anything to be with someone.

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