Pro-Iranian, virulently anti-Israel Judenrat, Danny Schechter, upset that Israeli-owned European satellite network has banned Iranian media

You’ll notice that Schechter is being interviewed here by Press TV, the state-owned Iranian media outlet.

FYI, this disgusting excuse for a human being was interviewed by Al-Jazeera where he condemned the film ‘Innocence of Muslims’ as being “a vile and blasphemous insult to Islam which should have been banned because it was designed to incite violence by Muslims.”


Schechter claims Israeli-owned satellite network Eutelsat continues its media attack against Iran and has ordered Iran’s Arabic channel al-Alam off air as it continues it’s anti-free speech attack to silence points of view coming out of Iran in its efforts to only have people of the world access a one-side-of-the-story point of view. (I wonder how many Israeli media outlets are operating in Iran?)