Al-Qaeda publishes it’s latest hit list

The latest edition of the al Qaeda English-language magazine Inspire is out today. A digital copy of the magazine, provided by MEMRI shows a “Wanted: Dead or Alive” feature on page 10 of the new issue:


Weekly Standard   (h/t Kamiaru“Wanted: Dead or Alive for Crimes Against Islam,” the page reads. The list includes: Molly Norris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Flemming Rose, Morris Swadiq, Salman Rushdie, Girt Wilders [sic], Lars Vilks, Stephane Charbonnie, Carsten Luste, Terry Jones, and Kurt Westergaard. No further reason is provided to explain why these folks were singled out for the hit list, though many are notable critics of radical Islam. 

“Yes We Can,” the image reads. “A Bullet A Day Keeps the Infidel Away.”

“Defend Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him,” the image reads.

TORCHING, AMBUSH and HIT LISTS: Newest issue of Al Qaeda magazine ‘Inspire’ is out with lots of how-to tips for homegrown terrorists. In a section titled “Open Source Jihad,” Inspire writers explain to readers how to blow up parking lots and cause horrific car accidents. The instructions, which include “don’t get petrol on yourself” are very thorough.



Those targeted by al-Qaeda include:


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  1. Guess they haven’t seen the one with Kim Jong Un banging Mohammad up the ass and Kim is saying un, uno, dos, tres, quatro

  2. Off-topic but worth mentioning:

    BRAVA, Ms. BNI, for finally getting the Top Posts links to work in properly directing users to the appropriate postings!!! [It was irritating having to take the titles and plug them into the search-box – this is MUCH BETTER!!!] Better late than never – well done!!!!

  3. i just hate how people classify muslims as moderate muslim and extremist muslim, a muslim is a muslim no matter what, they all read thier terror manuals religiously, it would be better if people classify muslims as active muslim, dormant muslim and a dead muslim like they do it to volcanoes.
    An active Muslim is a terrorist.
    A dormant Muslim is potential terrorist with a slight nudge it will become terrorist.
    A dead Muslim is the most peaceful one and is buried in grave, or thrown in sea to fishes, or exploded one , charred to death

    • Just repeat after me, “muslim enough” muslim enough, muslim enough, that ought to do it, try not to cnfuse the useful idiots out there, life is hard enough, but even harder when you are too stoopid to know the difference.
      Semper Fi.

      • I appreciate your service mate, quick question though, a lot of movies (probably not accurate) always depict soldiers as enjoying the company of the majority of Muslims where they are deployed. Were things different were you were? I don’t think I’d be on the friendliest terms with the supporters of those whom I am fighting. So to clarify, did most soldiers deployed with you share the same anti-Muslim sentiment?

  4. They forgot Jeff Dunham of “Achmed the Dead Terrorist” fame. If you haven’t seen Jeff’s routine, you’re not complete.


  5. Do you suppose they would like to know who is on our lists as well, two can play this game of ‘fall down and never get up again’, all things being equal in the process, there are far too many on our list to call forth, but they do exist and for a reason. I often wonder why it is they never make any attempts at coming for me and my kind, maybe they really do fear allah, and just what makes them think we (I) are not, what some call, instruments of God wrath, anyway. I know of 43 who took that bet, they lost and I have not even started yet? I’m a retired Marine from active duty, not retarded of their intentions. I hope for their sake, the report I read ( al-queda has intentions and are readying themselves for striking inside of U.S. with hit teams) on WND yesterday, they are bluffing because if they aren’t, sucks to be you.
    Semper Fi.

    • I think the mass East Indian immigration is a crime against Western/European humanity right there. If things don’t change, in no time we’ll be Iran # 2.

      • Bite your tongue Scaret. Hell has no fury as a Patirots desire to remain free from this type of plague upon humanity, islam and their brothers from hell in waiting. That is not going to happen, “we’ll be iran#2”, my friends of the 338 LaPau family, Mr. 308 Kimber Moutian Scene, and Mr. 45, aka “sidearm” Kimber say otherwise. Who am I to argue with these types, they are good at what they are intended for and no matter what, they’ll have the last say in these matters.

  6. The US has it’s own hit list and is doing well as it eliminates the savages of islam. bin laden being just one of the dead monsters of islam. muslims are cowards and stupid.

  7. Did you know that some translators of Arabic say that Al Qaeda actually is Arabic slang for “toilet?” I actually checked this out on Google translate. If you input the word “potty” in English, the Arabic word that comes out on the other side is indeed similar to the terror group’s name. (A Kaadah)

    Some people think that the name evolved from an American code name for Bin Laden’s group. But the terrorists, including Bin Laden liked the name so much that they formally adopted it (probably with a good laugh that they would be henceforth known as “The Potty” or “The Shitter.”)

  8. Obama has ties with Al qaeda…I’m sure Al qaeda has been killing people in America…Al qaeda has only been around since the 1980’s.

    • Speaking of Obama and Al qaeda does nobody notice the CREEPY striking resemblance between Obama and Osama? And i’m not just talking about their names just the 98% identical faces.

      • Osama bin Laden had fuller lips than Barack Hussein Obama has. Also, Osama has higher-arched eyebrows.

        That said, they DO have very similar expressions!! They’re not one and the same man, but they resemble each other to some extent; furthermore, with their expressions of contempt and arrogance, it serves all the more to prove the EVIL intentions and nature of Obama.

        Islam truly puts on you a reptile’s face quite quickly…

    • Hanna, it is when they became a feature in this society, the 80s, they have been around, and causing trouble, since the early 70s. Think, the nation of islam, under malcolm X, now headed by fairycon, the hell fire spewing islamic center in shitcago, one of obummers friends.

  9. The fight against totalitarian GREEN FASCISM has only begun. Mozzies are so delusional they think that their Death Cult will beat logic and reason!

    There are more of us who love freedom than there are Mozzies who love killing.

    The counter-jihad is growing while Islam is in rapid decline.

  10. A bullet a day will only keep those not willing to step up to the plate away.
    Those, there are millions of us who will answer the call when it comes, that are willing will stand to, spit in the face of islam,
    urinate on the koran & call out muhammed for the child rapist/scum he is, some of us will have a lb. of bacon in one hand & a machete in the other.
    No paradise, no 72 virgins for you muslim scumbag. Hope this helps.

  11. B.N.I. sorry but i don’t have any other way of getting this article to you,if you go to The Sun Newspapers Website, 28-2-13, Page 11,on the Bill Leckie page he has a Great Photo of our very own George Galloway with his arm around Uri Geller the Spoon Bender,turns out Uri was a Israeli Paratrooper,a wee bit hypocritical since he claims to not recognize anybody from Israel. Sorry once again for the lack in Computer skills.

  12. what no mention of our beloved BONNI .If this isnt hate speech from them please explain what is.In Australia its time RULE 303 was applied in the US Rule 30>06 or combined Rule 308 sooner rather than later.

  13. aw what about me.. I hate Ma-Hog-mad and Allah ( may a pig poke him) too with a passion.

    • LOVE it! Yes we can. Who said that?

      And might I add a little irony?

      How about calling that ‘magazine’ – INSPIRE RESPECT – do you think GG would go along with that? Common cause, and all that.

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