So far, so good. Kentucky community’s rejection of Islamic cemetery hasn’t yet been overturned by Obama’s DOJ

islamophobia300x200Rarely has a simple 10-acre tract of land so united a community. The board by a 5-1 vote rejected the conditional-use change from agricultural in the unincorporated area of Bullitt County. The sale to the Louisville Islamic Center was contingent upon the change.

Courier Journal The Islamic center last week decided not to appeal and will look for cemetery land elsewhere. “The overwhelming sentiment of the crowd was a little bit disheartening,” said Ozair Sharif, a Louisville attorney and board member of the Islamic center.


But the staunch opposition to a proposed Islamic cemetery near the eastern edge of Mount Washington wasn’t as uncomplicated as it appeared. Strongly voiced objections on religious grounds were numerous at a recent meeting of the county board of adjustments, but they were hardly the only reasons residents on and around Hubbard Lane wanted to stop the plan.

Residents said they were concerned about:

• Increased traffic on Hubbard Lane.

• Possible vandalism of the cemetery from those who oppose Islam’s presence in Bullitt.

• Kids having to ride their bikes past a cemetery when there are no other cemeteries in the immediate area.

• Groundwater safety and other environmental issues.

Residents said there was more to their opposition than traffic patterns. Some were concerned about groundwater safety, given that Islamic burials typically involve wrapping the body in a shroud but not a casket or vault. There are streams nearby. Stacey Schmidt and her husband raise goats and chickens on their nearby property, and focused her points on the environmental impact of Islamic burials in soil she considers unsuited for them. 


“There are a lot of natural springs in Bullitt County you could still drink out of,” she said, urging more reseach on groundwater safety. “There are several ponds by that site. And the problem is, when you discover a problem, and animals or people start to get sick, it’s already too late.”

Neighbor Ron Boss also expressed concern for his lifestock. “I’m afraid of environmental issues — if it puts me out of business if I can’t sell what I am trying to raise,” said Boss, whose nearby farm includes cows and horses. “I just don’t want a cemetery next to me.”

But for many, the central issue was the traffic created by burial attendance. Romona Stout recalled moving onto Hubbard Lane 42 years ago when it was just a gravel road. “You cannot hardly pass with two cars, it is a lane. To have a cemetery in a residential neighborhood, it bothers me. I don’t have nothing against the Islamic religion, it’s not that.


But for others, it clearly was the religion. “Why would you want to go where you’re not wanted?” asked Len Hardy Sr., who was admonished at the podium for turning around and talking to Islamic center representatives and not zoning board members. “Seems to be, you’re looking for a dumping ground, and I don’t like it.”

Sharon Foley of Oak Creek Drive told the board, “Our country was founded on Christian principles. Thousands and thousands of American men and women for their freedom of religion.” She lives with her 90-year-old father, who served in the Marines. She called the proposed Islamic cemetery a slap in his face, “given the incidents of the past 11 years,” she said, referring to the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

It was an irrelevant point, in that the board of adjustments is prohibited by law from considering religious factors.



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  1. Ashes to ashes and dust to dust…..each and everyone of us will ultimately face the same end. Each will be resurrected to answer for their deeds in front of the Creator. The same Creator who is the God of Abraham and also of the Jews Christians and Muslims. How will we answer to Him on that Day for our bigotry towards our fellow human beings?Rember this is the day when our mouths will be sealed and our hands and feet will testify against us.

    • Amen! As an American born citizen, I am outraged that people of Muslim faith are simply not “allowed” to bury their loved ones, in their religious beliefs. It may sound odd coming from a card carrying Republican for the last 40 years, but I have never seen so much hate in this country. So much hate that I am scared for my children. I was not raised with hate in my heart, not will I raise my children that way. Fear mongering to the devout and true is WRONG! We are a country built on religious freedoms. How many wars have been fought over the last thousands and thousands of years. Wars fought on every continent, across every ocean. How many men and women have been buried in vast graves, covered by the bodies of comrades and enemies alike, in wide open spaces, such as the one being sought out here. I can sort of understand the farmers worry about environmental impact, but isn’t that just a cover for fear? Things can be done to eliminate or vastly reduce environmental impact. We all die. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We are deserve to die and be buried witg dignity, around our loved ones and our families and communities, if we are so blessed. As a Christian, I know my God would not want me to inflict pain on another. Forbidding the few for a proper burial in the religious and cultural beliefs they hold causes pain. Don’t fall into the fear, just because someone doesn’t worship as you do, doesn’t make them wrong or deserving of hate and a denial of civil rights and liberties. Everyone is in the United States for one reason….Freedom of choice of so many things. How is it right for us to not pick those freedoms? This is not what our forefathers or our God(s) envisioned for us. We can do better people. My prayers are with you my friends of Islam and my friends of Bullitt County. I pray for a peaceful and a right solution.

      • HT, you are delusional. The very people you feel sorry for are the very people who are going to kill you and your children. Scroll thru the Categories in the Sidebar here before you come back and make an equally ignorant comment.

        As a Christian, your God would not want you to surrender to a people whose only goal in life is to make you a Muslim or kill you if you refuse.

  2. I mentioned on the previous post regarding this topic that I lived in Kentucky for many years and knew that Kentuckians would put up a real fight. If I remember correctly KY was the last state to cave to federal demands such as seat belt law and gun control laws like the Brady mandate.

    Kentuckians are a different breed of cat. If KY cannot win this battle it is all over for other states.

  3. Good for Kentucky ! All raghead atemps to bury their dead garbage anywhere in America should be stopped Why don’t theey jusr blow them up? At least some of the ensuing litle hunks will be facing Mecca.

  4. 10 acres ought to be just ’bout right for a piggie race track, like the one in Texas. ‘Round & ’round they go, & bar-b-q the losers. The aroma of smoking pig should draw a great crown.

  5. Having sold pre-need cemetery services in the past one thing I do know… With cemetery regulations in North America a suitable casket and vault would be a requirement. It is not environmentally safe to inter a body without a casket and vault. Formaldehyde as well as other fluids can leach in the soil and find its way to a water supply or source.

    • In the case of islamists, they leech into the soil, the air, the water, the government, the AG’s office, the forces, the FBI, the CIA…

  6. Glad to see this outcome so far ! their ground , our ground , my ground is not for muslims or their lovers , Bought and paid for by the blood and sweat of a Patriot it belongs to real Americans . 3-7-77 in your own god damn country muzzies we got sweet ground and will fight to keep it.

  7. Moslems have already declared their intentions of taking political control of the US. If Moslems are not deprogrammed from Islam, they will take over the US, even if it requires hundreds of years.

    • A little ‘pig taqiyya’? Find a place that was a pig farm for 50 years, but not recently. Doctor the records to make it look ‘halal’ for islamists, then sell it.

      Only problem? When to tell them, for maximum laughs.

  8. Its great to read some good news for a change,,lets hope and pray it continues.Go Kentucky go!!! Yes,the Pork sounds good too! LOL

    • You farmers know those plow thingies that inject ammonia or manure under the surface? Criss-cross the area injecting pig urine/blood, maybe bits of bone.** Then sell it to an islamist creep for top dollars. Then let them bury there for a few years.

      Then let the cat out of the bag.

      Even better, can those things go six feet down?

      Better still, go to the chief islamist mukka-mukka, and offer to say nothing for ‘a consideration’, maybe by installments…

      …and secretly record everything!

      ** Just as good if they discover for themselves!

  9. By God, I’m a McCrackin Country born, reared by Clark and McCreary County raised parents, and all I can say to the moos infiltrating Ky. is: You won’t get much of the bleeding heart acceptance in KENTUCKY as other places! My Mom STILL resides in a county of Muzzie Pop:ZERO. And apt to remain that way! Now..when y’all do get that “safe” feeling, to take over, ask for welfare and freebies, ha ha, I look forward to reading the news that develops! Go back to your desert you AlaHaHa loving baby rapers with your taqiyya. P.S. In Ky. we call that BS!
    And we have swine blood parties on occasion, FYI! Just for the redneck reputation!