LEFT WING Anti-Islamists, yes, there actually are a few…

And, believe it or not, liberal comedian Bill Maher is one of the best, if not, THE best.

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  1. I have to say that Maher gets slammed by the left and equally trashed by muslims…He does not get a pass. The reason that the right get such a hard time is because their very outlook errs on the racist. i have been debating religion and Islam in particular for years – I have seen the criticism of Islam by the right dissolve into pure prejudice many times. There are exceptions of course. It is a constant bugbear of mine and part of the reason why it has become such a taboo to criticise Islam at all. I have been called a racist so many times that it doesnt upset me anymore. I am not a racist. I am not prejudiced against muslim people. But I think EVERYTHING is wrong with their religion….

  2. I’m reminded of something I used to hear G. Gordon Liddy say, “Even a ‘Stopped Clock’ is right Twice a Day.” I’m just glad that I don’t have to agree with Bill Maher more often that that!

  3. To be honest I am alittle suprised Bill Maher has said this stuff. I now have a little respect for him. Muslims probably do not know he said this stiff since Bill Maher has more of a reputation of criticizing Christianity.

  4. they still kill him? So much for forgiveness. this is a culture/religion I or my love ones would never believe or participate

  5. I personally cannot stand Maher, but this time the light-bulb has clicked in his Liberal brain. As in Hitler’s Germany in the late 30’s, the Liberals and Catholics began to criticize Der Fuehrer about his vicious tactics – but, it was too late. Now in America, it may also be – too late! There are 10 million Muslims in a nation that in 1950 had maybe 10,000 – by 2050, there may be 100 million! We have a problem, and America needs to WAKE THE HELL UP!

  6. Thankfully there are liberals on the left, whos listeners will start to think. Wow, wouldn’t that be something.

    I think the greatest battle in America on this subject, is for democrats to wake up and notice that it’s their political party who is aiding and abetting with the infiltration and domination of islam.

    (words uncapitalized on purpose to show my utter lack of respect)

  7. When the time comes, the left wing fascists will do far worse to the muslim populations of the UK and Europe than any so-called right wingers. Just like the war between the Soviets and the Nazis was a war between two ideologies separated by a hair’s width, rather than being opposing ideologies as is popularly promulgated, so it will be with leftists and muslims. Two virtually identical ideologies, where absolute power over, and the regulation of all aspects of, the citizens’ lives is the goal, fighting for control of the exact same space. Just like the 1940s.

  8. Thanks, BNI. Many kudos to Bill Maher. He has the anatomy most other males in a position to speak out about the truth of Islam don’t have.

  9. I have liked this guy since his burqa fashion show, but can you imagine if someone from the right said these things? They’d be crucified and thrown in jail.

  10. True liberals understand the threat that Islam and all other similar totalitarian ideologies pose to individual freedom. Unfortunately many liberals believe the delusion that Islam is a nice religion hijacked by a few nutjobs and don’t understand that it is Islam itself, and not just a few nutjobs, that is rotten to the core.

    The more liberals begin to understand that Islam is just as much a threat to them as everyone else, you will start to see liberal attitudes change.

    Way too many liberals believe in the politically correct and grossly inaccurate version that Islam is a nice peaceful religion. They should really listen to liberals such as Ayan Hirsi Ali and Aliaa El Mahdi who will tell a different story of the cruelty, hatred, bigotry and violence that are the true marks of Islam — from women who are the victims of Islam and of people who follow, not the cherry picked version of Islam, but true Islam in all its glory.

    The salvation of liberalism is the dumping of political correctness and the philosophy of winning by victimization, and education and knowledge of the truth and seeing Islam as it really is. Otherwise liberals will be the first to be devoured by Islam all while still believing that Islam is a nice peaceful religion. Everything that liberals stand for, secularism, humanism, individual freedom, human rights and dignity, women’s rights, gay rights, are the very things that Islam hates. But liberals, misguided, are standing up to defend the very people who want to destroy them.

    This foolishness must eventually stop. And true liberals must eventually stand up and champion true human rights and liberty against the totalitarianism and fascism that is Islam.

  11. yes BNI he dose have a useful anti muslim mouth its the same one he uses to kiss obama’s ass with , still as an american born I stand by his right to use it and we know when the chips are down his kind will shed no blood to defend free speech ! a free rider america is full of them

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