NORWAY: MP’s demand funding to the Palestinians be cut off unless they stop promoting Jew-hatred

245x133xNorwayFundsPA.jpg,q1362046434.pagespeed.ic.M-Ug_LnNpjNorwegian MPs call for an end to funding the Palestinian Authority if the PA continues its hate-incitement and terror-glorification against Jews. The PA finances and partially controls a TV channel that broadcasts hatred of Jews.

PALWATCH Norway’s three opposition parties – the Conservative Party, the Progress Party and the Christian Democratic Party – challenged the Norwegian Foreign Minister about Norway’s funding of the PA, noting that this is not the first time Norway has objected to Antisemitism broadcast by PA TV.


Morten Høglund, foreign policy spokesman for the Progress Party: “We must use the power we have, and as a major donor to the PA, we must fight fire with fire and say that we will stop the aid unless the PA takes immediate action to stop this type of hate message.” 

Hans Olav Syversen, MP for the Christian Democratic Party: “Yes, I believe we should [stop funding if hate continues] because you have to send a clear political signal that we as a donor country also want to reinforce the peace process. I think anyone who sees this realizes that this contributes to the opposite.”

PMW documents that PA hate incitement and demonization of Jews and Israelis is common in the PA.

0Norwegian Foreign Minister Espen Barth Eide replied that Norway “brought this up at a high level meeting with the PA, who responded that they would pursue this, and that they did not wish to broadcast this kind of expression through a Palestinian TV channel.” MP Dagfinn Høybråten of the Christian Democratic Party  said that “history repeats itself,” noting that “we have received the same assurances from former Foreign Minister Gahr Støre.”

Foreign Minister Barth Eide tried to minimize the severity of the PA hate incitement that PMW documented.

“I want to emphasize that even though we now again saw one such example that was documented here – and which the Israeli organization Palestinian Media Watch made NRK TV aware of, and it is correct and well documented that this [PA TV incitement] happened – it’s not as if nothing [positive] has happened… For example curriculum and textbooks, including in Gaza, are among the best in the Arab world in terms of how they relate to Jews and the other party.”


PMW notes that the Norwegian Foreign Minister’s reference to PA incitement as “one such example” is a gross understatement. Not only did the 11-minute NRK TV report cite several examples of PA hate incitement, libels, and terror glorification, PMW’s book Deception, which was given to the Foreign Ministry, documents many hundreds of examples. PMW has shown that the PA hate promotion, libels and terror glorification from PA leaders and their controlled media is PA policy and not just “one such example” as the minister claimed.


PMW notes that the PA’s “denunciation” of the Antisemitism in the PA TV documentary in January 2013 has been expressed to the Norwegian Foreign Ministry, but not to the Palestinian public. PMW has not seen any mention of this “denunciation” in any of the PA sources we follow. Although there have been three reports on official PA TV about the Norwegian TV report presenting PMW findings, it was never mentioned that the PA “denounced” or rejected any of the content criticized in the report.


In the end the Foreign Minister reiterated Norway’s attitude to hate speech and Antisemitism:

“This is not something we can accept, this is something we strongly denounce, something we have denounced (in the past), and something we will continue to denounce (in the future).”