UK: Far Left Wing Fascists (deceptively named ‘Unite Against Fascism) continue their anti-Christian crusade against the counter-jihad movement

zzzzzzzzAs usual, the fascists of ‘Unite Against Fascism’ blame Britain’s fast-growing Islamophobia anti-Islamism on the recession, xenophobia, and the so-called fascism patriotism of groups like the EDL. But their hands-down favorite way to slander anyone who speaks out against rising Islamization is to call them  ‘RACIST’ – ignoring the fact that Islam is not a race.

These Left Wing Fascists accuse a new wave of far right groups of pushing a narrative that, “Britain is losing its identity and way of life because of Muslims and immigration. You won’t find the media debunking the myth; nor the politicians – who have firmly placed the over-exaggerated risk of immigration on their agenda.” (HAH! ‘Over-exaggerated’ is the disinformation that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’)