CHICAGO: How about cleaning the Muslims off the streets?

DAWAH: Muslims try to lure unbelievers to Islam by cleaning the streets and giving out snacks.

At 3:25, the black Christian dude is not impressed.


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  1. I have relatives in Chicago so I visit the city a lot, the city has changed, during ramadan you see muslims sitting on benches in the early morning hours, while driving I will get my head out and scream “you idiots go home” and once I needed a calling card so the only shop that was open in the area was a paki store and the tape recorder was playing the quran, after I paid, the lady said come again I replied “with the tape recorder playing the quran I don’t think so ” and I lived up to my promise, I won’t give my money to muslims no way

  2. Just the way they look with their ugly, filthy beards should scare every decent person away! It baffles the mind how any slightly intelligent person could embrace the satanic cult of Islam.

  3. Randal is a prison cherry picker? To bad he can’t be of more use, like over in the sand dunes looking for bombs, that would be a great help for us God loving, American folks.

    • Peace and blessings to you Christene. Your are very funny – Mohammad likes his women to have a sense of humor – behind the veil of course:))

      You would do well to read some Hadiths and learn Mohammads examples on how to treat women.

      • LIAR!!!!!

        Islam HATES humour, as we know for example by studying the Qu’rân, Hadiths, Sira and everything else!!!!

        Mohammed never rejoiced other than in EVIL!!!!!

        His servant Ruhollah Khomeini said “there is no room for humour in Islam!” And if he, an ayatollah, could say and write that much (and we know that there really is no substantial difference between Sunni and Shi’a!!!!), then we know such is normative Islam –

  4. What good is a Koran in English? If you quote it to Muslims they laugh that it is not an accurate translation of the Arabic!
    Take what ever a Muslim is handing out. Deplete their resources. But other than that steer clear of Muslims. Simple rule.

  5. ‘Islam’ means ‘slavery’. Islam officially retains slavery, so it has no appeal to intelligent African Americans.

    Of African Americans, 78% are Protestants, 5% are Catholics and only 1% are Moslem.

    African Americans are by far the most serious about their faith of all Americans. Most would consider this delusional young man an object of compassion needing their prayers!

  6. Dawa is obligatory. Coupling Dawa with good deeds of picking up trash endears us to the community and opens the door to our Shariah Islamiyya.

    This is why we will defeat you infidels.

    I tell you this because you will not defeat us.

      • BNI – Thank you for asking and your concern for my well being during my incarceration.

        Actually Allah has guided me here to Dawah. The prison population is fertile ground for new reverts.

        Most all of my incarcerated brothers have been railroaded by your American Laws. When these inmates learn of the Shariah, Allah, and Mohammad they quickly embrace Islam.

        FYI – The prisons are fertile grounds growing the Islamic population in the USA. My friends at CAIR and ISNA control who the Prison Imams are and what they are taught.

        I tell you these secrets because there is nothing you can do to stop us.

        Allahu Akbar

        • RTR, hate to disappoint you, but you haven’t revealed any secrets. We already know the high population of muslim prisoners in US jails are converting a lot of black prisoners into black muslim criminals. Thank you very much.

    • Some background on RTR if he is real:

      “The Virginia jihad network was a network of jihadists centered in Northern Virginia.

      Ali al-Timimi was convicted in 2005 of exhorting his followers to join the Taliban and fight US troops. Found guilty during 2003-4 of various terrorism-related offences were Muhammed Aatique, Hammad Abdur-Raheem, Ibrahim Ahmed Al-Hamdi, Seifullah Chapman, Khwaja Hasan, Masoud Khan, Yong Kwon, RANDALL TODD ROYER and Donald Surratt.

      Ali Asad Chandia was a THIRD-GRADE TEACHER at the Al-Huda School, of Dar-us-Salaam mosque, in College Park, Maryland.

      Khan, Chapman and Hammad Abdur-Raheem all were convicted of conspiring to provide material support to Lashkar-e-Taiba, a designated Foreign Terrorist Organization, and to attack India in violation of the Neutrality Act of 1794, as well as of various firearms related offenses, for conduct that spanned from 2000 to 2003.

      A 2011 NPR report claimed some of the people associated with this group were imprisoned in a highly restrictive Communication Management Unit.”

      The last sounds like how all jailed islamists should be treated. For my money, they could be COMPLETELY incommunicado, non-persons, aren’t they?

      For your money, the umma should pay for their board, lodging and training, or ship them to a Saudi funded jail in the middle of the Saudi desert.

      • No. As long at you dont have a single proof of your gods existence and you can not demonstrate your god at all, you have nothing else but unsubstantiated claims. And that applies to any god believing man in the whole world, whatever you call your god jahve, allah, thor, odin, or one of the thousands of other gods people believe in, you have nothing more than unsubstantiated claims.
        All belief systems that includes an invisible “skydaddy” and something “holy”, is dangerous. islam is especially dangerous as it is a political system disguised as religion.

        • BNI:
          As long as people argue with their god being better than another god, they need to be told that all religions are fairytales, including their own faith.

        • No, they don’t. People are free to believe as they wish and unless you have discovered irrefutable proof that all religions are fairytales, you don’t get to condemn anyone’s beliefs. I don’t allow are arguments about whose religion is best, except re: Islam. It is assumed that everyone posting here understands that Islam is not a religion, simply a religious front for a sinister, supremacist political ideology.

    • You won’t defeat anything. Know why?

      Because all you ridiculous terrorists rely on a fictional character to back you up. We’re going to wipe your hateful little club off the face of the Earth. You elect superstition over logic, and in every instance the two have gone head-to-head, logic has always triumphed. How long do you really believe the majority will tolerate your “religion of peace” while your ilk openly oppress every belief but your own, and call for the murder of all those who don’t believe your fairy tales? How long do you think that dwindling minority is going to worry about hurting your feelings, while you brutally attack us in broad daylight? Do you think you’re sneaky? Here’s a hint: If you have a malign agenda to fulfill, don’t post what you’re doing and thinking to the entire world. Was that tip not mentioned in your holy book of toilet paper?

      Tick tock.

      • Digitoxin,

        You are filled with such rage and anger. You just keep rambling like a lunatic and people like you help to accelerate Americas Islamization.

        I’ll tell you why – Digi – when you go off sounding like a lunatic you do more to help us than hurt us. People like you make it easy for us to label you anyway that furthers Islam. We will marginalize you and make you irrelevant.

        Just ask this BNI person who has felt the sting of our targeted character assassination teams we unleash in this informational war phase we are now in.

        Digi – I post my agenda and plans here because there is nothing you can do to stop us. You responded exactly as I hoped you would. I purposely hit one of your emotional triggers and you provided a classic pavlovian response – and it gives me great pleasure.

        Hint – when you call our books “toilet paper” and other vile statements you make us the victim and there is MUCH power in victimhood in your country. We know it and we use it to our advantage.

        Victimhood and lots of money buys access, media, and message dominance. (let that sink in for a minute because that is all I will give you on this tip for the day)

        When you Mr. Digitoxin attack me like you do in your comment you strengthen me in the circles you do not travel in. My friends travel in circles that make policy. You travel in circles that are always opposing everything.

        I am positive – you are negative. Right and wrong are not part of the equation.

        I tell you this because there is nothing you can do or say to stop us.

        Peace and Blessing to you and as that commercial I like so much says,

        “Stay angry my friends” it really says “Stay thirsty my friends”. I will give you this, American culture is very creative too bad you cant channel that creativity to make yourselves a more worthy adversary.

        • The BEST answer to such FILTH that you Mohammedans are is that every year, 6,000,000 realise what EVIL Islam truly is – and renounce it, often in favour of the Christianity which you so despise and fight!!!!!

          Also, enough of us “infidels” ARE awakening – and we will drive you OUT of the West if you don’t stop what you’re doing and get out voluntarily!!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM!!!!!

  7. This is a nation of many faiths; The Muslim(Dawa, Isam;whatever you call it), DOES NOT RECOGNIZE, or TOLERATE ANY RELIGION BUT THEIR OWN! This is in direct opposition to the American Constitution and the Bill of Rights! It must be eradicated from our midst. America is openly a melting pot of race , color, and creed.The Muslim religion not only is a belief, but is also their way of life; their “rule of law”& we do not recognise ANY religion which “rules by punishing laws” our daily lives!

  8. Why would those Americans take a giant leap backwards to accept the lie that is islam? Foreigners I expect it from, but not from Americans. I am sick to my stomach.
    islam leads to death. Y’shuah is Life.
    “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No man comes to the Father but by Me.”
    John 14:6.

    • There is no god at all and never has been. No jahve, no allah, no “holy ghost”, no jesus, no satan, no prophets, no angels, and muhammed has been dust for 1400 years. Religions are fairytales, superstition and religious crutch for people who are afraid of life. Religions are instrument of power, created by men to control the population by fear.

        • “Religion is NOT the same as accepting the give of Forgiveness from Jesus! ”

          Oh, yes it is. Both are fairytales and fantasies. There is no need for faith in any god or jesus or muhammed at all.

          “I hope one day you will come to know him and have a relationship with him! Praying for you!!!”

          Well, if you wanna waste your time, then go ahead and pray. It does not help at all. I simply have too much common sense to let me be fooled into faith.

          Religion is poison, especially islam.

      • Metron, no belief is trumped by belief every time. If you leave you an empty hole in people’s souls something will come along and fill it. Between Muhammad and Christ, I chose Christ to fill that hole. Love God with all you heart, mind and soul; love your neighbor as yourself; and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Pretty simple and not at all the oppressive system you try to portray it as.

        • “Metron, no belief is trumped by belief every time.”

          No, faith in a god is trumped by common sense, knowledge, science, sceptisism, logic and rationality all the time! And no belief = common sense, knowledge, science, sceptisism, logic and rationality.

          “If you leave you an empty hole in people’s souls something will come along and fill it.”

          When you don’t believe in a god, common sense and knowledge will fill you instead.
          Both muslims and christians need to learn to let their religious faith belong to their private sphere only and respect other people enough to let them live in peace with their belief or lack of belief. Muslims are the worst like that seen.

          “love your neighbor as yourself; and do unto others as you would have them do unto you. ”

          And that you can do without believing in a god.

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