Saudi Cleric calls for continued Muslim suicide bombings in Israel

Unfortunately, he regrets that he will not able to martyr himself for cause at this time.

He also calls on ALL Muslim mothers to give birth to more sons so they can martyr themselves in suicide bombings in the land of the pigs and apes. Imagine the joy of the mother whose 4 sons became martyrs, after which she happily handed out sweets.


18 comments on “Saudi Cleric calls for continued Muslim suicide bombings in Israel

  1. There’s that word ‘Jihad’ again!

    So, when we see mothers wailing for their son, who was killed in a defensive missile strike; are upset because her son will now not receive 72 virgins.
    No sweets handed out for that death.

  2. If this schmuck actually believes what he preaches then why didn’t HIS mother encourage HIM to become road kill?! Where IS HIS mother? Would love to see how he treats his wives, girlfriends, sisters etc. bet anything he is a top-notch abuser!

  3. As a recent convert I have the prayer mat and the beard and look forward to being a martyr for allah – trouble is I work 5 days a week and at weekends I have to mow the lawn and do the house work – how can I find the time for 72 virgins… seriousl;y confused in Cambridge…

  4. He doesn’t martyr himself because he IS a pig and an ape! It’s oh so easy to send others to their death while all you do is sit on your butt on a gold-carved chair, praising the evil idol for yet another death in his name. I’m sure that after this video was taken he went to have sex with one of his many concubines and afterward he gorged himself with food and booze, this filthy devout idiot. And then he’ll come back again with his mask of a “holy man”, encouraging the dime-a-dozen bunch of brain-washed fanatics to die for him.

    When mega-shmucks like this disgusting jerk can become spiritual guides of a “religion”, it says tons about such “religion” (actually an evil, hateful ideology that can have representatives such as this nefarious sub-human).

  5. Saudi Cleric and many other devout Muslims continue to call for the MASSIVE breaking of God’s unchanging, Holy Law:


  6. I listened to that crap for 1:43. I have a head cold and that crap was giving me a headache on top of my current sufferings. What a moron. Check that gold chair, wonder were camelboy stole that. I just lost 1 minute and fortythree seconds of my life.

  7. What? The SAVAGES are calling for more SAVAGERY? Ho hum!

    Imagine the outcry if a bishop called for the death of Moslems!
    Imagine the horror is a leading rabbi called for Jewish mothers to offer their sons for suicide murders!

    You can’t imagine can you? Because civilized people follow the Golden Rule and backward, tribal 7th century savages like the Saudis don’t.

  8. God Almighty loves you, He Gave His only begotten Son, that you may live, if you will only repent for your sins and call upon the name of Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior you shall be saved, Call upon Him today. Lord Jesus I repent of all my sins, please forgive me, come into my life and lead me in the way you would have me go, guide me in your Holy Word, In Christ Jesus I pray, Thank you Holy Father. Amen. Allah is a false god and cannot save you, convert today and be saved Amen.

  9. “Protocols of elders of Zion” should be renamed as “The protocols of elders of ummah”

    It’s clear now who controls the media machine, who controls some ‘important countries’ behind curtains, who is trying to subvert and conquer the world…and it’s clear now who is the real threat to mankind: muslims.

  10. Naturally he won’t volunteer himself or his sons for this glorious task. This is a job for filthy, dirt poor, cannon fodder palis.

  11. Paskudni, you have that correct~! What idiocy~! To bear a child for nine months gestation, only to have him blow him/herself up for a hunk of rock god???

  12. what a shame
    the pig cannot martyr himself

    but you can go in his stead
    and be a good devout moose-lamb

    he’ll be laughing afterwords
    just like obama bin laden

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