‘The GENEX’ – Hollywood to bring the Armenian Genocide by Muslims to the big screen in 2015, the 100-year anniversary

images-1Let’s hope Barack Hussein Obama doesn’t force his Hollywood cronies to sanitize the truth about the Turkish Muslim savages, who still refuse to accept blame for the mass slaughter they carried out on 1.5 million Armenian Christians. Obama promised to recognize the Armenian Genocide by Turkey, but so far has not done so, not wanting to offend his BFF, PM Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey’s Islamist leader.

Turks thank Obama and Clinton for refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide by Muslims

Turks thank Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for refusing to recognize the Armenian Genocide by Muslims

Armenia Now  Plans for a new movie called ‘The Genex,’ dedicated to the centennial of the Armenian Genocide have been revealed, with a number of Hollywood stars expected to be involved in the production.


Armenian director Artak Sevada reportedly plans the screening of the movie on April 24, 2015 when Armenians around the world will be marking the 100th anniversary of the start of the Ottoman Empire’s genocidal policy during World War I that resulted in the killings and deportations of some 1.5 million Armenians.


According to the synopsis of the movie published on its official website, it tells about a “beautiful 25-year-old woman”, Sally Solomon, who “has spent years running from her family (and her own ethnic) history.” “But, when Sally’s father is murdered, she finds herself thrust into the middle of a vast conspiracy that puts her and the young lawyer trying to defend her against a large, powerful corporation hell bent on keeping secret its own dark involvement in the Armenian Genocide. As Sally will learn – history is a contact sport – and no one can hide from it.”


Two Hollywood stars – Natalie Portman and Armand Assante – have already reportedly signed papers to be involved in the movie to be produced by EdgeArt Entertainment and Sevada Productions, with an expected budget of $30 million.


Several other Hollywood actors, including megastars Al Pacino and Leonardo DiCaprio, are featured in the conceptual trailer currently published on the official movie website: www.thegenex.com


25 comments on “‘The GENEX’ – Hollywood to bring the Armenian Genocide by Muslims to the big screen in 2015, the 100-year anniversary

  1. the whole world knows about the genocide they are just scared dogs of politic, they are afraid to have an opinion and fight for it. they dont have character.
    its about 100 years ago now, and in this matter of time the european and americans fight against the muslims. that ur punish for not reconizing the genocid sooner. now the muslims will Always stand in ur ways, how the whole worls standed in our way 😉 for not reconizing the truth 😉

  2. funny they only talk about Armenian.. What about the Assyrian, and Greek christians who suffered the same exact situation at the same time, on the same land, by the same people aka the Ottomans.. Maybe u should mention the Assyrians too since they are still being deported and provoked in Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

    • we armenians fight for our country, we cant help the assyrians when they dont fight for it too, they are proud when people call them turks !!! so i dont think its our fault of someon elses choises.

  3. This movie will help a lot for recognition of our genocide. But, first of all we have to make our country powerful so others will respect and count with us. We have to force Armenian government to give a dual citizenship to millions of Armenians living outside the Country, so we can joint our brothers and sisters living in Armenia and fight against corruption that is forcing smart and hardworking Armenians to leave our beautiful country. We have to love our country and have a dream to go back. I will never be happy leaving in the US. Every day I listen Komitas and other Armenian composers and get upset that I am not in Armenia and I can’t do anything to help my country. We have to force Turkey and USA to recognize our genocide, but to be able to do do that we have to make Armenia democratic, civilized country and stop deportation. First we have to get our people back then we have to take our lands buck from turkey like we did with azerbaijan.
    I have a dream tesnem Anin u nor mernem and I like to say Armenians “Cele law cele ertank mer tun”.

    • My Armenian grandfather escaped to America from Isbanbul during the Genocide. As a young boy, he witnessed his mother and sister murdered by the Turks. I pray, that the upcoming movie, ‘THE GENEX’, depicts the Genocide as it really occurred and NOT in cheesy Hollywood manner.

  4. Since every Islamist, wants to kill every Jew, every Christian,every Hindu, every Bhuddist, every Zoroastrian, Sikh and the Sunnis want to kill every Shiite, and vice versa, it is impossible for any nation to be any ally of any Muslim society.

  5. Our relationship with Turkey is shaky now, at best, but that real estate is vital to our military interests; and, as you said, politicians won’t let morality interfere with expediency! As for Israel, up until fairly recently, Turkey was their only “cooperative” ally in the Mid East – now, of course, not so much (e.g., the terrorist flotillas, etc.).

    Even more to the point, what will it take for Turkey itself to ever admit the Truth? Muzzies have several missing brain cells when it comes to accepting blame for anything!

    Maybe what we, as American citizens can do, is actively seek out Armenian-American communities throughout the country and actively JOIN THEM for the entire year (in 2015) to help memoralize their sacrificed antecedents! That’s something, e.g., I can do here, where a local A-A community, centered around a beautiful little church they built not long ago, will no doubt be the focal point for several commenorative events, both religious & secular.

  6. This really needs to happen, to shove a knuckle sandwich into the evil islamist gob of Tayyip Erdogan Armenicide. If we can show that Mr. TEA’s backing of IHI islamist thugs to attack Israel (Marvi Marmara) is counterproductive, that Turkey, once well looked upon, is becoming a pariah, mentioned in the same breath as Syria, Iran, Afghanistan…then maybe his own party, and particularly the Turkish people will abandon him.

    Similarly, if we can show that Nihad ‘islamist’ Awad’s banal attempt at world press censorship of the word ISLAMIST is counterproductive, that ISLAMIST is now used much more, then one day the mohammedans of U.S. and Canada will realize that ‘cair’ is not part of any solution, but is a major part of the problem.

    All we have to do is include islamist in most articles and comments, and forward those to other blogs, and include islamist in letters to editors.

  7. Excellent!!!

    The brutal Armenian Genocide has been all but forgotten. Way to go! It should be as factually accurate as possible for the world to understand the true face of this barbaric death cult that hates all those who refuse to bow to its totalitarianism.

    We have a lot to learn from our Armenian brothers (to me all infidels are brothers and sisters). According to what I know it is one of the few countries with a declining parasite population!

  8. Islam is an ongoing battle against civilization. Jihadists built piles of heads wherever they went. The Armenian Genocide was not merely the period from the Universal Fatwa of 1915 until 1924. A series of slaughters took place in the 19th century as well. The Turkish high command authorized the murders of over 3 million Christians of Assyrian, Anatolian Greek and Armenian nationality. These were the aboriginal peoples of the region. The authorization came from the top Moslem (the caliph-sultan of Constantinople) and was directed to ALL Moslems world-wide. Moslem even committed atrocities in AUSTRALIA after reading the fatwa sent to them there!

    65% of Moslems want a renewed caliphate. This would revive worldwide jihad and worldwide mass murder in the name of Mohammed.

    Ataturk called Islam ‘the stinking corpse of an amoral Bedouin that poisons our life.”

  9. Clinton, Bush, Obama all promised to recognize the Armenian Genocide in the form of legislation while they were campaigning. When they got into office it was a different story. As long as the U.S. is dependent on Turkey as an ally and the base in Incirlik, the Armenian Genocide will not receive the recognition it deserves because it would be politically inexpedient. It isn’t recognized in Israel either for the same reason. The average American and Israeli don’t deny the Armenian Genocide but politics is a cynical and bitter game. Nearly every U.S. Presidential candidate in recent elections has promised recognition but if the past has been any indicator, it will never be the case once they’re elected.

  10. Oh, you know CAIR is gonna be sticking their noses in this and frothing at the mouth for the producers to clean up all the “islamophobia” (aka the truth) generated by this movie.

  11. BONNI This will the biggest load of BULLSHIT ever to come out of that cesspit they call hollywood.Ican see it now.Best picture best actor blah blah blahblah.Not forgetting a total manipulation of the TRUTH.Is Erdogan going to play Kamal Ataturk.?

  12. Let’s hope the give an accurate portrayal of what really went down. Of course, that may make some of the muzzturds foam at the mouth, protest and kill each other, but then the world will get another glimpse of just how intolerant those savages really are.

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