DENMARK: Brutal ‘honor’ punishment nearly kills Muslim girl for dating a non-Muslim boy

flag372Copenhagen Police arrested the Palestinian parents and an aunt and uncle of a 17-year-old Muslim girl last night for stripping, beating, and nearly strangling her to death for the ‘honor’ crime of having a Danish boyfriend.


Islam vs Europe (h/t Susan K) It is another case of ‘honor’-related violence, common in the Muslim world. The girl’s parents picked her up and according to the prosecutor, lured her to come with them to visit some family members in a Copenhagen suburb, where other family members were waiting for her. The father told one of the other family members that it was fine kill her, and that he did not want to see her again.

Then the girl’s parents left, and the girl was ordered to undress, after which she was beaten with a leather belt, got her hair cut off and had a belt tightened around her neck so she could not breathe. The violence lasted for two hours but stopped, as the 17-year-old succeeded in escaping from the house. She then called the police.”



















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  1. as you probably know Malala has been nominated for the Nobel Peace prize and the Taliban has vowed to kill her. all because she wants an education.

  2. When this goes to court she will beg the judge to let her murdering parents go and refuse to testify against the family. Let em beat and kill each other who the hell cares!

  3. Muslims wouldn’t know honor if it walked up to them and kicked them in the groin. Muslims are the most dishonorable people on Earth. They apparently mistake emotional retardation for the need for honor. If they had any honor they would have exterminated themselves long ago. One of these days, WE must stop using the phrase “honor killing”. It is using THEIR language, not ours. It is murder or whatever else, not “honor” anything.

  4. So-called honor-punishments and honor-killings are sick, foul and rotten, and should be punished with the most severe sentence!
    It is religious terrorism!

  5. The girl may or may not leave Islam, but if she stays, the likelihood of another attempt at honor killing remains. If she moves and changes her name, the family will bury her psychologically and she will never be welcome. Most Moslems are from cousin marriages, so a woman can’t ‘go home to mother’ because mother and father are closely related to husband’s father. Murdering your children or grandchildren is permitted by Sharia law since NO punishment is provided for this evil act.

    Another reason for banning Sharia…

    Sharia law legalizes honor killing.

    • Interesting enough Sharia doesn’t allow you to kill your parents. This asymmetry will lead to a graying population.

      This case highlights an important difference between anti-semites and “islamophobes”. The likes of Hitler never attempted to tear Jewish women from their religion and impregnate them. Many non-muslim men do try to tear muslim women from their religion and impregnate them.

      Nevertheless, there are a lot of non-muslim people, White Nationalists in particular, but also some Cultural “Marxists”, who would dissaprove of this relationship, and would beat up the couple, or harass their children.

      For victory, we have to reverse the muslim rules. Danish men with muslim privilege, that is Danes who do not have to wear beards in order to enter mosques, cannot have relationships with women who have fathers without muslim privilege. Beard wearing converts fall under the same rule.

      This kind of honor killing, as opposed to honor killing for being “lewd” in general, should be persecuted as a hate crime.

      • Oog, where do you get your information? Don’t you know, in countries like Indian, Pakistan, and even Iraq, muslims kidnap, rape, and then force non-muslim girls to marry them and convert to Islam No such thing happening with non-muslim men. Why would anyone want to marry a muslim woman considering there is a 70% chance her parents are first cousins?

  6. you have no right of choice
    under islam


    the usa democrat party

    how are they not
    all the same

    thro in the msm too

  7. How did she manage to escape? The story is incomplete…

    Regardless, I’m VERY GLAD that she escaped and that those “relatives” who so wanted to kill her got arrested!!!! Here’s hoping that she’ll be protected by the police and various state-agencies (and others) that help abused women!! It’s all one can hope for, given how – thanks to Moslem money and intimidation – the authorities will submit like the “dhimmi” types they are!!!

    God Grant that she renounces and publicly blasphemes Islam in such a way that she’ll NEVER feel comfortable in the presence of any of those Mohammedan soul-murderers!!!!

    DEATH TO ISLAM and ALL other totalitarianism: now, forever, and unto ages of all ages – Amen!!!!

    • Most likely, after all she will be told ” this has nothing to do with islam or the prophet as he was a mercy to mankind” Or, ” it is just cultural”

      she will be too scared to leave anyway,because then another reason to kill her applies: apostasy.