Iran celebrates its 5th International ‘Innovation’ Exhibition

Participants gathered in Teheran to showcase their inventions and interact with investors. This exhibition is held on the anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran; a revolution which was founded on the need for Islamic supremacy and independence. 

Let take a look at Iranian innovation in the areas of science and technology by Nobel Prizes awarded. Oops! Apparently Iran has only won one Nobel Prize, and it wasn’t for innovation of any kind.


  1. Shirin Ebadi, PEACE, 2003

So, how about all that ‘innovation’ coming out of other predominantly Muslim countries?


  1. Muhammad Yunus, PEACE, 2006

  2. Grameen Bank, PEACE, 2006


  1. Mohamed El Baradei, PEACE, 2005

  2. Ahmed Zewail, CHEMISTRY, 1999

  3. Naguib Mahfouz, LITERATURE, 1988

  4. Anwar El Sadat, PEACE, 1978


       1.   Abdus Salam, PHYSICS, 1979


  1. Orhan Pamuk, LITERATURE, 2006

  2. Tawakkol Karman, PEACE, 2011 


  1. Tawakel Karman, PEACE, 2011

Non-State of Palestine

        1.  Yasser Arafat, PEACE, 1994

Between the years 1901 – 2012, Nobel prizes have been awarded 863 times, with at least 177 of them (more than 20%) awarded to Jews, although Jews comprise less than 0.2% of the population. From a pool of an estimated 1.5 billion Muslims who comprise 25% of the world’s population, just 11 have been awarded Nobel prizes and of those, only 2 were in the Sciences.