MINNESOTASTAN: Two disorderly Muslim exchange students were kicked out of a church where Walid Shoebat was an invited speaker

c..hri9_1Right on schedule, CAIR thugs swoop in to demand  a meeting with church officials at the Assembly of God in Perham, MN, claiming that the Muslim students were kicked out for questioning the “anti-Islam bigotry” of the speaker, Walid Shoebat, a Muslim turned Christian and former PLO terrorist. (They weren’t ‘questioning,’ they were attacking, as most Muslims do when confronted with the truth about Islam)

Terror-linked CAIR (Council on Anti-American Islamic Relations) is threatening to provide the Assembly of God church leaders with “accurate and balanced” information about Islam and Muslims (aka whitewashed Islam for infidels) and to arrange for a presentation on the faith to church members.

The Muslim students, Elshan Mirzazade from Indonesia and Fikri Rahmat  from Azerbaijan, say they heard falsehoods and distortions from Shoebat, who said “Islam equals terrorism.” When they accused him of being a liar, they were told to leave. 

Mary Anderson, the dhimmi Host Mother of the boys said,  “I thought I was sending my boys to a house of love, and I am disappointed that hate was being taught there.(The only hate in that church was coming from the Muslim students who reacted like caged animals to an ex-Muslim who dares to expose Islam. Better never turn your back on them, Ms Mary, they consider you “uncovered white meat”)