Every good Muslim bends down and lifts his ass up to Allah…

…especially before he robs the mosque.


13 comments on “Every good Muslim bends down and lifts his ass up to Allah…

  1. Shame on the poster and all of you for your disrespectul comments and hate about my relgion Islam, yous are dumb minded and no nothing about my religion and spewing hate for no reason, don’t yous have better things to do? On judgement day i hope yous all get shamed yourself and embarrased in front of every one and get your punishments as you deserve it. Yous are the infidels yourself! Shame!!!!

  2. Thank God if you are in America if this man? is caught he would have welcomed prison probably. Now ” if caught, two choices are optioned become handless or two claim you did it for jiihad

  3. Odd situation. Mo would have robbed the mosque but Mo would have lopped this clown’s head off for robbing the mosque. I guess that’s the dualism of Islam. Is there anything not stupid about Islam?

  4. AyyyiiiiEeeeee ! it is just that he brought forth a vision similar to that of the great prophet when he banged his head on the floor in prayer. /the vision told him that the riches of the mosque were in danger and must be protected from attacking infidels. He is as innocent as a lamb who has backed into a corner. Or as a goat who has climbed to a high peak, or a camel who will not kneel. or a donkey who kicks out at the robe draped crotches of horny ragheads.
    He is not to be blamed for theft. He is a true son of islam!

  5. must have been the weekend Social Security Closed.In their own 50+ shitholes he would have been ONE HAND JACK no wonder they love the west .Gladly donate a 158 FMJ to help him

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