What a great idea! Norwegian Defence League puts out list of Muslim-owned businesses and organizations

UnknownThe list is not yet complete but there are already many hundreds of Muslim-owned stores, restaurants, companies, and associations named. Now, Norwegians will know what businesses not to patronize. When will somebody make a similar list for the USA?

SEE THE LIST HERE (CLICK ‘Muslim organizations and companies in Norway’ link)

TNP The list had been compiled on the basis of listings in the Public Entity Registry. Lars Johnny Aardal, deputy leader of the NDL, said that it was published “to show the extent of Islam and Muslims in Norway.”


In the prologue of the list, NDL wrote: “The list is far from complete, and a longer list can be prepared with multiple keywords or keyword changes we have used. We have only included entries under the keywords “Islam, Kurdish, Turkish, Muslim, Iranian, Iraqi, Somali, Pakistani, Arabic, Mohammed, Ali and Hussein.”

The Left Wing LIM Network (Equality, Integration, Diversity) had this to say about the NDL list  on Facebook:

“NDL has made a list of Muslim organizations in Norway and companies run by people with Muslim names.  Such a list based on religious affiliation evokes unpleasant historical associations, and is likely to cause fear and hostility between groups in society. We, as followers of a peaceful and tolerant multi-ethnic society, react and stand together against all forms of extremism.”

Deputy in Ungdom mot rasisme (Youth against Racism organization) Khamshajiny Gunaratnam said they wonder what they want to achieve with this list. (Seriously? You wonder what? It’s rather obvious. People want to avoid doing business with the enemy)

The Norwegian Defence League is affiliated with the English Defence League, and now a part of a growing group of European anti-Islamization Defence Leagues. Hopefully, every Defence League will put out a similar list for their own country.