What a great idea! Norwegian Defence League puts out list of Muslim-owned businesses and organizations

UnknownThe list is not yet complete but there are already many hundreds of Muslim-owned stores, restaurants, companies, and associations named. Now, Norwegians will know what businesses not to patronize. When will somebody make a similar list for the USA?

SEE THE LIST HERE (CLICK ‘Muslim organizations and companies in Norway’ link)

TNP The list had been compiled on the basis of listings in the Public Entity Registry. Lars Johnny Aardal, deputy leader of the NDL, said that it was published “to show the extent of Islam and Muslims in Norway.”


In the prologue of the list, NDL wrote: “The list is far from complete, and a longer list can be prepared with multiple keywords or keyword changes we have used. We have only included entries under the keywords “Islam, Kurdish, Turkish, Muslim, Iranian, Iraqi, Somali, Pakistani, Arabic, Mohammed, Ali and Hussein.”

The Left Wing LIM Network (Equality, Integration, Diversity) had this to say about the NDL list  on Facebook:

“NDL has made a list of Muslim organizations in Norway and companies run by people with Muslim names.  Such a list based on religious affiliation evokes unpleasant historical associations, and is likely to cause fear and hostility between groups in society. We, as followers of a peaceful and tolerant multi-ethnic society, react and stand together against all forms of extremism.”

Deputy in Ungdom mot rasisme (Youth against Racism organization) Khamshajiny Gunaratnam said they wonder what they want to achieve with this list. (Seriously? You wonder what? It’s rather obvious. People want to avoid doing business with the enemy)

The Norwegian Defence League is affiliated with the English Defence League, and now a part of a growing group of European anti-Islamization Defence Leagues. Hopefully, every Defence League will put out a similar list for their own country.



25 comments on “What a great idea! Norwegian Defence League puts out list of Muslim-owned businesses and organizations

    • there were ppl b4 u who really tried it, u know what happened to them, they got caught and their body got devided into 1 million pieces which have been thrown to wild animals to eat, by the heros of islam, the jihadis, crusader, if u wanna be the next, try it.

      • Destroying Makkah is easy enough, and can be done in 30 min or less (depending on whether the attack is launced from a “boomer” somewhere in the Indian Ocean or from the Dakotas).

        Also, the only reasons that there is still “Islam” is 1) because the Crusaders failed to ally themselves with Hulagu’s Mongol Ordu (Horde) when the offer was first made in the 1250s; and 2) because Mohammedans kill anyone who realizes what a crock Islam really is and how stultifying of human progress and life it is.

        Any “religion” that requires murder and fear to keep adherents is NOT a religion. It’s a political ideology wrapped up in a personality cult.

  1. People just refuse to see the obvious, because of the religion sticker slapped on this supremacist ideology. Imagine immigrant from Soviet Union coming over here and demanding establishment of total control of KGB over the affairs of former Soviet citizens or introducing mandatory membership in the US branch of Communist Youth movement or crying for introduction of Soviet Criminal Code into the US juridical system. Sounds absurd, right? Why the hell do people refuse to see it for what that is?

  2. Western governments may not want to acknowledge what they know about Islamic supremacism and misogyny, but ordinary people are spotting it daily.

    Islam is a political ideology that will not stop spreading its fear, because ‘fear itself’ is Islam’s purpose.

  3. so what’s wrong with publishing names of businesses owned by muslims. i would want to know if money spent would be sent back to fund jihad

  4. http://www.sikh24.com/2012/07/uk-sikhs-to-support-march-against-racist-edl/#.UTjC8tZg982

    Antifa July 13, 2012 9:43 pm
    “Take your chance with fascists and end up dead in a concentration camp. Just 65 years ago this happened, not 1000 years ago!”

    I do not doubt the sincerity of the NDL, but if you are opposed to muslims only, it might be better to leave the Nationalist symbols alone, and call yourselves Together Against Muslims.

    Also, a society with some degree of sexual freedom, that is, a society without burqas and clitoridectomies, will be a society with lowered birthrates. Lower birthrates are only sustainable if euthanasia is legalized.

    • The EDL is not a racist organization. In fact, as I recall, the EDL has ALL KINDS of people in it, and they are all interested in an ENGLISH England; They want England to remain culturally English, and not be overrun and subsumed by a backward, twisted bastardization of 7th Century Arabian culture. Being ENGLISH is as much a cultural mindset and worldview as it is an “ethnicity.” There are many Sikhs, Hindus, Africans, East Asians, West Indians, etc., who view themselves as ENGLISH! They like the culture of England and wish to act and think as ENGLISHMEN.

      It’s much like being an American. If you want to be an American, then you will (or need to) become a part of the American ethos; You need to view yourself as either being culturally an American or as working on becoming America.

      Go to any of the Muslim-majority nations and try to act and live as a non-Muslim. See how well THAT goes over.

  5. We need a list of the multiculturalists and pro mass immigration proponents. Also terrorist sympathisers who add to the islamic greivance whining and thus provide a reason for their terrorism. A big list so we know who to put on trial when this socialist induced civil war in Europe takes off.

  6. It’s simple really, avoid anything with a ‘halal’ label, i.e. halal mcdonalds, ‘halal fun/sixflags’ (oxymoron), etc.

  7. I wish there also was a list of slaughterhouses that produces halal-meat. It surely would be interesting to know who mixes this religious rotten meat with non-halal meat in the food. Every food product containing meat should be marked with “may contain traces of halal meat” if there is a tiny chance for that, so we who don’t want to eat halal could have a real opportunity of avoid it. I know that sikhs can not eat halal at all, so how do they manage to avoid unmarked halal? Do they eat pork only? I don’t think so…

    • We are lobbying for halal labelling in Australia. Apart from anything else the muslim clerics are charging slaughter houses 50K for the service and passing it on to us. 85% of all meat here is now halal. Majority slaughterhouses are muslim owned now.This took 15 years or so ??

  8. Indeed, what a great idea… to do the same thing adolf hitler did with the jewish-owned businesses and organizations! Really good idea!
    Next thing will be a Window Smashing Day or what? Or shall we call it the Kristallnacht again?

    • master, you are an idiot. Muslims call for boycotts of Jewish-owned/Israeli-owned or affiliated businesses all the time. And you don’t say a word. Ever hear of BDS? No one is calling for these businesses to be shut down or vandalized, only that people who don’t want to support the muslim causes, know who they are so they wont go there. I am real close to banning you for being so stupid.

    • Jews were not attacking the non Jewish Germans were they you fucking idiot!!
      Choosing not to purchase a product or service is not the same as gassing 6 million fucking people.


    • Would you say the same thing if the businesses and organizations were owned by Hitler supporting, Jew-hating fascists?
      What if these businesses and organizations refuse to employ women and expect ‘their’ women to cover every inch of skin – even at the risk of vitamin D deficiency and their children getting rickets?
      What if these people provide halal services – paying a fee to the imams for permission?

      Do you even realise the difference between passive resistance and active aggression? Or are you one of those who believe that disliking something is a reason to get violent?

  9. If you listen closely, no matter where you are in the world, you will hear me cheering !
    We desperately need this in the United States. You have to realize that every bit of tax or tithing or whatever they call it collected from muslims by their religious arm is shared in part with terrorist organizations. Since paying these monies by individual muslims is considered to be an importan religious duty by ALL muslims, they are ALL guilty of supporting terror.
    Never hire a muslim! Never do business with a muslim! Never knowingly buy anything from a muslim!

  10. “We, as followers of a peaceful and tolerant multi-ethnic society, react and stand together against all forms of extremism.”
    Which is why we will not shop at any of the stores on the list unless they put a sign in the window stating that the reject the idea of shariah in Norway, believe in the equality in law of women and demand no limits in free speech.

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