CAIR-Canada demands hate crime investigation for graffiti on a mosque

anm81f6a923e21d4bd9A vandal or more than one struck under cover of darkness at a Muslim house of worship extensively defacing its exterior with digusting messages such as “Please learn English” and “ET Go Home.”


Guelph Mercury  A corrugated wall was scrawled in red paint: “Please learn English.” On windows nearby was written: “U R dead. Go home.” Other walls were defaced with Nazi swastikas, one backward. There were derogatory references to Arabs and a large scrawl urging, “ET go home.” (Gee, we never realized that ET did have that Muslim hijab look goin’ on)


The site is a former Christian school on Water Street near Edinburgh Road, which the Muslim Society of Guelph purchased and converted last July.

On a Christian drawing depicting a group of people, there is the word “Osama” and an arrow pointed to a person whose face had been obliterated by a splash of red paint. It appeared a reference to supreme international terrorist Osama bin Laden, who was shot and killed in Pakistan in 2011 in a U.S. Navy Seal attack.

City police were on the scene Wednesday, speaking with Muslim Society of Guelph president Mohammed Sayyed, who surveyed the damage in the afternoon with a Mercury reporter. “The cops are thinking it’s one person who did that,” Sayyed said, referring to a single pair of footprints in the snow. Authorities were also reviewing recordings from exterior security cameras.

“This guy must be really sick,” he said as he viewed the Nazi symbol. “We’re hoping it’s the act of only one person.” Sayyed said the vandalism was done some time overnight, when the faithful were away. Sayyed said it’s the third act. Last summer, someone threw eggs at the building, an act that was repeated several weeks ago.