How to ‘deHALALify’ your supermarket in two minutes!

ChochonAccording to BNI’s resident French reporter, Alain, following a call from the Bloc Identitaire (the older generation of Generation Identitaire), around 20 people from the Ligue du Midi went into a supermarket in Montpellier and, in just 2 minutes, completely cleared out a halal display, throwing everything in baskets that they then left lying around the store.

However, the best part isn’t shown in this video: After the offensive halal crap was cleaned out, the supermarket staff filled up the empty shelves with pork products and wine. VIVE LA FRANCE!



18 comments on “How to ‘deHALALify’ your supermarket in two minutes!

  1. OWe heathens love our pork and our pigs! In my faith they are sacred; that being said, I howl with laughter! Long live Freyr and Freyja!

  2. The Navigators sailed the world in the middle ages searching for spices to bring back to disguise the taste of putrified food.

    The same thing is happening today in curry houses – be careful where you dine and buy carry-outs!

  3. The French certainly have a way of showing their displeasure and indignation at something! The French can really be obnoxious when they get pissed! LOL. It really seems like France is starting to say “no” to the psychic vampires! That welcome mat is about to be trashed!

  4. The world must be ending. I have some respect for France. Some. Good job, well done. Death to halal!! Alley Snackbar!

  5. Well done!

    They are the Charles Martels of today!

    The people of Sri Lanka set an example for the whole world, they ignored the parasite pandering politicians, organized and boycotted Halal. They were so successful that terrorists who issued Halal certificates stopped doing so and fled.

    We need to keep the momentum going…….

  6. A fellow I know goes to fastfood lines where they serve halal and shouts ‘Are you CRAZY…do you know how UNHYGIENIC that is?’

    He claims people always leave the lineup.

    • ABSOLUTELY!!!!! FANTASTIC, that’s the way to do it – and I rejoice to hear about these “Génération Identitaire” people doing the right thing as well as the supermarket staff helping along!!!

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