SWEDEN: Muslim school leader pulls out his penis and chases 23-year-old woman around the park

The Muslim man, from Denmark who is the headmaster of a private school in Nørrebro, is known in the Danish public for his distinctive, Muslim attitudes, specifically that women not wearing headbags are asking to be raped.


Islam vs Europe (h/t Susan K)  Now, however, he is accused of pulling his penis out and chasing a 23-year-old woman around in a park in Malmö in August 2012, according to the court in Malmö. The woman managed to get away, and she called the police, who arrested the man a few minutes later. During the interrogation he refused to plead guilty and believes that the accusation is based on racism because he has Pakistani roots. 

The woman told the police that she lives close to the park, and was out walking her puppy when the man walked towards her, and she began to feel uncomfortable. She bent down to pick up her dog, when the man asked about her name. She just had time to respond before the man opened his pants and took his penis out, while she was still bent down so that his penis was half a meter from her head. The woman got up and ran away, and when she looked over her shoulder, she saw that he was still following her with his penis swinging in the wind.

He will soon stand trial.


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  1. Robert Spencer and Raymond Ibrahim are Arabs. Better learn Arab to distinguish the good from the bad.
    The best way to break the rape epidemic in Sweden is to declare that children of Swedish men and e.g. Somali women are fully Swedish, but children of Somali men and Swedish women are still Somali (the present Somali rule). This declaration has to be done by the most “racist” and “extremist” Swedish political group.
    Swedish men of course understood as Swedes without Muslim Privilege, that is, men who have to wear beards and gowns in order to enter mosques and attend Muslim lectures.

      • I said, Arab, not Muslim. Edward Said is a case of a “Christian” who internalized Islamic Supremacism. He produced the book “Orientalism” which has been easily more evil than Hassan Al-Banna and Osama bin Laden combined. Nevertheless, if we want to have any chance at all, a good command of Arabic and culturally related languages like Turkish will become very necessary.

        “A General Strategy by Muslims:

        Foundation for the Taqiyya: Be in good command over language (whichever place you migrate to become good in their language, discourage others from learning your language); be argumentative; Keep emphasizing the relativism that “Nothing can be said about anything till everything is known about everything”. What is for the chosen people “A paradox to be resolved by balancing the opposites” (read whatever they choose to do) is a inherent contradiction between two extremes for the other out of which only one position can be held steadfastly (ideally or morally).”

  2. Most of the people that are being described as “looking Jewish” online are actually describing Arab Islam Muslims. Same arabs that killed about 10million Sikhs, same Arabs that do SO many hate crimes in ALL white Countries against ALL white religions, but somehow the white pro-democracy Jewish always get the blame… interesting. I’m not religious personally, i just have my eyes open. I’ve been discriminated my whole life by non-whites , and i’ve only met ONE jewish person and she was white(blonde, blue eyed, hard working, AND peaceful.)

    But SOMEHOW i’ve been discriminated and objectified by MANY Islam non-white Muslims IN REAL LIFE that are OFTEN Arab. just like MANY/MOST white people that are getting swarms of them in their Country. Yet somehow i see all of these stupid propaganda eaters blame EVERYTHING on the Jewish(who make up such small amounts in societies).
    Who’s immigrating here and making life hell and anti-democratic for everyone? MOST CERTAINLY not the jewish… so how are we so stupid that we’re blaming the barely existent jews when there are plenty of angry islam anti-whites and anti-democracy assholes running around?

    Same Islam assholes that have been coming in MASSES to Sweden, are the same Islam assholes that are killing the Jewish in Sweden, are the same Islam assholes that are raping the white blonde women in Sweden, and not allowing “zionist” comments made against Muslims EVEN when the whites are saying the Muslims masses of immigrants have been killing and raping white Sweds. Yet anti-jewish comments are NOT only ALLOWED, but are PROMOTED by those same islam muslims… hmmmm interesting. So why has Sweden(who has been neutral in most wars, and let ALOT of jewish people come to Sweden during nazi germany) been the most Utopic and democratic society for SO SO LONG, until the masses even with so many white Jewish people… While the SECOND the masses of Islam’s started coming things got crappy/creepy and truly fascist VERY fast. I’ll tell you why, because they haven’t had the Arab inbreds take over them yet, but now that they have. No one has a right to speak up UNLESS it’s against the Jewish who are hard working, and unlike the Somalians are NOT living on Sweden’s Welfare, and are NOT raping the white women like the Arabs in Sweden… what a weird connection.
    But hey why am i thinking for myself and connecting the dots of events happening in front of my eyes in REALITY. When it’s SO much easier to read the rich oil hoarding Arab Propaganda online and blame the whites of certain religions, and whites from certain Geographical locations while i’m getting invaded by the non-whites whom i am being discriminated by… i’m supposed to believe the internets that state all Jewish people are evil, when most of the anti-democratic ASSHOLES i’ve met in REAL LIFE are Muslim Islam Arabs… and the FEW jewish people i’ve met who’ve all been WHITE and PEACEFUL are suddenly all demons?

    I’m so tired of Arab propaganda on the internet, while the Jewish only have little amounts of websites TELLING THE TRUTH like this one.
    Fucking Arab Islam Muslims, they are running ALL around the North American school i attend, and THEY ARE SHITTING ALL OVER DEMOCRACY AND ANY WHITE PERSON. But somehow i see retarded home less-white drug loving people or farmers who read too much stupidity on the internets who say it’s all the Jewish people’s fault. I MEAN REALLY HOW THE FUCK DO THE JEWS GET BLAMED FOR EVEN THE ISLAM TERRORISTS !? Is every Arab i’ve met just imaginary, or made up by those MAGICAL jews? Or are the Arabs just fucking cunts trying to destroy all white societies, AND democracy while blaming a WHITE religious group.
    Oh god what has the world come to.
    Everyone gear up for the attack of Arabs, when they come we will fight, and not be oppressed by the Terrorists no matter what the internets say, about how “friendly” the arabs are. Take a look around in REAL life, peeps. I don’t see any “friendly” arabs around, i’ve met PLENTY nice people from both white, asian, and black backgrounds but NOT ONCE IN MY LIFE HAVE I MET A NICE ARAB. Why is that? Can we also blame the Jewish minority for that? And when there’s no more jewish people do we blame all the gays? The women? until ALL of the whites are gone or enslaved…
    Or the fact that ANYONE who supported Hitler was called an “honorary Aryan” didn’t matter if they were White, Black, Japanese whatever. Yet ANYONE who opposed his fascist oppression were suddenly “jews” or “rats” or “communists”

    Btw has anybody else noticed how SHORT and Arab looking Hitler was? Interesting… why don’t the Arab filled internets talk about that? I call Bullshit on the internets ruled by arabs
    and pray for Israel to SMASH those dirty ugly, 4foot inbred arabs.

    • It is called brain washing. Both muslims and their lackeys are brain washed as long as they believe that islam is a peaceful religion and that muhammed was the perfect man.

  3. He wears a beard, while Pakistanis are not required to wear a beard (formally, they are, but they can still enter mosques if they don’t).
    As regards the rape of uncovered women, oil sheiks flaunt their wealth, yet they chop of hands. Even a bike that isn’t locked shouldn’t be stolen.
    BTW many women are sexy even if they do wear the headbag.

  4. I was just reading another version of this same story by visiting the TROP website, and according to that version of the story, that guy is also an imam, and get this, he also used to sell women’s lingerie!

    What a twisted world Islam is. How can a guy who says that women who are uncovered deserve to be raped, then go around selling women’s underwear? Isn’t that inconsistent? You are selling women’s underwear because you actually like “immodest” women, but then go on public radio and decry women who go about without hijab? Well, maybe he likes women dressed in underwear wearing hijabs in accordance with the Law of God. Or does he like naked women dressed in hijab?

    The more I hear about Muslims and Islam the wackier and wackier they seem to get!

    Get the women out of the niqabs, burqas, hijabs and all that crap! From little boys, males should be exposed to women. That way, men will have a normal sense of women as they grow up. Islam utterly short circuits any normal sense of relations between men and women. That is why this guy and other Muslim men have so many bizarre kinks. He was getting his jollies by selling women’s underwear, but does not have any sense of any normal relationship with women, hence the reasoning that uncovered women deserved to be raped according to the Law of “God.” He is a massive bundle of sexual frustrations that can’t express sexuality normally. The only sex he can express is sex in cruelty and violence.

    And BTW, flush the Quran, Hadiths, and Sunna down the toilet, or if they clog your pipes, throw them into the garbage dump! That vile trash has caused enough human misery!

  5. “Women who don’t wear a headscarf are asking to be raped”.

    Yeah – and muslim men who let their dick hang out are asking to be castrated without anesthesia.

    But I don’t know if it is worth to do so… in a Scandinavian society ruled by leftwing immigration friendly socialists, it is a great risk for being imprisoned if you defend yourself using a knife, even if you are being raped. Here it is the criminals who are seen as the victim, not the victim of their crime. It is fully backward. And if those criminals are imprisoned, they are only in prison for a few months if it is rape, before being released again.

    • METRON: Carry a good kitchen fork. Easy to handle and to attack with. Also, it is more difficult to rip it from you and often, if it’s a knife, the attacker can twist your wrist and use it against you. At least with a fork, he can’t kill you but you can seriously hurt him in the face.

    • The dog is still a PUPPY – in other words he or she is too young as of yet!!

      However, I DO AGREE with that he or she should be trained to loathe Moslems and to attack them on command!! THAT will become extremely important, especially given how much Moslems hate LIFE!!!! [Yes, they especially hate dogs, pigs and apes; however, in real, sober truth, they hate ALL life, period!!!! Yet, they show their hypocrisy by not killing themselves en masse the way they should, given how EVIL, HATING and uncaring their ideology actually is!!!!! It’s an advertisement for just how STUPID it actually is!!!!]

      DEATH TO ISLAM and all totalitarianism, period!!!!! Now and forever and unto ages of all ages, world without end, Amen!!!!

  6. Simple solution.

    He has already declared he is unrepentant and will continue to behave this way in the future because of his insane belief system.

    He is a hazard to 50% of the population, so send him back to his country of origin.

    One day, he will misjudge the victim he has selected and she will serve her own righteous justice. Inshallah.

  7. And where are the stout hearted Swedish men manfully protecting the women of their country from these invading barbarians? Swedish women always stood by their menfolk in ancient days of war, where are those menfolk now?

  8. Abu Baseer in London: “One of the goals of immigration is the revival of the duty of jihad and enforcement of power over the infidels. Immigration and jihad go together.

    It is a HUGE crime against every woman and child that devout Muslim FILTHY predator infidel-haters have been brought in by TRAITOR UK and European ruling elites to colonize our countries with many MILLIONS of Muslims – the soldiers of Allah.

    Koran 9:5 “Kill Jews and Christians wherever you find them”.

    Founder of Islam, Mohammed: “I have been made victorious with terror”, “Wage war on the infidel and kill them until Islam is dominant” (Koran 8:39)

  9. All the more reason to get women in the Middle East and in the Islamic world out of those awful niqabs, burqas, hijabs, jilbabs, khimars, and all that other shit, and show some beautiful flesh. Let the women go around wearing short skirts, dresses, short shorts, sarongs, and skimpy and revealing clothing. All public beaches in the Islamic world should be nude or at least topless beaches, where both sexes get to see each other! That way, Muslim men get used to seeing women, and so when they visit Western countries, they won’t be so excited by the sight of women, and they won’t then act like this crazy guy!

    I mean, these Muslims really act like they have never seen women before! Which they probably haven’t! And I wonder how many of them actually get laid on a regular basis?

    Also, it helps too, if men have more access to women, rather than the strictly sex segregated lifestyles they have now. A man who gets laid regularly won’t be as excited by uncovered women, because his appetite is satisfied.

    A starving man is more excited by the sight of food than a man whose belly is full.

    This excessive modesty thing isn’t cutting it!

  10. Shahid Mehdi is ‘asking’ a judge to put him away for several years and for convicts to beat the hell out of him.

    When are the Swedes going to remove the welcome mat for these inbred braindead supremacist misogynist barbarians?

    • When the Swedish people decide they’ve had enough of their Communist and Moslem-bribed politicians, civil-servants, bankers, lawyers, union-leaders and academicians!!!

      When the ordinary Swedish blokes revolt against their élitists and wage complete disobedience against them, civil or otherwise as required.

      When the people realise it’s time for vigilante action, knowing that they can’t count on their representatives to protect them.

      THAT’S WHEN the welcome mat will be removed – too late as by then there will be enough Mohammedans who’ll need to be ethnically cleansed from Sweden!!!

  11. Nothing will happen because he’s a protected subspecies, “homo non-erectus muslemmings imbredus retardis”. Which mean some dhemmie lefty lawyer will get this prev off. In a manner of speaking.

  12. The in-breeding is beginning to REALLY be apparent~! How much more insane can this get, before the world awakens to the atrocities, of ANY level of insanity???

    • I keep thinking that. With every demented story I read, I think… Wow a whole new level, this has got to wake people up. Then the moment passes and nothing happens and I am forever amazed. I want to scream “Are you seeing this?”
      The number of atrocities are piling up so high, when will it fall over already? How much more can lefties deny?

  13. It would be advisable for young women to carry a large pair of scissors in that area. And after cutting it off, throw it down a sewer because they can sometimes be sewed back on.

  14. he used his dork
    to commit a crime

    he’s a moose-lamb-pig

    therefore excise his dork

    even if we don’t

    he must

  15. Yet again the racist card is pulled!
    The only positive is that the racist card is so overused, people are starting to ignore it.

    • I get so sick & tired of the racist card being pulled (its the most common word of the Leftists very own dictionary, one word that means so many things at that particular moment or can be used when they are losing an arguement). As for this sack of shit, deport this inbred back to that shithole Porkistan and he can flash his miniscle penis to as many Bagheads without any consequences. His actions will be rewarded not persecuted. But my guess is he will get away with it in Sweden, slap on the wrist and told my a Dhimmi judge to be a good boy.


    Cut the thing off and castrate the bastard and send him packing to Pakistan with his family.

    Actually, Ort’s idea is even better.

  17. They need to rip his pathetically tiny muslime pecker off, and shove it down how throat with a tree branch. Then they need to deport him, after they shoot him in the head. Problem solved.

    • My thoughts exactly. The women in Sweden should do like the women in India, “Carry a knife” – whip it out and make kabobs with it; I hear piggies like kabobs.

      • I don’t know how it is in Sweden. But here in Norway it is forbidden to carry a knife on public places. So unfortunately Norwegian women cannot defend themselves with knifes if they follow the law.

        • It’s illegal in Sweden as well, if you don’t have a license for it. Even if she would she would get convicted for stabbing him, since he didn’t really hurt her. So she couldn’t plead for self defence.

      • Something similar happened to me once. Late at night when I walked home. I burned his face with my cigarette to protect myself. It was also easier to identify the guy later to the police. I couldn’t have a knife, but there was no law that I could not smoke on foot paths where I was.

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