Thanks to Muslim immigration, French tourists should not enter certain areas of Paris without wearing a bullet-proof vest

UnknownThere are suburbs of Paris, where police are forced use military-style armored vehicles to enter the multicultural ‘Sensitive Zones’ aka ‘Islamic No-Go Zones.’ The largest of these Parisian districts is urging the deployment of the Army due to the continuously increasing number of armed conflicts. There are districts in which police do not dare enter without being armed to the teeth.

Gates of Vienna In this video we see a Hungarian TV team get spat on, jostled, and there was also an attempt to run them over.


By the way, in France 40,000 cars are set on fire every year by young Muslim thugs — these are used as traps. This is how they decoy the police in order to attack them.

“If needed, we enter even the most dangerous zones, yet not with everyday police cars, but with full weaponry,” the police chief of district V said. “We must plan carefully how to withdraw before we enter (those zones). Neither do I deny that the police pay a huge price for this. Many of my colleagues were wounded during those operations, but this does not scare us,” Muriel Sobry added.


“Weapons which were used at the Balkan wars have now appeared here,” the major said. “There were also cases in which bullets went astray and hit the walls of a classroom — all this in broad daylight,” Stéphane Gatignon said.

France spends an average of 115 billion euros per year in order to secure public order.

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