‘The Muslims of America’ are suing ‘Christian Action Network’ for exposing their terrorist training camps around the United States

They are suing Matin J. Mawyer of the Christian Action Network for $15 million in damages for defamation and libel and are attempting to stop the sale of his book ‘Twilight in America.’


The Muslims of America, Inc.




Martin J. Mawyer; Patti A. Pierucci and
Christian Action Network 







This is an action against Martin J. Mawyer, Christian Action Network, and Patti A. Pierucci defendants, for the malicious, repetitious, and continuous, pronouncements and publication of defamatory statements against Plaintiff. The provocative and defamatory statements were included in the book: Twilight in America~ the Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training Camps in America, authored by Martin J. Mawyer and Patti Pierucci, (October 2012), uttered by Mawyer on various media outlets including Fox News (October 2012) and posted on CAN’s website www.[redacted] at various dates and times.

Plaintiff has sustained substantial, incalculable and irreparable harm, contempt, and ridicule to reputation, resulting from the unrelenting false and negative spotlight projected on them by defendants. Defendants’ defamatory statements have served to cause fear and hatred to flourish against Plaintiff while inciting violence and putting the lives of Plaintiffs members in danger for the purpose of monetary enrichment. Plaintiff seeks injunctive relief preventing further publication and sale of Twilight, retraction of all defamatory statements regarding Plaintiff on CAN’s official website, and Attorney’s fees and cost.


 Plaintiff and its congregation are the victims of relentless and pernicious defamation by defendants through the use of the CAN website and the publication of Twilight.

Prior to its official formation, Plaintiff was a Muslim congregation situated within the heart of inner city communities and exposed to all of their horrors and devastating effects. In an attempt to remove and protect itself from the immoral effect and pitfalls of this worsening environment, Plaintiff invested in 60 acres of rural property in Hancock, New York for the purpose of providing a safe haven for American Muslims to raise families while establishing a peaceful community free from harmful elements such as those occurring in the inner cities in the 19805.

Plaintiff’s members currently live throughout North America including in twelve rural communities located in Georgia, Michigan, New York, South Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Canada, and Trinidad. 14. Plaintiffs owns two parcels of land in New York.


At all-time herein Plaintiff has counseled and encouraged its members and residents of its villages to abide by the laws of the United States and avoid criminal, immoral, and anti-social behavior. Members of the plaintiffs congregation are well educated and successful. Among the community there are lawyers, physicians, engineers, nurse practitioners, educators, tradesmen, farmers and business people.

All locations hold regular events which are opened to the public. The events include workshops, seminars, children’s activities and interfaith outreach. One of the most widely attended events takes place annually and celebrates the commonality between Muslims and Christians. MOA has launched an initiative called the United Muslim Christian Forum.

Defendants Mawyer and CAN have devoted the past decade to waging excessive divisive and intolerable attacks against Plaintiff. These nefarious, malicious, and systematic attacks perpetrated against Plaintiff were supported through the use of media, including documentaries, books, and the internet. Upon information and belief since the early 2000s, Defendants have systemically engaged in a series of harassing behaviors toward the plaintiff including but not limited to:

a.) During November of 2006, Mawyer unsuccessfully launched a hostile and inflamed protest against the naming of the private road leading onto property where members of MOA lived in Red House, VA.

b.) During this same period defendants Mawyer and CAN arranged for bundles of 2,500 leaflets titled “Get Rid of Sheikh Gilani lane” to be dropped from a low flying airplane onto the Red House, Virginia property of one of Plaintiffs members. 

The materials were produced by CAN. It did so without regard for the safety of the children who were playing in their yards. Mawyer further claimed in a press release that ” …any group thatwill dare drop 2,500 fliers over a terrorist compound is not backing down anytime soon.

Defendants escalated its conduct and by 2009 Mawyer released the so-called documentary, Homegrown Jihad: Terrorist camps Around U.S. This publication signaled a surge in focus by Mawyer and CAN who continued their attack against Islam in the United States and against Plaintiff in particular. The basis of Defendants Mawyer and CAN’s attacks against Plaintiff center on their bold, public and false campaign alleging that plaintiff is a murdering, thieving terror organization and runs terror training camps.

 To date, Defendant Mawyer has appeared on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, Larry King Live, Pat Robertson’s 700 Club, NBC’s Today Show, Entertainment Tonight and Fox and Friends where he continues spreading various sensational, erroneous theories and presents them as fact.

Twilight is a 293-page book authored by Mawyer and co-authored by Pierucci. Twilight’s cover page is a picture containing a backdrop of a cloudy sky with Arabic wording at the top of the page and an eerie splattering of blood across the Arabic. Superimposed in oversized font is the title “Twilight in America” with subtitle in traditional font: ”The Untold Story of Islamic Terrorist Training camps Inside America”. The names of the authors hang over a sliver of the American flag. Please see annexed hereto “Exhibit A.” The deliberate use of the phrase “terrorist training camps in America” in the sub-title of Twilight and on its cover is a calculating reference to property owned by plaintiffs.

The defendants repeatedly accuse the plaintiffs of being “home grown” terrorists or engaging in acts of terrorist. Terror activities are violations of New York State law and the federal code.

 New York State Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001 Article 490 § 490.25 states that a person is guilty of a crime of terrorism when with intent to intimidate or coerce a civilian population, influence the potency of a unit of government by intimidation or coercion, or affect the conduct of a unit of government by murder, assassination or kidnapping, he or she commits a specified offense.

That 18 USC §2331 defines domestic terrorism as activities that (A)involve acts dangerous to human life; that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B)appear to be intended: (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; {ii)to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; (Hi)or to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C)occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.

Through the cunning use of semantics, Defendants proliferate Twilight with abundant defamatory inferences in the form of “protected opinion”. However, the plaintiff has identified the following comments as exemplars of the publications plaintiff finds actionable:

“Also maddening is the fact that Al Fuqra/MOA had been listed on the StateDepartment’s list of terrorist groups but was removed in the year 2000 after what appeared to be a period of inactivity.” Twilight pg. 230. Please see annexed hereto “Exhibit C”. Plaintiff was never listed on the State Departments list of terrorist groups.

“In the privacy of Muslim compounds across our land they are preparing our own citizens to wage a holy war – jihad – against America. As many state and federal authorities turn a blind eye, these Islamic extremists convert our own citizens, then teach them how to kill.” This entire statement is false and defamatory.

“The women suffer a dismal fate, enslaved to their men forced into polygamous marriages, forced to have as many children as possible, sometimes beaten and raped, all under the banner of religious submission to Islam and the stifling rules of MOA that women must endure.” This entire statement is false and defamatory. In fact, women are treated with honor and respect. The women are well educated and intelligent leaders in their community. The men are not rapists and the women are not raped.

“[Gilani] has created an independent army of jihadists who have been killing their own countrymen for decades.” This statement is false and defamatory. No such “independent army of jihadists” exists and no such thing has ever occurred.

That Defendants stated as fact regarding York County, South Carolina, ….. [That] a 36 acre MOA compound is located, which hosted an array of notorious characters in the jihadist world.” Twilight, pg.236. Please see annexed hereto “Exhibit G”.  This entire allegation is defamatory and false.

“My book details the nearly 30-year history of MOA in America with its crimes, its acts of terrorism and its bold claim to establish Islamic guerilla warfare training camps across the country.” Emphasis added. Article from Martin Mawyer published on CAN website. MOA does not have and has never established Islamic guerrilla warfare training camps across the country.

“The U.S. State Department has sounded the alarm about this group for years, calling MOA an Islamic group that wants to “purify Islam through violence.” Please see annexed hereto “Exhibit I”. On information and belief, there has been no such proclamation by the U.S. State Department. Defendants attempt to link the Imam of MOA to Daniel Pearl, though the Imam was exonerated of any connection.

Defendants attempt to draw a connection between the notorious so-called DC beltway sniper and the plaintiff. “But to really understand why [DC shooter] recruited the young and impressionable Malvo and then went on his murderous rampage, it’s important to explore his earlier life and, most of all, why he walked into the welcoming arms of the Muslims of the Americas:’ See Twilight pg.84 annexed hereto as “Exhibit J”.  There is no connection whatsoever to this criminal and his actions.

Defendants repeatedly refer to plaintiff as a terrorist organization engaging in terrorist acts and running terrorist training camps in the United States. Defendants bolster their claims through the use of intentionally misleading documents and sources in order to deceive and mislead the public about Plaintiff. In committing the acts herein alleged, the defendants acted willfully, with malice in conscious disregard for the truth or falsity of the above statements. In committing the acts herein alleged, the defendants acted willfully with malice.

 In the same above post Mawyer misinforms the American public by daring them to visit Plaintiffs property by stating: “There will be doubters of course. People who will not believe the Town of Islamberg actually exists. And they’ll have to go see it for themselves. The address is above for those doubters. Just remember, you doubters, whoever you are: You were warned. Stay away.” 

That the above mentioned Islamberg is property belonging to Plaintiff that is home to approximately thirty families consisting of innocent men, women, and children.

By publishing the statements, Defendant intended to provoke the public to fear, paranoia, hatred, and anger, while simultaneously encouraging vigilantism and violence against Plaintiff and putting the safety, wellbeing, and life of every single member of MOA in imminent danger. Families are afraid to allow their children to play in their yards. Women are afraid to travel for fear of being attacked by a deranged zealot or his sympathizers.

The statements, individually and taken as a whole in context of the writings in which they appear, are defamatory per se because they falsely impute to Plaintiff, the commission of criminal offenses, in a manner ruinous to the reputation of plaintiff, locally, nationally and internationally.

 Identifying the Liks between White-Collar Crime and Terrorism


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  1. It’s insidious, like an infestation, we are being taken over from the inside. With a completely porous border we don’t know how many of them are coming in. We’re going to end up like Britain with whole towns and communities being taken over. Where actual citizens can no longer walk freely, where the cops protect the Muslims, not the regular citizens. The Muslims act nice and all until they have the majority and the control. Then it’s convert or die!

    • Just wondering if these terrorist training camps exist why has not the FBI and ATF Not raided them like they did at Waco and Randy Weaver.

    • It signifies that the story is a year old. Once it moves off the Main page (usually after a day or two), nobody sees it unless they link to it from another related story on BNI or other website, or find it in a Google search.

      • Do you know when this map was last updated? I am asking regarding the Onalaska , WA compound & whether or not it was dismantled.

      • Have you or do you know if any follow up has been done on these training camps recently? I am asking because I have family who live in Onalaska, WA & according to them the training camp there was dismantled and the “moslems” were run out of town. It makes me wonder if they aren’t regrouping on other areas.

        • Mom, no I haven’t heard anything. Either they moved or left the country or really went underground after they were exposed in the media. There are many muslim cells around the country, according to the FBI.

  2. Wot’s “zealism”, a computer game?

    But you’re right, BNI is one of the few places where you can read the bafflegab of mohammedans and the truth behind that, and the empty-headedness of their islamist sources, and the venality of their leftard (dhimmicrat?) appeasers, enablers, supporters and funders.

  3. Bonni,

    Google “Bellingham Herald Camp Black Mountain. Two interested purchasers are indicated, neither of which is identified. A source reports a Muslim group has their iron in the fire on this. Without further verification, there is no way of knowing.
    If that is the case, it is unwise.

  4. Bonni,

    You can see why the Camp Black Mountain, Pleasant Valley Washington, is a real concern.
    How many more of these muslim oriented enterprises are going to take root here that are antithetical to our very system of laws. They have no respect for our Constitution, have no understanding of our founding, and are careless in the defense of our values as they were once understood.
    For those who do not know about this, Camp Black Mountain was sought to be purchased by a muslim group.
    It is right on the Canadian border in Washington State in a relatively remote area of the Pacific Northwest.
    How adventageous would such a purchase as that be? We are already threatened from our southern borders. No need to create an even more detrimental opportunity.
    Google maps show the precise location for any Washington residents who may be interested or others who visit this site.
    Good work, Bonni.
    BTW, I am going to start looking into the schools here at my location.

  5. @cathi,

    Given his perception of things, should he truly entertain them (I cannot fault those things), he is considered infidel. Once discovered by a person or known to others who desire the Sharia, he wil be killed along with his family. He either is not governed by the “Book,” or he was not honest with you, seeking only to suppress anxiety you may have regarding Islam.
    One thing I can tell you, he is obligated to hate Jewry and Israel. You decide. Israel is to be a blessing to all the peoples of the earth, and indeed God has been faithful in His promises.
    Everywhere you look that Islam takes root, is death and destruction.
    Jesus remarked about that destruction to those who did not know Him, “ You are of your father the devil and the lusts of your father you shall do, he was a murderer in the beginning…”
    He continued, “And abode not in truth because there is no truth in him.”
    There is a perveresness to Islam that for its nature must produce the only fruit it is capable of, death. They mock all others, saying, “You love life, we love death.”
    Were you to desire to know this man’s true nature, you should have asked him if he has received Christ as his Savior.
    It is not often believed, but it is nonetheless believed, “Jesus said unto them, If God were your Father, ye would love me: for I proceeded forth and came from God; neither came I of myself, but he sent me.”
    We are all lost. Christ did not come to condemn, but to seek and save that which is lost.
    Do not misubderstand me. The shepherd gives his life for the sheep.
    When that death and destruction begins to manifest itself here, there will be those to respond to the evil sought to be done.
    As it is now, we are not being listened to by those who should be exercising the judgement required of them.
    We are under another judgement, and it shall run to its end.

  6. I would like to believe the bull the Muslims spout out about peace and harmony. But lets face it, it is built on hate, terror, lies, and the bodies on innocence. Moderate Muslims don’t have the guts to stand up for what’s good and right about their religion. So that makes them just as guilty as the hard core ones. So, yes, they can ALL be lumped together as one group of terrorist. The same as they lump all Christians together. They make little or no effort to assimilate into main stream America, but instead Want all of us the be like them and change the country to suit their religion. Sooner or later we Americans will be fed up and start standing our ground and in fact start taking ground back. At least I would hope we will.

    • Remind me Chuck how you became an American? Did you forget what your anesestors did to the natives of America? Did you forget the religion and way of life they inflicted onto the natives? Maybe you need a trip down memory lane. What about the killing and persecutions inflicted upon the natives. How quickly we forget. Lest we not forget as it was truly an appauling attrocity!

        • Bonni,

          Now you have just made her angry!
          Of course Hanna does not know that evil is in the heart. It is not confined to continents. I imagine she believes the “Native Americans” were just all laughing and dancing, picking posies and making garlands and not murdering one another long before the first immigrants came here.
          She probably has no knowledge that the “Native Americans” were not all native at also but came by other means before being established in the numbers they were before anyone else showed up.
          Even had they truly been “Native,” it yet remains, “The earth is the Lord’s and the fulness thereof, and all they that dwell therein.” It is not about the ground we walk upon, it is all about what is in our hearts as we walk upon it, native or otherwise.
          Let her go to a muslim country. May be, she can correct them?
          She may be talking about who is native and who is not, she does not realize she is disregarding the evil that men do.
          Her sentimentality is unfortunate but understandable.
          “Can’t we all just get along?” Unfortunately not!
          The indians were killing, and raping, and murdering before we got here, and we certainly brought violence with us. That is the nature of unregenerate man.
          We brought much more also, that Hanna neglects in her childish altruistic entusiasm.

      • What “natives of America” are you referring to? America did not exist prior to English colonization. It was just a borderless land mass comprised of multiple warring tribes, some nomadic, some not. Every nation in the history of the world was established by one group conquering another. That’s just human nature and the way things work.

        You’ve been brainwashed with liberal PC bullshit that has you foolishly believing that we can all just “live and let live.” That shit doesn’t work unless everyone, and I mean everyone, is on the same page, which in a world of nearly 7 billion people is a logical impossibility. The person driving that Mercedes SUV that the Boston bombers carjacked and shot in the head thought like you do also. They had that cute little “coexist” bumper sticker on the very vehicle they learned hard way that indeed, no, no we can not just “coexist.” Sometimes violence is the ONLY answer.

        And as for how I “became to be in the country that I’m in”… well, my family settled in what would become the once great nation of America roughly 170 years before we won our independence from King George. I am a REAL native American. The people your PC brainwashed mind has been convinced are “native Americans” were really just indians. There was no “America” before we (English settlers) got here. We’ve (my family among others) built it, fought for it, defended it and served it in every major engagement home and abroad (you’re welcome, BTW) and I will gladly die fighting before I ever hand it over or see it taken over by a bunch of haji vermin.

      • Hanna, lets not forget all the atrocities, raping, plundering and pillaging the nations of Islam did throughout its lifetime… what you stated does not even put a dent in the civilizations and religions Islam has slain since its inception..
        all because they would not convert to Islam…

      • true what our ancestors did to the Native Americans was barbaric but that was the 18th and 19th centuries this is the 21st century Western society has put behind those archaic beliefs and practices while the Islamic world has not only carried it from the 7th century to the 21st century they have even deluded it from its original barbarism to one that threatens the very existence of humanity

      • We stole this country fair and square but, seriously. Lets use the words of your inglorious leader. We don’t act like this or behead people in the 21st century. Better yet lets treat immigration like the same inglorious bastard treats our Constitution. Immigration was an old practice used to settle the wilds of a new country. Thr country is and has been settled, now shut, lock, guard, shoot, and stop the invasion force bound to change our country with 3rd world values. Support Americans for a change, do the right thing and close the border to protect our American children and there future without the debt of liberalism.

      • About the same thing the Moslem Towel Heads are doing to Christians. I’ll bet my last money ALL these Hadjiis are Collecting Welfare, SNAP WIC Medical etc. And probably get a Housing Stipend!

  7. You people are such ignorant beings! You spread hatred and incite violence yet, you ask for Muslims to leave your country. That is so hypocritical. Did you forget that you are not natives to the countries you propose to be from? Did you forget the bloodshed and pain you inflicted upon the natives of the countries that you propose to be from?
    Stop inciting violence, that would only cause harm and more bloodshed.
    Learn to live and respect others although they may have different beliefs and values. Who is to say that one belief is better than another?
    Grow up hypocrites and remember where and how you became to be in the country that you are in.

  8. LAST 1400s of Islam = 270 million dead … Study the PRE-Revised history of the spread of Islam , since its inception … Even if the truth is hard to find .. PRE-REVISED history still exists in BOOKS , not the NET… Find your own answers , Time is of the essence … ( just Take your PC goggles off first thou ) … God bless america…

  9. Not ALL Muslims are extremeists. I met one on a cruise ship this week and I asked him about men throwing acid in their wive’s faces and marrying children then killing those children while having sex with them. He said “Those people are crazy.” I’m from Bali and we don’t live like that. I have ONE wife and I never beat her or hit her, she is my partner raising our family while I work to feed my family. After the bombings all the work was gone for several years now because tourists didn’t want to go to Bali and be attacked. The tourist industry is picking up again but, he could only earn $70.00 a month at home now. He said he will do three more contracts with the cruise ship and then go back home and help his wife run their laundry business. He was an absolute nice guy, good looking, intelligent and he has a plan for his life and the life he wants for his children. I’m happy to know him and I hope I see him again out on the ocean on our next cruise. People like this young man have no interest in killing jews, or americans, or other religious people that don’t agree with them. They Want a GOOD life for their families and to be left alone to live the life GOD gave them. I respect that.

    • you are a blind fool the Koran demands that they convert you or kill you there is no in between and less they want you for a slave it is their duty 2 there murderous rapist pilfering pedophillic God and profit

    • so this ‘good looking, intelligent, nice guy… was on a cruise ship. WHAT A GUY !! uhhh… where was his wife? oh I see, back home doing other people’s laundry. If he was working on the cruise ship because it paid so much more, wouldn’t it have been SUPER if his wife was working on it too…. making MORE money. Since you obviously had intense conversation with him, did you ask him if he was a devout muslim, or just a muslim more or less by birth. Does he believe in and follow the Koran?

  10. Maybe we need to have another Crusade. Yeah, Christianity and Buddhism may have some rough characters, but Islam beats them all hands down. Send all Muslims back to the desert where they were spawned.

    • Islam is a religion and NOT a race! George, you certainly show your stupidity. You should go read a book, maybe that may educate you. By the way, have you ever heard of converts? Do you not know that so many Americans, English and Australians are converting to Islam? Education is the only weapon.

  11. “To prevent the unforeseen when I’m alone and down the block, I pack a Holy Bible… a Bible and a Glock.

    If the enemy opposing has a Christian soul to seal, I will bless him with scripture, but if not… with lead and steel.

    I want to live in peace with everyone I see.
    I shall always try to do so, as much depends on me.

    But there is no evil I will stand, no devil’s hand I won’t still.
    Like the Lion and the Lamb,
    The very hand that blesses you can kill!

    To prevent the unforeseen when I’m alone and down the block, I pack a Holy Bible… a Bible and a Glock.”

    Mooslims are not the only ones training.

  12. Jeff thank you for your service to our country. My husband also is a Vietnam Vet. Caliphate is what Islam is about. If you are not a Muslim, then you are an infidel and must be killed. Sharia Law must be established across the World. This is a Global fight w/these people. They shot a 3 yr. old girl in Kenya during the terrorist attack at that mall. Asked her if she was a Christian and then shot her point blank. People who will cut out the body organs of their dead enemies and eat them are animals and evil. Muslims are on the move, they have infiltrated into Europe, in some areas Sharia Law is accepted. Americans need to be aware of what is happening and be prepared! Unfortunately, many Americans are ignorant of current events and lemmings. They do not get it. Islam is not a peaceful, loving religion. America! Wake up! They are on the move and coming.

  13. Well, if our government won’t raid these places then perhaps it is time for some militia, para-military groups and mercs to organize a “visit” to these sites and show them the error of their ways.

  14. I have a MESSAGE to send to these –BULL SH*T ISLAMIC TRASH—-and ALL MU-SLIMEBAGS around the world—
    ( I am USING CAPS for added EMPHASIS)







    • I pray for your lost soul and mental disability. Inflicting violence and death unto innocent women and children does make you much worse than the cause you are fighting! Christianity was supposed to be a peace loving religion yet, the followers here are far from that. Shame on you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Hanna Hanan Iam sure you wont recive this because you are not open to the truth or even be balanced in your view point. but here goes. Read some history look at facts admit that the history of Islam is filled with instances of atrocities its followers have committed against their enemies and non combatants as well. Going back to their “prophet” Mohammed. Who raided and destroyed villages simply because of the different views they held, I can admit that things have been done by people who profess to be Christians that are not consistent with true Christian values. Can you admit the same about your faith? If so I have yet to see it in your posts here. Just saying.

    • Very, very well said! And yes I am a combat vet also. I have sent plenty of those scum sucking bottom feeders to Allah, and wouldn’t think twice about doing it again. Trust me you Muslim fucks, you are being watched, I have been to your ‘compound’ in red house, I have watched you through through thermal… Fuck up and I will eat your soul…

  15. I’m reading alot of pissed off people here but be more than a faceless critic, tough talk gets you nowhere with these people except getting them to use our own laws against us to shut us up, even trying to sue for freedom of speech. look into your local militias, take a stand, learn what to do to protect yourself and youur family, friends ,and neighbors, we’re legal, we’re awhere, and you probably have a few different groups around you where ever you live.STAND UP because they aren’t going anywhere. get involved if you really are pissed off, because they,re growing daily near you and your goverment officals are to worried about hurting their feelings and mostly not getting re-elected. STAND UP FOR AMERICA, because your militia is your last protection when national communcation is lost and thats when it will be the beginning of . . . be prepared.

  16. trash the whole lot of ’em, every hot spot on the planet has muzies at the core of the problem,,why is that?? because Islam is the problem, and muzzies are infected by Islam. The only known cure is a buller, dipped in pig fat….

  17. Why these western countries entertained the Muslims in the first place baffles me. these terrorists should stay in their own countries so that they can’t export the violence to the west.

  18. Jesus laid down his life for the truth. That’s why they killed him and that’s why they want to kill us. The truth isn’t hating them, that will accomplish no good. But we must expose them while walking in the light ourselves. We must not let this fight bring us down to their level.

  19. Let’s look at the other side of the border. Muslims are so tolorant of Christians in thier country aren’t they not? Now they understand how it feels. I think Muslims understand the term, “eye for an eye”.

  20. Everyone seems to be wondering why Muslim
    Terrorists are so quick to commit suicide.
    Let’s have a look at the evidence:
    – No Christmas
    – No television
    – No nude women
    – No football
    – No pork chops
    – No hot dogs
    – No burgers
    – No beer
    – No bacon
    – Rags for clothes
    – Towels for hats
    – Constant wailing from some idiot in a tower
    – More than one wife
    More than one mother in law
    – You can’t shave
    – Your wife can’t shave
    – You can’t wash off the smell of donkey
    – You cook over burning camel shit
    – Someone else picks your wife for you
    – and your wife smells worse than your donkey
    Then they tell you that “when you die, it all gets better”??
    Well no sh*t Sherlock!….
    It’s not like it could get much worse


    They’re not happy in Gaza..
    They’re not happy in Egypt..
    They’re not happy in Libya..
    They’re not happy in Morocco..
    They’re not happy in Iran..
    They’re not happy in Iraq..
    They’re not happy in Yemen..
    They’re not happy in Afghanistan..
    They’re not happy in Pakistan..
    They’re not happy in Syria..
    They’re not happy in Lebanon..


    They’re happy in Australia.
    They’re happy in Canada.
    They’re happy in England..
    They’re happy in France..
    They’re happy in Italy..
    They’re happy in Germany..
    They’re happy in Sweden..
    They’re happy in the USA..
    They’re happy in Norway..
    They’re happy in Holland.
    They’re happy in Denmark.

    Basically, they’re happy in every country that is not Muslim
    and unhappy in every country that is!


    Not Islam.
    Not their leadership.
    Not themselves.


    AND THEN; They want to change those countries to be like…..

  21. It is fear and hatred that drive people to these extremes. Any true Christian would pray for people who are trapped in the hopeless abandon of violence and triumphalism that is Islam. If we had the Holy Spirit in our hearts, He would guide us in all truth and love. But American Christianity is dead. It has long been co-opted by materialism and nationalism that its followers spit on the very tenets of faith l, hope, and love. “Love God with all your mind, spirit, and body, and love your neighbor as yourself. In this the law is fulfilled.” And if we were truly renewed and reborn by the Holy Spirit into the Body of Christ, we would be living up to His teachingd, and many souls would be saved. But our faith is trodden by fear and hate. The violence will have no end.

    • You’re right, the violence will have no end, not until Christ comes to set up his earthly kingdom. We have to remember too that we are not fighting against flesh and blood, but against spiritual forces. (Ephesians 6). Muslims are not the enemy, it is their god who is our enemy. We need to reach out to Muslims with the truth of the Gospel, even if it means our life will be not be spared, because just like we need the truth, and we need salvation, and we found the only way to Heaven, through Christ… They need Him too.

  22. “Let them start thier jihad in the US, it will give me an excuse to kill them .”

    So the logic here is, you hate them because you’re exactly like them?

  23. Why don’t we just give up and give them equal treatment, as Christians are being killed for there belief in there country, why do we give them the same treatment, guilty for being Muslem, sentence DEATH. There ya go, EQUALITY. Problem solved.

  24. Sad truth is the Sharia Muslims can get away with suing groups like Chriatian Action Network with impunity as they have abundant funds from foreign countries flowing to them and a Joke of a Prez in the USA, The Obama who supports their efforts! 2012 was a Twilight Year and it proved that half the US population thinks that selling their country out for a government welfare check is ok! The Obama is making sure that those of us who care struggle to make a living so can’t do too much to support orgs like BNI who at least thanks to the GOP House can still practice free speech by exposing them! Damn shame but the sad truth is the USA started selling out after WWII when it betrayed the efforts of its European WWII allies and The Zionist State of Israel to stop the growing Islamic movements in their areas of the world! These European countries and Israel have ended up like CAN will end up, too broke to say a word against Islam
    although OVERSEAS there are finally some signs parts of Europe like Germany are starting to want to continue to keep breathing as Germans!
    2012 proved that Israel has been pretty much abandoned by American Jews who chose to do the trendy thing rather than vote for Israel’s survival too in voting for The Obama by a 2 to 1 margin! Most American Jews resemble all too well the ignorant Orthodox followers who got in the cattle cars like suckers, thinking G-d would transmit them underground so the Nazis had even more contempt for them as they led them to the gas chambers! Only a few Zionists in Warsaw who were the types of Jews to create Israel stood up and decided that since they were going to die any way, at least they would take some Nazis with them! Mainstream Christianity has the same choice with CAN!
    Unfortunately, I’m cynical enough to believe that these financially bloated churches of American Christianity who are so obsessed with abortion or with being progressive, will be the last to contribute to CAN’s defense! Heaven forbid that some wealthy Rabbis reach into their pocket or encourage their financially well off attoney members to help CAN! That’s the real problem and 2012 represents chickens coming home to roost! Sad that those of us who know better are in the same country with these worthless people! If these Islamics would just commit terrorism against these Obama supporting government workers and progressive churches, they would actually be doing the USA a favor! G-d bless us all as we really need it now!

  25. Never let the status quo, elite, communist democrat politicians dimish the 2nd amendment or make you sign a gun registry. We need our guns now and in the future all women should pack heat against these people from the bowls of _ell and the traitorous communist politicians.

  26. So when white people do this they are called rednecks or doomsday preppers. When brown people in these communities that have existed for over 30 years in some cases do this they are called terrorists?

    • Pub, preppers do it to protect themselves from muslim terrorist scum as depicted in these videos. muslims can be any race, why do you consider them all “brown.” Are you a racist?

      • Thank you, BareNaked…. I just love how people automatically make something into racism, when it has nothing to do about that. 🙂 Keep up the good work with your site here, too. 🙂

  27. The establishing of Islamist terrorist camps such as in Islamberg,NY is an ACT OF WAR against the United States of America. Islam must be eradicated as an act of societal self-defense.

  28. People/Patriots care. The current regime in control in DC needs to go, remember he said “if the political winds shift, I will stand with the muslims”, believe he said that in Cairo Egypt shortly after he took office and went on the curse/hate America tour!

    • Obama is a muslim supremacist,usurper and traitor to America. He deserves the Death penalty if convicted of the treason that he now stands accused of.

    • Yes, he did say that he would stand with the Muslims. What more evidence do we need that he is not what we need in the White House?

  29. In response to the post about the Muslim’s suing a Christian (Christians) Inmates used to be the number 1 abusers of the court system, It looks like the Muslim’s are taking that place now. I don’t understand why they were allowed into the U.S. after 9/11. Has anyone noticed the increase of Muslims in this country since 9/11 ? It’s like the president suddenly ordered the gates of Middle Eastern hell to open and let those hateful evil pig sucking Muslims in. And they are breeding like rats! Do you know one healthy pair of rats and their off spring can produce more than 100.000,00 offspring in 1 year? And we have how many human rats here now to start this “rat race” (Pardon the levity)It’s no wonder we will never get them all out. They should have all been located and expelled on 9/12. And please don’t say they can’t find them all because the one cow in all of England with mad cow disease was located on it’s farm, in it’s stall. If they can find a cow so simply, why not Muslims? No one in our government even bothered. It’s like after 9/11 the U.S. rolled out the red carpet to them and said “Welcome to America, Please murder us and our people. please take over the country we had for nearly 300 years, and make it yours. What the hell. And no citizen even cared enough to put a stop to this.

  30. This is really incredible. Do all these people really think 9/11 was an islamic terrorist act? Do all these people really think there is freedom of speech in the USA? Do all these people really think Adam Lanza shot all those children with a rifle that he didn’t even bring into the school? Do all these people really think they actually have a vote? Doesn’t anyone see that the corporations run the USA and the president is just a puppet? The only president ever to refuse to be a puppet was shot (and Lee Harvey Oswald was blamed for it but the CIA really killed him). Open your eyes please!!!

    PS If the American government would ever find out who I am, they’ll kill me because I said this (so far for freedom of speech)

  31. Fuck islam, now and always.
    We will continue to band together and expose this cult of murder and deceit.

  32. How are the plainteffs going to prove that they are peaceful? that’s just not the way a muslim thinks

    • Any true follower of Islam is peaceful. A Muslim does think peace.. Islam means peace. Its radical groups and ignorant people that think otherwise.

        • Actually she is right, but so are you. “Islam is derived from the Arabic root “Salema”: peace, purity, submission and obedience.” I suggest you research before ridiculing!

          • Will, you’re full of crap. Peace has nothing to do with submission or obedience. You muslim freaks bastardize everything to try to convince people you are not the subhumans we all know you are.

      • Islam has never ever pursued peace, except thru conquest and destruction of all people’s and things not Muslim. covert’s are treated as lowlife scum slaves as they are considered cowards who abandoned their faith in order to live

      • The problem is you can’t tell the peaceful ones from the militant ones until they kill someone. The militant ones act like they like us then slit our throats when we least expect it.

      • Bless your little black heart. Kimmy, do you think it is peaceful for little girls to be beheaded and old people slaughtered? Do you think it is ok for these murderous madmen to rape children, or anyway, and the victim is then stoned. Kimmy, go to Netflix and watch The Stoning of Soraya M
        and then come and tell us how peaceful it is. Did you just come out of a cave in that sewer we call the middle east, Kimmy, or are you a pedophile yourself? Shame on everyone who allows this to happen and then has the nerve to say it is a religion of peace. Kimmy, I sincerely doubt you know the meaning of the word PEACE.

      • No, idiot. Islam does NOT mean “peace”, it means “submission”. You’d better read up on your Koran and Ha-deaths to find out exactly what pislam is all about.

      • Why does Isis “” MUSLIM”” kill Christians. If they are so peaceful .Why do they want war with the Christians and the USA.. I don’t see Christians beheading them. Selling the women off Sex Muslim think they own the USA. But in fact all the web page’s show on this website talk about them coming here in the 80’s.. Christianity was introduced to North America as it was colonized by Europeans beginning in the 16th and 17th centuries..
        ” So if I just show in a other country with other’s and stay 20 or 30 years. I own it.. Under your law . I don’t think how that works. So the web page’s here show that they hate Christians why what have they done to you to them. Hate and that’s a “” hate crimes”” look it up .The keeper’s of the camp’s they say Christians are evil in a round about way they say they want them dead.. A plot to kill someone First Degree or Premeditated murder. Premeditation means you thought about doing it before you did it. This is much more serious than accidentally killing someone (in most cases). Reckless endangerment is viewed as similar since you willfully ignore the danger to other’s . So you have broken the law two time’s now so the higher government is no longer not need to put you in jail just state or township where your camp is now that is Isis so should they have camps in the USA No. Just In Case You don’t Understand What I’m Saying Muslim Are apart of Isis Who Want’s War On The USA IN FACT THEY CALLED US OUT . AND PLAN’S FOR IT TO START SO DO WE LET THEM SET UP CAMP’S IN THE USA ANYMORE I’M Christian as go’s THE BIBLE TELL’S TO Fight for our country yes as I should pray for them That does not mean I have to set back and watch them kill anyone I love .one other thing here ?? for The muslim That read’s this I don’t understand here muslim have a faith in a God may not be my God but in a god in any case so do you really think your God want’s you to hate other’s and kill them in his name because my God is about love and I have never meet someone that does not want to know more about love”” only a Muslim understand this part .. there songs you sing you say Jesus name in other way in song same song you say he will be back as judge your mean of judge Is what?????and why do you over it so”” we know what saying here muslim sing a song in pray that is saying Jesus is god and judge

  33. busy little f*****r isn’t he? came here in 1980 conspiracy nut that I am I don’t for a second the official story of crash of Flight 800 was an accident. remember the mysterious crash of a helicopter around that same time? person’s last name was Foster?
    i just don’t understand the people in government even at a county level not having a problem with this group

    • My brother-in-law was killed on that flight, I have since then spoken to a Retired General in this matter, he say most defffinately was a terrorist attack covered up by the Clinton admin, flight 800 was one of the first attacks upon our soil, while the sucker-n-thief Clinton was getting his pole shined, pathetic, fucken scum. I’ll never forgive him for that one, the brother-in-law is sorely missed even to this day.
      Semper Fi.

  34. I like that idea, but I’m afraid Americans are too law-abiding. Also, fear making waves in today’s litigious society. But there must be some way we can get the FBI and state BIs to do their duty. As of now, the FBI have been told to “not interfere” with these camps. I wonder why? Perhaps our congressmen can force the issue, if we all write to them.

    • ” as of now, the FBI have been told to “not interfere” with these camps. I wonder why”
      Wonder no longer Pavelina, these are the people, who are under the direction of galani of the al-fuqra organization, a know State Dept. described terror organization, and part and partial component necessary for the “grand jihad against these United States”, so of cource, they are told to stand down. I have no doubt why these affiliates of a known terror organization are being left alone to stew in their maddness, their hatred of all things the big satan, the U.S. infatuation of the little pecker mood-god, allah, this is the very army, along with the recently claimed 40+ thousand hezbollah terror linked shiite muhajideen,( in northern mexico awaiting orders from) iranian backed, sponsored and financed little devils required to reak havoc within our borders, so as to meet the standards of a ‘national emergency’ declared by who someone calls their pResident and I might add, awaiting for the time to take place, all preplanned by this mutt and his cabal, through iran if we are to get involved ( our suport of Israel’s decision) in destroying their nuclear ambitions, the head nutjob, of the aryian nation ( iran) , irans current president. mockmoud, the little hitler of our time so declared just a month or so ago. The writing is written on all of the walls, pay closer attention to what they do, vrs. what they say. That is one of the resons why they are trying to disarm this Nation of our defense tools, although it isn’t going to happen, they continue to try, and most of their followers, the useful idiots types are clueless as to what is happening around them, but, hey look over there a shiney object, never mind the mood and anger coming from the Patriot’s community, they are republicans and very evil, don’t cha know?
      Stay alert, be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to what the Israeli’s are not saying for the clues as to when this happens, not a matter of if, but when.
      I, mohareb……approve this message.
      Semper FI

      • Thank you for your service and your dedication to America, and your efforts to keep us free. God bless you and all our Troops! Liberals, and progressives, don’t know what it is to love our Country!

      • Maybe they already know but can’t move until they have done something illegal. Something that will shock the American public enough to give them the freedom to act. If they act now, the American public will denounce it as persecution against religious freedom. Once these terror cells cause death and destruction, that is when they will be stamped out.

  35. We must fight against this law suit because it is also a jihad against ‘freedom of speech’. We must support the Christian Action Network and Martin Mawyer. Buy the book, ‘Twilight in America’. That is one small way to support the Christian Action Network and Mawyer.

  36. Stop using Saudi oil. The MASSIVE transfer of wealth to Saudi Arabia enables them to fund law suits and SUBVERSIVE organizations like MOA.

    T. Boone Pickens has called it ‘The greatest transfer of wealth in history.’

    Saudi Arabia created Salafism, OBL, Al Qaeda and 9-11.

    • Very true. Laurent Murawiec was onto something. In an ironic twist of history, the colonial mindset was in full force when the West colonized America, Africa and Australia, but suddenly colonialism was out of vogue when the West found oil in Saudi-Arabia. This is to be expected. Christianity progresses in four stages. Have a large family. Invade other continents/countries. Feel guilty. Destroy you own society.

      But it is not too late. The Saudis will burn in Hell if they resist. As long as Muslims consider Christians to be morally superior to Pagans, Atheists, and Satanists, they have the moral duty to turn the other cheek, not to tell lies, and to give up the dual morality/double standard in which Muslims are treated differently and better than non-Muslims. Again, Hell is eternal.

    • How can you “fund” any “islamic terrorism” if you give them worthless pieces of paper? You’d better start finding out the truth about all the terrorism. It comes from the FBI, the CIA and the corporations, all in the USA!

      And no, I’m not a muslim!!!

      • If you think that terrorism comes from the FBI, you are a Muslim. It’s the same argument they use and it conveniently ignores Mohammed’s campaign of terror and his instructions to those who came after him, which they have fulfilled as he wished. So Islamic terrorism has been with us a long time, way before America existed, and way before your theories were invented.

  37. How do these convert African-Americans distinguish themselves from non-muslim African-Americans? Pakistanis like the founder of this cult do not have to wear beards. They have Pakistani privilege.

    How are the relationships of this cult towards MS-13?

  38. Islam is like having syphilis, anything you say about it is going to be embarrassing. Always remember, it is not Islam that fight; we fight the people who put the doctrine of evil into practice.

    • No. It should be Islam we fight. These people, like Osama bin Laden, are not “hijacking” islam. They are practising it as prescribed in the koran and haddiths.

  39. HA! This is good. Just like sewer rats, islamic terrorists scatter when exposed for what they ARE. Counter sue them and force them to pay for this frivolous lawsuit

    • Counter-sue them and force what has been shown to be seen by every American. Force these vermin out into the light. Let more people know what is being planned and practised for while our law enforcement officials do nothing about it. I can bet you that these training camps were run by white “separatists” they would have been targeted by the FBI and shut down pronto!

    • I like that. Counter sue, I hope they do just that. Talking about stealth jihad, how about the attempts to chill free speech in the name of stopping ‘Islamophobia,’ which in itself is a word made up by jihadists? Understanding and tolerance are good concepts, but they work both ways. One can criticize the government, Christianity, Judaism, fairly and otherwise. Yet our AG wants to criminalize criticism of Islam. Politically-coerced censorship has gone haywire in this country.

  40. Like Rev. King, I have a dream and in this dream Americans wake up and unite against these invaders. All the locals in the areas where these 35 camps are descend on the camps with guns, baseball bats, hockey sticks and stones; never less than 1000 of them and drive out these enemies of America. Burn every building in these camps and sing: “Onward, Christian soldiers, marching as to war, With the cross of Jesus going on before. Christ, the royal Master, leads against the foe; Forward into battle see His banners go!” Now that’s quite a dream for an Atheist, isn’t it. It is time for domestic crusades throughout the free world.

    • If you are an atheist you might want to reconsider after that dream…pick up a New Testament called “How to Find God” through Bibles at Cost over 4 million sold to date….definitely changing minds and hearts

  41. Normally these islamist ‘lawfare’ deals give the name of the plaintiff law firm/lawyer, do they not. I can’t find the names of those idiots. Is this a big leg pull? Just look at the incredible taqiyya involved:

    “Plaintiff has sustained substantial, [duh?] incalculable [duh?] and irreparable [duh?] harm, contempt, and ridicule to reputation, resulting from the unrelenting false and negative spotlight [what’s a negative spotlight?] projected on them by defendants.”

    How are you going to prove that? You would have to prove the ‘value’ of said reputation before and after. Then before and after what? The first report, the latest report, the publication of the book, after 50,000 copies were sold, six months after 50,000 copies were sold? How about going back in time and conducting a popularity poll at six or twelve month intervals to see if MOA’s/Gilani’s [response: who are they?] ‘reputation’ has changed? Then if it HAS changed, has it indeed gone down? And IF it has gone down, show that it is as a direct effect of CAN’s activities, and no others. Good luck with that!

    “Defendants’ defamatory statements have served to CAUSE fear [duh?] and hatred [duh?] to flourish [duh?] against Plaintiff while inciting violence [duh?] and putting the lives [duh?] of Plaintiffs members in DANGER.” [proof?]

    “Plaintiff was [not any more?] a Muslim congregation [what’s that?] situated within the heart of inner city communities and exposed to all of their “horrors and devastating effects”.

    Who forced them to move there, the islamist moslem brotherhood?

    “This publication signaled a surge in focus…”

    What’s that in American English?

    Was all that written by some CAIR imbecile, or the same profs who ‘taught’ obuMBoy?


    Mubarak Ali Shah Gilani (Mubrik Ali Shah Jilani) is a Sheikh from Pakistan and founder of the Muslims of the Americas organization. He is “the sixth Sultan Ul Faqr”, and with full titles his name appears as “Imam El-Sheikh Syed Mubarik Ali Shah Jilani El-Hashimi, al-Hasani wal-Husaini”

    See also: Mira L. Boland, The Weekly Standard:


  42. I gave this book out for Christmas gifts last year, I still have my copy and will never let it go. Muslims please go away we don’t want you in America!!!!! You really are not welcome here.

    • They don’t care if we want them here or not, they are here to kill us. Obama wants them here, he is a muslim.

    • Brenda, It will not work to ask them to go away. They are here as an offensive act of subversion, stategic and tactical offensive attack. If you want them to go away you will have to physically remove them.

    • Really? This is supposed to be a country where people are not subject to religious persecution… Yet because some of people who are Muslim you think that they all should go away? Kinda like how Hitler tried to get rid of all the Jews? That seems like a good plan… I am assuming that you also believe that all Christians should leave America too because of Westboro Baptist? That would be the logical assumption. I would hate to think that you are only hating this one group and not all people who are NOT associated with the bad people from a certain religion…

      • Jewish religion did not ever try to convert or subjugate entire world. Islam does. Read the Koran and the haddiths if you don’t believe. This is a real and present danger to The United States, its people and its Constitution.

        Wake up and get over your PC/MC indoctrination. or you may find out all too soon what awaits the dhimmis here in the U.S.

      • Yes really. Islam isn’t JUST a religion. It rules every aspect of their lives, their laws, their businesses, etc. Ever heard of “Sharia Law”? It’s in their qu’ran. One must also learn that there is no such thing as a “moderate muslim”. It only takes that little spark of faith to turn a “dormant muslim” into a jihad terrorist. I do not hate anyone, I only detest their “islam”. And I don’t think I”m alone in that train of thinking. People can call themselves Christians, they can call themselves anything they want, but it doesn’t make it true. Kinda like those people that call themselves vegetarians, but they still eat chicken and fish. Read some of the qu’ran, read and listen to the imams and their laws against women, Americans, Jews, Christians. Nowhere in any other “religion” will you find instructions for their followers to kill anyone. As for the WBC, they judge people, big no no in the Bible. They have shown that their hearts are full of hate for people who are not like them. Another big no no. I’m not saying they’ll all go to he//, who am I to condemn them to that? There is only one God and His name is NOT “allah”. Islam is evil. The very core of islam is evil. It’s followers/believers are not a peace-loving people. They have an agenda. And it is nothing but evil.

      • In every country where Islam forces it’s way in there begins a campaign for acceptance and tolerance. Soon, perhaps a decade or so, when their numbers increase they begin ‘demanding’ rights and freedoms to have their own land, places to be, etc. A short while after this they begin attacking others, beheading, killings, raped, kidnappings of small girls forcing them to convert. So, there in not one, not one nation that they have gone to that they have not started killing Christians, infidels, rapings, kidnappings, forcing Sharia Law on others. So, Yes, I want all, every Muslim out of my country. Not one should be permitted to stay. Moderate Muslim, no, they support those who create and implement jihad by financing the mosques where hatred is taught. They don’t ever, stand up with non-Muslims and try to defend or protect them. So Kelly and any other Muslim ass kisser, Move to Iran and be happy.

      • mymemoriescaptured ALL MUSLIMS ARE THE SAME. Ever read the quran?. Hitlers Mein Kamp is a sunday story compaied to the quran. I guess you are one of the many “blind” people who think that there are “nice” muslims. Well, go and ask the christians and other minorities from Lebanon how “nice” muslims are. You might actually LEARN something. The quran is all about taking over the world for islam, by all and any means, but I guess until you are faced with what the victims of Lebanon were faced with, you will go on believing that there are “nice” muslims. Under sharia law, unless you become a muslim, you are a INFIDEL, and your life isn’t worth spit. So go on dreaming, accepting the BS muslims tell you. One day you will wake up.

      • To date, Westboro Baptist hasn’t blown up or murdered anyone. Yes they are a vile group but they don’t represent Christianity and are condenmed by ALL sects of Christian faiths. If jihadists don’t represent all Muslims, why are there so many? How do they continue to recruit? Where are they get the resources to fund Christian annihilation? So many more questions but I made my point, it’s not about OUR “religious intolerance”, it’s about THEIR contempt and desire to wipe us off the face of the earth.

        • Well said Michelle.


          “This is supposed to be a country where people are not subject to religious persecution.”

          It is also a country, where it citizens have the right to congregate and enjoy social outing without having to worry that they will be blown up for not being a Muslim. (See Boston Bombing/2013)

          Your myopia is repellant and hypocritical. You are concerned about Muslim’s being tolerated for their religion? But do not make the same demands from Muslims?

          You are hypocritically silent about Muslims harassing, raping, killing and not to mention the many forced conversions for people and symbols of other religions.

          Yes, they should all go away if they move to the West and can’t get on board with the 21st century.

          What are YOU prepared tolerate for the sake of religious tolerance? A little Honour Killing here and there? Stoning for an alleged affair? Homosexuals being hung in football stadiums?
          Oh, I know. You have no objections to little nonMuslims girls being followed, groomed and then pimped out for sex by their Muslim overlords? Or maybe you don’t object to your taxes going to pay for the local civic pool being used exclusively for Muslim ONLY swimming? NonMuslims not allowed.

          Just because YOU are a coward who hides behind sanctimony does not mean the rest of are.

      • It is not a religion, but a political ideology. And just like Hitler, Muslims are pledged to destroy all infidels. Don’t YOU get it?

      • Last time I checked it wasn’t christians that flew jets into the towers killing over 3000 americans. It wasn’t christians that set off two bombs at the boston marathon oor shot 14 co-workers on the army base or just recently attacked a shopping mall in africa where they singled out christians for torture, rape and execution.
        We have been under attack as christians by islamist for a very long time and its past time for us as a people to recognize this and take the steps to protect ourselves, our familes and our way of life.
        So in response to your “head in the sand” comment.
        Yes REALLY.

      • islam is not a relgion of peace. how many americans must these people kill for you to see these dumba$$ people for what they are? America is a nation where people of all faiths can believe and worship God. the muslim people do not follow God’s moral laws. muslim people are taught and told to murder those that will not convert to their fked up backward thinking religion. the Christians at the westboro church have not killed innocent men, women and children that are americans. these god damn muslim terrorist have been at war with America since the 1970s and dumba$$ people like you are a traitor to this nation for even suggesting these god damn people have a right to be in the united states. they are like the illegals and need to self deport or deport them by force.

        • actually Thomas Jefferson himself said that if a ‘Mohammedan’ were to become president he would support that.

        • Prove it, “Edgar” – I won’t believe you otherwise!!!! You sound like a Moslem LIAR!!!

          DEATH TO ISLAM and ALL totalitarianism, period!!!!!

      • I got into an interesting debate with with a Muslim College girl. Nice peaceful girl, but her Islamic Supremacist indoctrination is so profoundly complete that she believes all of America’s problems will be instantly washed away when (not IF) we have ALL been converted to Islam.
        She truly believes that Jihadi’s are just some strange far outer fringe cult. Nothing whatsoever to do with Islam. What’s really disturbing is that I know more about Islam than she probably ever will. You see, she’s a perfect Muslim. She will never EVER question what her Clerics tell her. And should one of them eventually tell her to kill and be killed in the service of Allah. She will do it without any thought of whether it’s right or wrong.

        I nearly brought her to tears with some of the 1400 years of atrocities committed in the name of Islam. She did not believe me. Islamic Scholars do so love revising history. Like so many millions of others. She doesn’t know anything about her own religion and isn’t capable of asking questions about it.

  43. Ha! They can’t stop the sale of ALL the books–my copy just arrived from Amazon the other day!

  44. Onalaska WA has been closed down for a couple of years. I really wish they would update this list.

      • There are ALOT of Arab’s that oppose Islam and are our allies in this war. This isn’t a RACE thing. We don’t hate their race we hate their ideology so if your looking for a racist fight to join in on then go somewhere else, Your not needed or wanted in this war. You give the whole movement a bad name.

      • The mindset that All Muslims or Arabs or Middle Eastern Decendents are Radicals is as Bad as thinking that all Black People Hate White People!! Simple minded people have no Place in this Battle that we’re Going to All face as American Loving Patriots!!! I for one hope you sit this one Out!! We need no more Stupid People Out there!!

        • 99.9 percent of blacks do hate whites, wake up. With that reality, if you start thinking that towel head down the street does not want to carry out a holy war on this country, you are part of the problem, not the solution.

    • Oh, thanks Kelly! I was just about to throw up. I live about 25-30 miles from there. Whew! Thanks again.

      • redplaidboots Kelly Kafir is dead wrong. That place is open and up and running at full speed. It was closed down for two weeks a couple of years ago but the federal government reopened it.