Just when you thought the media couldn’t possibly sink any lower…somebody hands them a shovel

Danish+Supreme+Court+Acquits+HedegaardA story in the Danish newspaper Ekstra Bladet headlined “Lars Hedegaard moves” by Bo Poulsen, attempted to locate and publicize the new address for renowned Islam critic Lars Hedegaard, who survived an assassination attempt by a Muslim last month, and as a result, has been forced to change his residence.

ekstra_bladet_logoFrontpage Magazine Two Ekstra Bladet staffers were parked outside Hedegaard’s current residence where they were watching the moving men load the van, after which they followed it. In his article, Poulson actually describes the route taken by the van. If you plot the course of the van on Google Maps, to be sure, it looks rather meandering, as if the moving men were aware of the two reporters on their tail and were trying to shake them off.


Fortunately, the police intervened. Perhaps the moving men alerted them to the problem. In any event, a motorcycle cop pulled over the reporters’ car. Poulsen is snide about it, describing the intervention sarcastically as belejligt – meaning “timely” or “convenient.” Poulsen is obviously indignant about the injustice of it all. “Without any justification, the driver was asked to show his driver’s license, even as they could see the moving van disappear over the horizon. After a few minutes the officer returned and said that everything was in order and that they could drive on.”

The reporters did so – but the cop followed close behind. After a short while he pulled them over a second time and “said in a not particularly convincing manner that he would like to see the driver’s license again, because ‘We can see that it’s been used in some connection or other, so we should double-check it.’”  Another five minutes or so went by. Then the cop came back with the license, pronounced again that everything was in order, and told the reporters that they were free to continue on their way.


“The two stops,” Poulsen writes with what certainly reads like righteous indignation, “had now detained Ekstra Bladet‘s reporters for over ten minutes, and the distinctively green moving van was now far over the hills.” Breathtaking.

It’s plain as day that Poulsen and his colleague were fully prepared to follow that van all the way to its destination, take a picture, and print the address – which would, of course, have been exceedingly helpful to anyone planning to make a second attempt on Hedegaard’s life, and would utterly have defeated the entire purpose of his move.

The very idea of following that van with the intention of revealing Hedegaard’s new address is beyond vile. It is a profoundly mischievous and potentially deadly act. Yet Poulsen seems incapable of imagining that he is doing anything remotely inappropriate.



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  1. I looked up Bo Poulson [through the Twitter link at Ekstra Bladet] and I’m not surprised. He looks Indonesian or some kind of SE Asian. Heavily Muslim, that area. When is Europe going to stop this madness. It’s one thing for the U.S. to allow massive immigration of all sorts of ethnic identities – but entirely different for EUROPE. You have no justifiable reason for this.

  2. poulson actually thinks he’s done nothing wrong? with an attitude like that posting addresses of staffers would have no effect.

    • Poulson and his kind need to be made to know mortal fear. They need to how it feels to constantly have to look behind their own backs, uncertain as to what tommorow may bring. The time for tormenting the traitors of the left needs to come about and examples need to be made just as surely as mosques need to be thoroughly baconised and torched. Mosque burnery should be a lawful practice in the West.

      Did you hear that, Uncle Dougie?

      Who wants raw bacon anyway?

  3. Clearly, they WANT Lars assassinated. You know how it is with the media: if it bleeds, it leads. They’re trying to help create something newsworthy, at the expense of one of their own, native born countrymen. Bastards!

  4. What is interesting is nobody noticed that this would not happen in the U.S. Oh, you can print my address, that is easy enough. But I am armed. You threaten me, you die. It is that simple. But in Europe, you are disarmed. You are just so much meat waiting for the criminal or governmental thug to come along and eat a meal. Think about this folks. If Lars owned guns, would they be messing with him?

    • Good thoughts. He would have to be concealed carry permit holder too. And, he would have to have armed body guards. Think about what happened to the man Theo Van Gogh…..You got to be ready to shoot. RIGHT NOW.

  5. “Two Ekstra Bladet staffers”

    Perhaps someone should follow THEM and publish THEIR addresses, as well as those of their Muslim masters paying them to harass this man.

  6. The utterly EVIL media are so opposed to anyone telling the truth about Islam, they will stop at nothing to prevent the truth about Islam being told – including deliberately placing an innocent man’s life in great danger. They are complicit in attempted murder. As Huck Folder stated ‘accessories before the fact’.

      • It hardly matters who’s bribing them – Saudi Arabia, Iran, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, the Emirates, &c. [Moslems are the same – ALL EVIL…] The point is, the bribers need to be exposed and made to taste just how UNWELCOME they ought to be in the West!!!!

        Likewise, those “journalists” ought to have their names, pictures, descriptions, addresses, E-addresses, phone-numbers and everything else (including the names of their spouses and children plus other relevant data) published and forbidden to change anything for at least 2 months. During that time, the more they get punished the way they want to have Lars Hedegaard hurt, the better!!! Hopefully they’d learn such a lesson that they wouldn’t EVER do such a thing again…

  7. “police now searching for two men” in connection with the attempted shooting.
    Where there not two men in the car following the van?

  8. Indeed, what a bunch of idiots… as if giving out the private address of a person is important!
    First it is a breach of privacy, and secondly it is is endangering the life of the person!
    Lower then this one can not fall (I hope!)

  9. These so-called journalists are nothing but reprehenceable cowards. Cowards just like Hedegaard’s would be failure of an assassin. I still think it funny as hell how that young, stupid and incompetant muhominid failed in his attempt, got the gun taken from him and got the shit punched out of him by a man old enough to be his grandfather. That was legend! Lars Hedegaard is a brave, courageous man to do what he does, far braver and far better than these wussy-assed journalists who are just as evil and despicable as the muslim scum Hedegaard confronts. Somehow, some way, these dirtbag cowardly reporters and those they work for need to be brought to account for their actions in the event something actually does happen to Hedegaard.

    That type of disgusting behavior makes me entertain the notion of extra-judicial black ops death squads for the purpose of taking care of these traitors and the radical muslim scum they support. Yea, I know. That sounds extreme, but so are these unscrupulous people trying to destroy Western Civilization. I’m all for rule of law, but the left has clearly shown it’s contempt for the concept and it’s willingness to disregard it as evidenced by the Obama regime’s shenanegans. They fight dirty and we will never prevail by playing nice, by the rules.

    It’s just that bad and it’s high time to roll up our sleeves and get organised.

  10. Those reporters should be beheaded just like the “religion of peace” (read pieces) would do if it was subjected to this level of intimidation from brainless reporters

  11. I have been trying to avoid profanities for a long time, but WHAT THE FUCK???!!!
    We’ve got some pretty slack laws in Oz, but even here those 2 slimy cunts would’ve been arrested & charged with endangering life!! (Or attempting to)

    Bonni, I think a massive E-mail campaign to that paper & those 2 cretins in particular
    would really stick it up them. Hopefully crash their servers & whole system.
    You’re now approaching 35 Million hits & obviously not everyone writes in, but we know that a lot of your readers WILL take action & send emails.

    If you could find those scum email addresses & post it here, I’m sure everyone will do the rest.
    Hell, I’ll even post it in Fascist Book once my 30 day ban is finished (something about posting an anti-Sharia pic – who’da thunk?)

    Perhaps THEIR home addresses could also be obtained & splashed everywhere, after all, one good turn deserves another. Maybe post it in a Porkistani newspaper & ALLEGE they insulted the pedophile prophet – don’t need any proof over there.

    And if shit happens – too bad, so sad…..

  12. There is a special place in the nether regions for a traitor, somewhere near Judas Iscariot, Caesar Borgia, Attila the Hun, Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini.

    Poulsen, you stink.

  13. I hope he sues those bastards too, after the police investigate them for being ‘accessories before the fact’, and attempting to endanger his life.

    1-2-3-4…holding breath.

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