KUDOS to Arizonans and jeers to the ‘Yuma Sun’ dhimmis who censored reader comments critical of Islam

The headline  on March 9th in the Yuma Sun read, ‘Muslim Community to Open Doors to Mosque.’

Yuma Sun  The Islamic Center of Yuma is opening its doors to neighbors and community members, inviting them to learn more about Islam and local Muslims. During “Open Mosque Day” March 16, from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., guests will be given guided tours and a video presentation followed by an opportunity to ask questions. Refreshments will be served.


The follow-up headline on March 11th read, ‘Newspaper will not tolerate hate speech.’

Yuma Sun Editor’s Note: Due to the insensitive nature of the comments, the Yuma Sun has disabled all commenting on this article. The Yuma Sun doesn’t support hate speech, either online or in print. We made an unusual decision to disable commenting on a story this week, after those sharing their thoughts turned to hate speech to get their message across.

The Yuma Sun recently published an article about the mosque in Yuma, which is opening its doors to the public for the first time this Saturday. The article noted that the center wanted to invite Yumans to learn more about Islam and the local Muslims.

The response by several online was terribly inappropriate. (“Mohammed was a terrorist” is inappropriate?)

We are firm supporters of free speech (HAH!) and in general do not moderate the comments on YumaSun.com. However, the attacks on our local Muslim American population were uncalled for, and the complaints we received (threats from CAIR?) about the comments were justified.


 KSWT Doctor Noman Waked, a Muslim, says he hopes the Islamic Center’s Open Mosque Day event will teach other residents from other religions, more about who he is, as a person and more about his religion. Waked said, “Islam is a peaceful religion and that’s what’s the meaning of Islam.” (No, Islam means submission)

“We really want to be an integral part of the community, that’s why we have this day, is to be able to explain and clarify any misunderstanding or any misconceptions about Islam.”  “We have nothing to hide… we’re just part of the community. We are people of faith like Christians and Jews,” said Waked. (HAH!)

Jeff Treesh has an interesting take on this story at The American Thinker: Censorship in Yuma