NORTH CAROLINA: Muslims demand, Dhimmi Americans obey…Muslim students get their own separate prayer space at an American university

7BFE96A1373393B8F061CFCB36992100Nawsheen Khan and Rukayat Usman pray five times a day. Other Muslim students at North Carolina Central University do, too. Until recently, they prayed in stairwells, empty classrooms, bustling hallways, and sometimes, campus restrooms. Now that’s all changed.

muslim_prayer_room_250__250x214 The Durham News After a five-month search, the NCCU Women’s Center has offered dedicated space for Muslim students to pray. It isn’t permanent, but it is a start. (ANOTHER American institution bows to the sharia) “I just didn’t want them to continue to feel marginalized,” said Chimi Boyd-Keyes, NCCU Women’s Center director. “I took it upon myself to find a space – it was a priority to me they not feel like that on this campus.” (Feel like what? Let them pray in their dorm rooms or the bathrooms)

Rachelle Gold (‘Judenrat’), an assistant English professor who advises the NCCU Muslim Student Association, asked Boyd-Keyes about finding space last September. After a few locations didn’t work out Boyd-Keyes decided the best solution was the simplest solution. She offered a space about the size of a small classroom in the lower level of the Women’s Center, which is on George Street, a short walk from the Alfonso Elder Student Union.


It’s a space that wasn’t being used, and forcing students to pray get down on their hands and knees and lift their asses to Allah  in hallways was unacceptable – even oppressive, according to Boyd-Keyes. “I felt like we could do better than that,” she said. (What wrong with the toilet?)

For Khan, a junior seeking her second bachelor’s degree, Islam is a way of life. She wears a headbag – a schmatta that covers portions of one’s head – and said she considers herself part of a generation working to shape a “form of American Islam.” (DING DING DING! This is exactly what CAIR does. They must be on the payroll)


But Khan can’t ignore prayer – one of Islam’s five pillars is to pray five times a day – just because she’s at school or work. (Then go to school in a muslim country) Without a dedicated worship space, Khan found herself searching for somewhere to pray.

She’d use an empty classroom when she could find one, but the searches made her late for classes. (How about praying silently in a chair or on a bench. No, Muslim supremacists have to stick their religion in our faces, prostrating themselves like grazing cows in public until we bend to their demands for privacy) That brought up questions about how to reconcile worldly pursuits with her devotion to God.


Should she arrive late to class? Or put off praying at the required times? (How about going to school in Saudi Arabia?) Those who practice Islam pray for two minutes in the morning. They pray twice for five minutes between 12:30 and 5:30 p.m., and again after 5:30 p.m. After 7 p.m. they pray once for seven minutes, Khan said. (And for this they need a special room all to themselves?)

Usman, a junior and secretary for the Muslim Student Association (a radical Muslim Brotherhood front group), moved here from Lagos, Nigeria, five years ago. (Under the Obama special import-as-many- muslims-as-possible program?) “Back home there are Muslim people everywhere (busy killing Christians). They always set it that you have time to pray,” Usman said. “The system is built for religion there. Here, it’s different.” (Then go back there, bitch)


Both dhimmis, Gold and Boyd-Keyes, said finding a permanent prayer space should be an NCCU priority (That’s why they should be fired) “It doesn’t have to be a [solely] Muslim space – a meditation space would be nice,” Gold said. (Nobody wants to use a room after muslims take off their shoes off and stick their asses in the air on prayer rugs that they leave there)

“I think the university could do more to foster interfaith dialog,” Gold said. “The last thing we want as a minority-serving institution is to alienate anyone who is a minority.”  She said tolerance isn’t enough (Tolerating the intolerant isn’t tolerance, it’s ignorance).


The real goal should be sensitivity to all religions and minorities. Gold said she’d like to see NCCU reach out to a local imam, an Islamic leader, to come administer prayers at school events. “That’s how you demystify misinformation that people have about Islam,” she said. (Misinformation? You so need to experience FGM)

Boyd-Keyes said she hopes the discussion around the current prayer space leads administrators to look for a permanent space.“This is going to come up again,” she said. “This gives us a chance to be more proactive.” (The CAIR goons are popping the champagne corks as we speak)

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