‘THEY COME TO AMERICA II’ – What the Obama Regime and the Left are trying to censor about Islamic terrorists crossing our Southern border


Dennis Michael Lynch is back with THEY COME TO AMERICA II, The Pathway to Disaster.  The film exposes who and what is crossing the southern border, the risks to national security, and the severe consequences of granting amnesty to the 20 million illegal aliens currently in the US.  The film releases Spring 2013.   

David Michael Lynch’s shocking documentary  THEY COME TO AMERICA puts a visual to Janet’s lies and reveals Obama’s lackadaisical approach to security.  It makes you question, “How can our borders remain wide open 12 years after 9/11?”  Fact is, our prosperity and safety is taking a back seat to cheap votes and cheap labor. And the government and the leftists are doing everything they can to keep you from seeing this film.


My critics say, “Day laborers had nothing to do with 9/11.”  They are correct.  But what they don’t understand, or even worse, what they don’t want you to know, is that terrorists cross through the same open holes.  Qurans and prayer rugs are being found along the border.  But for some reason it’s never reported on the NEWS.

Whether you see the film or just look at the picture, it is irresponsible to ignore reality.  We are vulnerable.  But this time it won’t be another set of plane crashes.  They are smarter than that.  Imagine a synchronized set of terror attacks taking place throughout the country.

Fact is, illegal aliens crossing over the border can be in any US city within 3-days.  That’s scary. Yes, most are coming here to cut your lawn.  But there are others who want to cut your throat.

Currently in production, here is a quick clip from David’s new film ‘They Come to America II,’ which focuses on the open border and how it presents a gateway to terrorists. 


Get the DVD and more information here: THEY COME TO AMERICA

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