Israeli infant critically injured in car crash caused by stone-throwing Arabs

ArabRockThrowingThree other people, including the baby’s mother and sisters, also sustained injuries after the mother lost control of the car when Palestinians hurled rocks at it, causing her vehicle to smash into a passing truck.

Times of Israel  Six people were injured, one critically, after stones thrown by Palestinians caused a car to collide with a truck near the West Bank settlement of Ariel, Thursday evening.


Yakir Resident Adva Bitton and her 3 daughters, aged 3, 4 and 6 were injured in the crash. The 3-year-old’s condition was described as critical. The truck driver and a bus driver, who was also on the scene, were both lightly injured.

Police, paramedics and firefighting crews were dispatched to the scene to treat the wounded. The mother needed to be extracted from the vehicle, which was crushed under the back of the truck. Military units were also on hand to try to track down the attackers.

Eyewitnesses said the accident occurred after the woman lost control of her car because of rocks thrown at her.


“This is a terror attack like any other,” a senior IDF source told Channel 10 News. “The rocks were thrown by Palestinians from one of the nearby villages. We have seen a 50-percent upsurge in rock-throwing incidents since the announcement of [US President Barack] Obama’s visit to the country,” the source added.

In a separate incident Thursday, a man and a 10-month-old infant were lightly injured by stones thrown by Palestinian activists. Later Thursday night, a man was lightly injured when rocks were thrown at a bus in Jerusalem’s French Hill.