Thanks to great sleuth work by counterjihadist, Steve Emerson, a terrorist-supporting imam is not an Illinois State Police-sanctioned Chaplain


Court papers filed in an Illinois federal civil lawsuit make it clear that a Hamas-supporting imam would have been a state police-sanctioned chaplain in 2010 if not for disclosures made by Steve Emerson of the Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT).

760_large IPT Attorneys for the Illinois State Police (ISP) have asked a federal judge to grant their clients’ motion for summary judgment, effectively ending a lawsuit brought by Imam Kifah Mustapha. Mustapha cleared an initial background check to the ISP’s first Muslim chaplain in late 2009.

In his application, he failed to disclose his work as fundraiser for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, the foundation convicted a year earlier of illegally routing millions of dollars to Hamas. Emerson of IPT notified the Illinois police about Mustapha’s documented connections to the Holy Land Foundation in January 2010, after he received a state identification card.


The state police “were previously unaware of Plaintiff‟s association with HLF. A second background check resulted in Mustapha’s invitation to be a chaplain rescinded. He sued, claiming violations of his 1st and 14th Amendment rights.

The suit should not be allowed to continue because Mustapha was never deprived of pay or benefits, something required by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act, which covers workplace discrimination, state lawyers wrote. In addition, Mustapha’s attorneys have not shown evidence of actual discrimination. 

CAIRing-for-the-Muslim-BrotherhoodAhmed Rehab of CAIR, the litigation jihadists defending the Imam, tried to deflect attention away from Mustapha, telling a television reporter that the state police were “kowtowing to articles online published by notorious anti-Muslims who have been in the business of smearing Muslim activists leaders and Imams for the longest time.” But there’s a funny thing about court records. They show what they show no matter who finds them. When the state police looked, they found exactly what the IPT reported.

An Investigative Project on Terrorism investigation has found that Mustapha, an imam at the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview, Ill., has an extensive history of raising money for groups tied to Hamas, the Islamist terror organization designated by the US government. That particularly includes the Council on American-Islamic Relations(CAIR), the group for which Mustapha has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars. The FBI severed its relationship with CAIR in mid-2008 because of concerns surrounding the group’s connections with Hamas.


Other IPT findings include:

  • Mustapha misrepresented his leadership role in the Islamic Association for Palestine, Hamas’ U.S. propaganda arm, while testifying under oath during a 2004 deposition, according to court records and IAP documents.

  • Mustapha raised more than $100,000 for CAIR and another group closely tied to the radical Muslim Brotherhood – the Muslim American Society (MAS) – as recently as August 2010.

  • He also appeared at an April 2010 CAIR fundraiser and raised more than $240,000.

  • As a member of the band al-Sakhra, Mustapha performed at fundraisers for the Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development, which the federal government shut down in 2001 because of its ties to Hamas. In addition, Mustapha spent at least four years as a paid HLF fundraiser and was named as an unindicted conspirator in the 2008 HLF. It ended with the conviction of five foundation officials on charges they funneled millions of dollars to Hamas. Mustapha was shown in a video exhibit in the 2008 HLF trial singing “O Mother, Hamas for jihad,” and calling for resisting Israel with a “machine gun and a rifle.”

  • He hosted a fundraiser in July 2009 for Viva Palestina, a British charity that raises money for the Hamas-run government in Gaza. Mustapha appeared at the Mosque Foundation with George Galloway, the former British Member of Parliament and Viva Palestina leader.