‘CALIPHornia’ Pro-Israel activists get assaulted by so-called Anti-Israeli ‘Apartheid’ protesters

UnknownThe vile anti-Israel protesters in Oakland, CA on Wednesday, didn’t take too kindly to having their turf encroached on by some pro-Israel activists who were wielding…chalk. In response, a virulent anti-Israel Jewish activist wielded something else…her fists.

Algemeiner  According to the Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers website, an anonymous contributor tentatively  identified the female assailant as Gabby (Gabrille) Silverman, whose mug shot appeared in the online edition of the San Francisco Chronicle after she was arrested on Oct. 6, 2012 as part of a group that marched through the city’s Financial District in black clothing and tossed projectiles at police officers.


 The day marked the 4th anniversary of the shooting of Oakland activist TRISTAN ANDERSON by Israeli Border Police. Tristan survived (he was shot in the head with a tear gas grenade during a protest in Palestine in 2009) and will be leading the march from his wheelchair. STORY HERE: ha-ha-american-tristan-anderson-former-uc-berkeley-treesitter-turned-pro-palestinian-activist-permanently-brain-damaged-by-israeli-troops

Organizers of the protest said, “We hope that others from the disability community will support the day’s events and join Tristan in the march on the anniversary of his shooting.”

0Dr. Michael Harris, spokesperson for the local chapter of Israel advocacy group Stand With Us, told The Algemeuner that “this is  unfortunately not an isolated incident.”

“There were four people arrested several years ago after a rally in San Francisco for assaulting pro-Israel activists,” Harris said, adding, “the person who filmed this event in Oakland was himself the target of a completely unprovoked attack by an anti-Israel demonstrator in November on front of the Israel consulate in San Francisco.”

Several young pro-Israel peace activists showed up, and were viciously assaulted by the rally organizers.  Their crime- writing “Am Yisroel Chai”- the Jewish people live- on the sidewalk. “I think it is very unfortunate that some of the same people who are supporting Hamas violence against Israelis are themselves attacking supporters of Israel here,” Harris concluded.