EXCUSE ME? No, Amara, it isn’t your brown skin and funny names that we hate, it’s your ‘religion’…

…or more accurately, your violent, bigoted, mysogynistic, homophobic, antisemitic, supremacist hate cult passing itself off as religion. And FYI, it isn’t Islamophobia when you really ARE trying to kill us.

BROWN SKIN FUNNY NAMES which they love to call the Racialization of the Muslim Community,” is a  documentary that focuses on ‘race,’ identity perception and effects of post-9/11 policies on Muslims. What it really is, is a hit piece on the anti-sharia bills being legislated around the country. Muslim Activists featured in this film talk about a Pennsylvania House bill with ‘discriminatory’ intent in the larger context of ‘racially’ (What race is Islam?) motivated laws and policies in America.

Here’s a clip: