The real face of the “racist” English Defence League that the Western media don’t want you to see

God Bless Tommy Robinson and keep him safe.

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  1. Respect, and support from Vancouver, Canada. By way of Doncaster, Yorkshire. It’s a shame the spotlight is on the racist MEMBERS of the EDL. The media will gladly slander the organization, and claim that it’s built on racist foundations because a few members are neo nazis, or racists.

  2. Well that was a feel good video. So is that it? Do something about it Brits. The media and your politicians as ours are, are the enemy, traitors, treat them as such.

  3. The UAF are radically opposed to the EDL demonstrating their right to street protest and right to freedom of speech. Violent UAF show up at EDL demos.

    This is a comment by Joe on the UAF. I don’t know if it’s correct, but the EDL may want to check out Joe’s comment. Maybe the EDL already know this?

    The comment is made on:

    Joe’s comment: “The UAF is run by the SWP rape-cult. The UAF is financed by the islamic Forum for Europe, MCB, and East London Mosque (three of the largest muslim organisations in Britain contolled by Jamaat-e-Islami).

    Jamaat-e-Islami is a genocidal islamo-fascist party.

  4. Yes! Different races. Different colors. Different religions. We are ALL brothers and sisters! Fighting for freedom, safety, and human rights !

    God bless the EDL!


    Well done Scottish Defence League
    by casualsunited

    Ten SDL representatives have just walked straight through Pollokshields with our SDL hoodies on and a SDL flag, we walked to the Kriss Donald
    memorial plaque and laid our flowers and paid our respects we came under attack from the local Muslim community but stood our ground until the police dispersed everyone, we go where we want in our own country and will never surrender to the violent racist Muslim community in Pollokshields. R I P Kriss Donald, we will never forget you x S S SDL

  5. I would like to point out, the same goes for the “other” defence legues, such as German, Italian, etc.

  6. This Video kind of knocks a BIG hole in their claims,and we never see these Photo’s in the Daily Newspapers.

  7. This should be sent to every British politician and newspaper whether they like it or not. Get their email addresses and send it! It will open their eyes.

  8. EDL is about defending the English culture from the stealth jihad of islam and outing the atrocities and the evils of the muslims of islam. islam is not a race but a cult. The pictures of all types of people representing all types of races says it all about EDL not being a racist group.

  9. In the history of the world, many other peoples and cultures have been oppressed by the Ummah. This is why, even with a multicultural England, history is truly on the side of the English Defence League.

  10. Any form of supremacy in lands that are not yours is wrong, same goes for zionism. Propagating multicult does not belong in a national movement. hence shills/posers

      • Sorry Bonni,i have to disagree…’s 3500 years as recorded by all the ancient races,from the Egyptians,Babylonians,Hittites,Assyryians and Romans among others!!!

        You didn’t really think that i would disagree with you on that point i hope young

    • Naz, speaking of reading history as you have, and I am NOT starting an argument as I haven’t the patience for one. In the late 1800’s and into the early 20th century there were Jews who were actually buying scrub land from Arabs. Yes, there was a world wide coming together of coreligionists, many who were not religious at all but still believed in the ancient Jewish homeland. Anyway, they bought land at inflated prices but the immigrants who followed were mostly professional people, too many in fact to whom farming was a new thing and many failed but; they had other skills. Like making the desert flower, to the amazement of the former owners who of course then claimed they were cheated. Those early settlers were mostly of a socialist stripe, quite liberal and invited Arabs to join which you might say was an early misguided version ahead of it’s We Are The World time. Not saying they were all saints. Who is? But the early Zionists and later as well, were not all the mean spirited bastards they have been painted as. Thing is, almost from the start, they were losing the propaganda war and have continued to do so. Mostly I personally believe, because no matter how hard or well meaning they may try to be, there are folks who just plain hate Jews period and hate Israel who in their eyes, can never do any good. It’s a no win situation for them and so they more or less develop a siege mentality. And who can blame them? Everything that goes wrong in the world is automatically the fault of the hated Joo. Jeesh. What next? Get blamed for the common cold?

  11. Good vid. Glad Tommy is backat it. Britain is a tough front because the enemies of freedom want it as a jewel in their crown. Never surrender. Turn the tide.

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